Smoke Robinson

Smoke Robinson

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
BandHip Hop

Ambition with a microphone. I never plan to stop find ways to make my music better & evolve with it. I plan to be the best rapper ever seen, my only question is when do you would you like to get behind me. I run on competition & music, both, I plan to dominate very soon.


The music's universal, but the experiences are personal. My music reflects my mood, mentality, & conflicts I have in life, if you understand my music, you understand me. I make human music, meaning that it ranges from all different sounds. One sound will be a potential club song, and the next is self reflective, but it will always have my stamp on it. I find influences from a collection of rock bands & emcee's alike; John Morrison & Jimmi Hendrix are two major rock legends I look up to and Nas & Eminem are two emcee's I always wanted to reach the same heights of. But my main influence is life itself.


The Experimentation of Smokie Robinson (mixtape)
Flight 420 (mixtape)