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Carver, Massachusetts, United States

Carver, Massachusetts, United States
Band EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Smoke Sarno"

“I find it hard to label my music.” And with that one sentence, we find out that Sarno's craft is about doing something different. It isn’t that there aren’t elements of recognizable genres in Sarno’s music. To the contrary, his songs takes genres we all know and spin them into musical works of art that springboard from those genres into something unique, something distinctly Sarno. With various electronica elements, Sarno is able to make music captures both the body and the spirit of the listener. This is dance music that resonates with intelligence as well as all the requisite dance-floor energy.

The Spectrum

Music reaches across a broad spectrum and thus causes a wide range of emotions in people. Which is how it should be. Music is concerned with touching every human being in a profound way and is a reflection of life. That being the case, it cannot but move across the entire span of emotion. Sarno recognizes this, saying that music makes him feel “confused, aggravated, proud, unsure of myself, happy, excited, interested, emotional!” His knowledge of music, which is intimate, allows him to bring the proper consciousness to songwriting; this way he can explore those different human emotions and make others feel with his music what music makes him experience in his spirit. He embraces life on all levels and his music reflects exactly that.


Ultimately, music should reach the mind and create a landscape there that is more than just sound. It should conjure sight of a different sort than that experienced by your eyes. Music is fuel for the mind’s eye and the truest artists will craft music that expands the mind’s eye to universal proportions. Sarno is among those with this ability as a musical artist and his songs quickly sink fingers into one’s mind, opening up the creative centers of the listener’s brain and allow said listener to not just hear Sarno's music but to experience it. It is a live, vivid connection between artist and fan and one that only the elite composer/performer can achieve.
- A&R Select


Don't Hold Your Breath for me - Played at "The Office Nightclub" Raleigh NC August 2009
One Step Higher - 2008
Aired on TRS Radio with DJ DNA in Italy in August of 2008.

Anxiety - 2006
Infinite - 2007
L.O.S.T - 2007/2008
Freedom - 2008



I'm just tring to do something diffrent.mixin my fav sounds from artist like Ex.(daft punk,deadmau5,bad boy bill,sasha At the same time i want to get a mental and emotial connection with the music.I try to make music that you can dance to,but at the same time i want to open your mind.I call it a soundtrack for life.So throw it on and do your thing =)