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Madison, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE
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"SMOKES "Red and White"",45593/ - AV Club

"Smokes is the Truth!"

"Smokes is the Truth!! He's in a lane all by himself"
-Urban Buzz - Urban Buzz

"Smokes to be Signed to Jive Records?"


*Article Sourced from Music Industry Network News*

There seems to be a lot of talk within industry circles about Asian Rapper Smokes. Through industry sources we have heard rumors that there may be some strong interest from Jive Records regarding the rapper. However, nothing has yet been confirmed.

Smokes is quickly making a name for himself in the world of Hip Hop. He has performed with everyone from Lil Wayne and Petey Pablo to Young Buck and Twista. And he has been featured on such notable online destinations as Dat and That

His latest single “Glowing” is a critical success. It’s garnering accolades and airplay on college radio stations and mixshows from around the country. “Glowing” explodes with unadulterated candor. The track features Smokes’ trademark lyrical dexterity and riveting street flair.

“The song ‘Glowing’ is a revealing record. It’s “headnodding Hip-hop at it’s best” raves Hip Hop The single will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online music stores in the first quarter of 2010.

Smokes was born in Pusan, South Korea but he currently resides in Madison Wisconsin. He is one of the Midwest’s “Most Wanted Mc’s.”
Smokes has developed his talent amidst many obstacles. He has endured such pain as losing his mother and surviving a devastating car accident. But, over the years, he has assembled a total package of musical genius, magnetic charisma and business acumen.

“I’m in a lane by myself finding a niche in a market that is untapped and has potential to dominate the modern day music industry. There are Millions of Asian American youth that love rap and have no one to look up to or admire, and I’m going to be there voice box,” proclaims Smokes.

The future looks bright for the charismatic Wisconsin MC; Be on the look out for Smokes Aka “Mister Asian Pride” Aka “The Money Back Guarantee!”

For drops, interviews, freestyles, etc. Please contact the label directly via email: or - Tofino Sound

"Turning a Negative to Positive with "SMOKES""

Wisconsin isn't too known for rising Hip Hop artists, let alone an Asian one. But, Smokes isn't going to let that phase him, or his goal of being at the top of the Billboard charts one day.

Hustling since he was kid when his mother passed away, and his father turned to alcohol, Smokes has been the definition of a rough life. From his hardships as a kid growing up, to his jailhouse bid in his late teens, he talks of how lucky he feels to be out and in a position where he can make something outside the life of crime.

One of the interesting points to recognize besides Smokes' hustle is his respect for the game. He knows his history, since he's been into rap since he was in 7th grade. He mentions his respect for artists such as Southstar and Jimmyboi, and Far East Movement "even if they don't know me". Also, he's done shows with artists such as Lil' Wayne and Yung Berg.

With a good head on his shoulders, Smokes may be one of those artists that'll be on your radar in the years to come.
smoke2.jpgAZNRaps – There aren't many Asian American rappers from Wisconsin. Most come from NY or LA. How was life growing up out there in Wisconsin and the Midwest in general?
Smokes – Beautiful! The Midwest isn’t just rich in rap music, but music in general, I mean the Jackson’s are from the Midwest, not to mention all the great blues and jazz that came out of Chicago, St. Louis so on and so on. So we have this natural musical influence out here and I think that’s something to be proud of.

Wisconsin is a diamond in the rough, the talent that’s out here is just tremendous, and its almost a shame a lot of that talent won’t ever be noticed since WI is forgotten mostly in the national market. But trust your boy is holding it down for both the region and the state! We got that grind mentality out here because no one is giving us nothing so we work that much harder to prove ourselves, ask around we gets it in!
AZNRaps – Looking at your past, you had it rough. Lost your mother at a young age, stuck with an alcoholic for a father, forced to move out, joined the wrong groups, and caught a couple cases. How much of your life are reflected in your lyrics?
Smokes –Let me just say when I lost my mother I think that played a key role in my Pops' alcohol problem, and that effected me but I learned a lot. Being on my own made me the man I am today and truthfully I love my pops for everything good and bad and we got a great relationship now.

I made some wrong moves but it all happens for a reason. Catching those cases was the best thing that happened as funny as that sounds, I am more focused now. I mean I was 19 with real bread my ninja ya dig me, I had no goals before, I didn‘t need anything. For me to walk away from that situation and not be doing 20 years or be dead that’s truly a blessing and you will hear who I am and all of my ups and downs while listening to my music. I promise I will give you all my pains, and all my gains and all I ask is for your attention, dig.
AZNRaps – You started rapping in 7th grade. I can't imagine how much you had to talk about though? What kind of things were you projecting back then?
Smokes – Haha truthfully mella I have no idea! I was probably on some nerdy ass no sense making type shit, ya dig me. I know I had some like real underground hip hop, like all about loving rap music, and probably bit some other raps from Biggie or somebody. Haha I guess I will have to wait until somebody out there Ebay's my old records and I’ll see when you do.

AZNRaps – You released a mixtape back in 2000 and in 2005. Since then, 2006 and onward you been a busy guy. Tell us what you been up too since then.

Smokes – 2000 I dropped an album that wasn’t serious at all, I recorded the joints at the crib with Cool Edit but it was a dope record haha.

Towards the beginning of 2006 before I started my county bid I dropped “Certified Official” It was hosted by 105.9 FM and Violator Allstar DJ Triple X. I gave out like over 2,000 copies for free and it pretty much stamped my situation, See Triple was that dude then and I was a nobody people just knew that I got busy on the drug tip but that tape really stamped that I was coming hard, ya dig.

I was released from County Dec 29th of 2006 and since then my momentum has been crazy. I have toured with Petey Pablo, performed with Lil Wayne, Twista, Ying Yang Twins, Mar K, Speed Knot Mobstaz, DJ Drama so on and so on.

I started my own label “Imperial Music Group” and since then it’s just been getting better and better. I have been featured on multiple mixtapes, including Rowdy Records, “Bringing the Heat to the Streets” with DJ Fusion hosted by Sammie. The crazy thing about most the tapes I have been on 99% of them I was the only unsigned artist.

AZNRaps – You are featured on so many mixtapes, great for the underground and getting your name out there. But, the big question is when can we expect an official debut album from Smokes?
Smokes – I am working with some people right now to solidify a deal but truthfully I probably won’t drop an album till I got major distribution. I am recording a lot of great music and just saving those gems for when I do get the deal that I feel meets my needs and then you can expect that album, until then I am just grinding and keeping product in the streets.
AZNRaps – This summer is a busy one for you, like we said earlier, you got a couple new mixtapes dropping and going on tour doing a bunch of shows with some big names. Can you tell us more about these projects?
Smokes – I am currently touring with Dynasty Empire and Boost Mobile. I am really excited about that, I mean the exposure is priceless so its just an honor. Also I am working with Dip Stick Magazine on there 2008 Objects of Desire Tour , Its an up and coming magazine that is really dope and it’s a great thing to be involved with them and progree while the company grows.

Plus I got my mixtape dropping “The Money Back Gaurentee” hosted by Core DJ Craig McNeal this summer which I promise will be thunder! It's pretty much all original beats, not me rapping over Weezey Beats the whole time. Also I am dropping “Bringing the Heat to the Streets Vol 4” with DJ Fusion hosted by yours truly and Yung Berg. So essentially I am making it difficult for these other dudes out here to keep up haha.
AZNRaps – Asian American rappers are slowly establishing themselves in this tough industry. What is your take on the situation? Will they succeed, what are they are doing wrong? Why is it taking so long for them to make it?
Smokes – In my eyes we are succeeding, we have our own MTV channel feel me. I feel as Asians we have a lane that a lot of rappers don’t have, besides Jin and Southstar we really havn’t made it into the mainstream. That’s a good thing though we didn’t have an Eminem that fucked it up for us yet haha. I feel we are a breath of fresh air. I think the music will speak for itself, people are afraid of what they don’t know. Really to think some industry exec will take a chance on an “Asian rapper” right now is unrealistic, these labels want to make money they’re not in the business to take chances, especially how the industry is now. These days to sell like Eminem or 50 might not be realistic but we have enough support out here were we can go out and sell 100-200,000 copies independently and that’s what we should focus on. If we do that then these labels will come knocking at our door, ya dig.
AZNRaps – Do you have a favorite Asian group or rapper? Anyone you would like to do collaborations with? Anyone that you are already going to work with?
Smokes – I really like Jin, he opened up the doors. I got like 3 of his albums and I think he took a lot of shit from people but he‘s dope I would like to get on a record with him. Southstar is hot I remember when him and Smilez first dropped, I was bumping that “Crash the Party” disc while waiting for the bus haha. I mess with Jimmy Boi, that’s my dude its been love every time I spoke with him. Other then that I listen to Rook, Far East, “that Low Ridin records a demon,” Chan, I mean I fucks with my Asians I support them for real even if they don’t know me, and I am sure a lot of them don’t. Shout out to because the reason I listen to most of these cats is because of your site.
AZNRaps – That’s great man. East, West, North, South, and all in between, a lot of those artists you mention be making moves all over the country and that’s a great thing! What kind of plans you have after summer. What kind of future projects are in the works?
Smokes – I am going to continue to do shows, so I can create that buzz and continue to put out records, I am going to continue to service the public with my music and build relationships and grind and get these labels to continue to throw out offers at me until I get that deal that gives me back what I have had to put in. Like a line in one of my raps is “I gave my life to be like Jay/ So no ring tone can redeem that pay/” essentially saying I gave my whole life for this, so I’m not going for a ringtone ya dig what I’m saying. I am going to keep going hard and expect nothing less from your boy.
AZNRaps – Are you happy with your current situation doing these shows and traveling on tour or is there something else that are you really looking forward to, some end goal that you are striving towards?
Smokes – A close friend of mine asked me at what point would I think that I “made it” and my answer to that is you never make it, because you should always be trying to get to that next goal. I am smooth in the situation I am in now, I would love to be stacking some bread off these shows haha.. and be doing it like Weezy, but I am good right now. The rents paid, I stay fly, my peoples ain’t starving and I am living out my dream so I’m smooth in my current situation but you got to understand I work extremely hard so if you want to know if I think I’ll “make it” there is no doubt in my mind I will.
AZNRaps – If AZNRaps were to contact Smokes in 5 years, where would you like to be?
Smokes – Like Jay-Z said, “I’m a business man, then a rapper.” No matter what venture I get into I will be successful. That’s just who I am. A person like me should be dead or in jail, so I am blessed and along with being blessed I am naturally gifted to be a business man. I know how to make the right moves to help myself get to that next level, a lot of what I learned has been through mistakes but I can say I made enough mistakes in my days to learn what I need to do now to be successful haha. As a culture we need to work together or we will never get anywhere so 5 years from now we will still be in contact ya dig.
AZNRaps – Alright man, good luck with your shows this summer, any last words?

Smokes – I want to thank you guys for the this opportunity. is what it is, I have been a fan of the site so whatever you guys need don’t hesitate to ask. I want to thank everyone who bumps my music and supports me, I am not shit with out ya’ll real talk. Shout out to ali, Maria and the Imperial Music Family, Chozen One Prod, and everyone else who’s held me down! Let’s make it bubble like good dope… chill! - Azn Raps

"Mixtape Review "Money Back Guarantee""

Album: Money Back Guarantee
Reviewed by Jerry Thao

The more I critique albums—a revelation manifested before my eyes in the evolution of Asian-American musicians—we’ve moved beyond our strong Asian accents, beyond even our indigenous cultures.

In the beginning, our hardcore accent, the consanguineous thread that binds us, which other ethnic groups seems to recognize us for. We were considered at one point the F.O.B. (Fresh off the Boat), the acronym for taunting us, and even criticized by our own races seeing a surge of the new coming after us. With the vast nation cluttered with so many different ethnic groups we’ve slowly begun to melt into the pot of assimilating into one American culture, especially the hip-hop culture—this culture that seems to be the defiant, as well as rebellious one.

No longer carrying an Asiatic accent; no longer wanting to be recognized as an Asian rapper; but instead, just to see the conformity of being another person pursuing his life’s goal without races—judge me for what I can do, and not my almond eyes, nor for my yellow skin.

One true music artist that has integrated into this visualization is Smokes in his ingenuity in conveying his raw talents with lyrics, backdrop melodies, and creative remixes that can easily be deemed as club hits.

The Money Back Guarantee album is unbelievable, to say the least. Smokes gives us 14 originals with the collaboration with Core Dj Craig McNeal, a combination noteworthy of stellar success, and I praise for it was “ear candy.” They were quite an impressive duo, and that’s not to be exaggerated.

Catch the prelude, track 1: “Closer”, you’ll be coerced to listen on to the whole album. Some of my other favorites were “Hennessy”, “Imma G”, and “Never leave me alone.” Guys and gals you won’t be disappointed!

If you haven’t had a chance to catch a glimpse of this Wisconsinite in action, go check him out at

Any question(s) or comment(s), please do not hesitate to catch me at thanks. - Jerry Thao for

"Press Yourself: Ridin' with Smokes"

by Scott Gordon November 19, 2009 Article Tools

Even with all this talk about the Internet making it easier for just any old band or MC to bypass the usual music-industry trappings and still have a career, there are still those who go to great lengths to project an image of big-label success—nay, conglomerate-grade world domination—before the larger public even has a chance to hear them out. But hey, if your local plumber/Mary Kay sales rep/luxury dog-groomer can plaster business logos all over his or her vehicle, why shouldn't your local entrepreneurial rapper? While walking up to the Barrymore Theatre earlier this month for the Ghostface Killah show there, The A.V. Club noticed a late-model SUV plastered with the giant face and name of South Korea-born, Madison-based MC Smokes, and, of course, his MySpace URL and the logo of his Imperial Music Group label. Going around to the driver's side of the car, we noticed the gas-tank hatch rests in Smokes' chin.

The back end of the car plugs his recent mixtape, Money Back Guarantee. And hey, he's not passing on the cost of this elaborate body-wrap to his listeners: The mixtape is available as a free download through his website. Compared to the way most people (Smokes included) cram their MySpace pages with browser-drowning bells and whistles, this use of marketing-on-wheels seems almost tasteful. Anyway, we mention it today in hopes that Smokes will roll up once again to the Barrymore for tonight's Brother Ali show. We want that weird double-take experience of seeing him out in front of his own giant visage again.

BONUS: Smokes' sidekick, Hypeman D-Boi, has a wrapped car of his own to match! In the spirit of "doin' it big," the two give props to the company that did the wraps, while showing off their rap-mobiles, in this video.,35537/ - A.V. Club


Smokes - Asian Pride
Posted: Friday - February 5, 2010 | Comments (24)

As hip-hop continues to evolve, we are introduced to different styles, trends, and cultures, each of which has made a significant contribution to our progression as a community. In 2010, hip-hop will see further progress with the introduction of Smokes.
The Korean-bred MC is a witty, multi-talented, and passion-filled force ready to take the industry by storm. Smokes, an Asian American from Wisconsin, stands to show and prove that race and/or location are irrelevant as long as you have will and determination. With the help of his current smash hit, Glowing, he is sure to secure a permanent position in this industry and break barriers for his community.

How long have you been rapping now and how did you start your career?

I've been rapping since the 6th grade as a hobby, and I didn't pursue a career in music till 2005 when I was arrested for several State Drug Cases. I decided to change my life around I was sick of seeing the people I cared about around me die, overdose, and be incarcerated. I felt like music was a way I could redeem my life and possibly help the few friends I have left, and I haven't looked back since.

How hard was it to break as an artist out of Wisconsin?

It's not impossible; I think it is a little harder in the sense that we are not visible in the industry as a collective. I don't think it is that much harder then most states other then the fact we don't have an "Industry" scene like Atlanta and NY. However I feel that if you want it bad enough it doesn't matter where you are at, I could just sit in Wisconsin and complain about not having industry support or do what I have been doing and move around from state to state making noise while holding down the crib. I think it's all about the passion and drive more so then the location. But if you didn't know Wisconsin goes hard.

There hasn't really been a big Asian rap artist in the States since ex-Ruff Ryder artist Jin. How do you feel about possibly being the next one to breakthrough?

First I want to say it isn't a possibility, it is a reality for me. I feel blessed. I tip my hat off to Jin for breaking the doors down for our community. I have nothing but mad respect for Jin and a lot of other Asian rappers who are holding it down. I feel blessed to be in the position I am in. I thank god everyday and it is only getting bigger. I am going to be the face of Asian America and my plan is to dominate the planet because I have a niche a lot of rappers don't.

Do you often get compared to Jin?

I actually have never been compared to Jin, which is a good thing. I want to be known for my accomplishment not for his. I'm doing me and it feels marvellous.

You've dealt with many tragedies in your life. How has that affected your development as an artist?

Pain is a part of life, I just so happen take what I've been through and make it into music. My goal every time I make a record is to make it universal so that the listener can relate to what I'm saying even my struggles. I watched my mom die in front of me when I was 11 years old, and I am sure many people can relate. I open myself up 100% to my audience giving them my whole life. I bring the intimacy back in my music and by doing so I have established a strong following of fans. Music is the soundtrack to life and it feels good when I hear people tell me that different songs bring them back to a certain memory or they love a certain record because it motivates them to pursue their dreams. That's my shit for real that's why I create music.

You've performed with several notable artists like Lil Wayne, Ying Yang Twins, Twista, to name a few. Which has been your most memorable thus far?

I did a mixtape tour with Petey Pablo, and that was my first real experience in the game. I learned a lot fucking with Petey, and I met a lot of great people that I still fuck with to this day, shout out to my dude DJ Dynamite! That was when I knew this is what I wanted to do forever.

What artists are you hoping to work with in the future and why?

Damn, so many different people I would love to work with everybody. If I had to pick two artists though hands down it would have to be Eminem, and Jay-Z. Both of them found the connections between them and their fans. They make music that will last long after they are gone. To me they seem to love to make music and both are talented individuals. If I could work with any group it would be Outkast and Bone Thugs. Both those groups I grew up on and both got such unique styles. I would love to rock the stage with Outkast.

Who are your musical influences?

A lot of artist, too many to name, and the great thing is that the people that influence me probably had some great influences themselves. So indirectly, a collection of other great artists is influencing me. From the Temptations to Tupac, I love all that shit.

Asian rappers are known for great lyrics and storytelling content that actually delivers a "real" message. Do you agree? How come?

I don't think that's accurate. You got dudes like Jin who is lyrical and creative and then maybe the next Asian kid sounds like an Asian Bun B. Asian Rappers are no different then black or white rappers. You got dudes that are on that backpack rap shit and cats that be on that gutter shit. Some of the shit you hear is hella dope with a potent message, and some of the shit is terrible nonsense. It is all apart of hip-hop, that's what makes rap dope. It is so universal.

Your current single, Glowing, has been successful. To what do you contribute that? What was the inspiration behind that record?

Glowing is a hit. I want to shout out all the DJs! If it weren't for the DJs the record wouldn't be shit, period. Rappers need to stop hating on the DJs! I also want to shout out my dude Jesse Atkinson for holding me down and all the DJ pools, my homies Fusion, Pain 1, Palistine, and all the dudes in my circle.

My man Sean Divine made the record, I heard the beat and I knew it was stupid hot. I grabbed the joint knowing it would be a monster but ended up sitting on it for like 6 months. I wanted it to be a statement for the scene I am in. I be at the clubs, Asians kick it hard so I wanted the record to reflect that. As time went on it came to me, I wrote the hook first and then laced the verses. My people be in the clubs drinking like a muthafucka, dropping beans and staying lit so I made a record just for that. Glowing is a hit. I want to shout out all the DJs! If it weren't for the DJs the record wouldn't is a straight party record.

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm finishing my debut album All Or Nothing which will be done third quarter of this year. Between then and now I am pushing Glowing and I'm working on a series of mixtapes with my dude DJ Kaze. We also just shot a video for a record off the album called Hollywood which will be up soon. Shout out to C at Club International and The work is just beginning.

What sets you apart from other rappers out?

The main factor has to be the fact I'm a Korean rapper. I got a niche other rappers don't have. I got a scene the labels haven't yet tapped into. Plus I have a wide-open international market. I think what sets me a part is that I'm going to have a successful career no matter what I decide to do. I can't lose with the people I have around me. Plus my music is dope; from start to finish on the album I got hit records. I open myself up to the listener so you will hear a wide variety of songs. Each record is about something relevant that you can relate too. I'm just doing me and loving every minute of it.

It's well known that many Asian Americans love hip-hop. Are you hoping to be a voice for that community?

I'm the voice for the community. I'm mister Asian Pride. I plan on putting all Asians on my back and making the world see us and take us seriously. See, there is a lot of beef between different races of Asians. I'm trying to put in end to our differences because the average person doesn't know the difference between Laos and Hmong and therefore don't care about the cultural beefs. My Asian Pride movement is focused on ending the beef for the bigger goal of putting us as a whole on the map. It's time for us to get ours! We dominate shit and don't get credit when credit is due. I'm going to make sure we are heard and seen.

In the end, let the people know how they can find you online.

You can visit,, and

- By Tasha S

"Next 2 Blow" Potential:

Five Mics: New Superstar
Four Mics: Established Artist
Three Mics: Regionally Known
Two Mics: Hometown Hero
One Mic: No Chance


SMOKES | Wednesday - February 10, 2010
Thank you for everyones support, I really appreciate the time you took to read and comment on this interview! Thank You....IMG we Winnin...Asian Pride!

PussyFight#1 | Tuesday - February 9, 2010
Corny! I don't see no Asians? All white/black people, so how is it Asian Pride? Plus he kept saying n*gga! WTF! lol. Bang Bang Veit Gang!

Motion | Tuesday - February 9, 2010
that the my brother from another mother YAW!!!! keep killin them in the streets

mnm4you | Tuesday - February 9, 2010

Tefman of the L.O.S.T S.O.U.L.S | Tuesday - February 9, 2010
Check out more 608 superstars at

MidwestOfficial'sDJKaze | Monday - February 8, 2010
Man if your not fuckin with my boy smokes, slap yourself 10 times and jump off a bridge, Kaze up in this bitch!

Luke | Monday - February 8, 2010
Wisconsin and the Midwest STAND UP we got a voice. Asian or not dude is flat out spittin some good NEW artistic music, All or Nothing the album coming soon

LindaLor | Monday - February 8, 2010
WOW..!! Well said..Best wishes to u..! ;)WI BABE!!

David | Sunday - February 7, 2010
SMOKES!! IMG!! i see baby.. muc luv.. get at Juntou

LelaBabY | Sunday - February 7, 2010
Smokes! you rock, best wishes hun

Nenamz23 | Saturday - February 6, 2010
Smokes will be up there with the big dogs soon. I can't wait for the new record " All or Nothing" . Keep working hard I know you will make it big. Taking over Asian Pride whatch out world make way for Smokes.

Tefman | Saturday - February 6, 2010
Smokes that dude!!! 608 in tha buildin they can't sleep on us for long famo.

Gizzle | Friday - February 5, 2010
IMG is the movement!Moving all off-brand rappers off scene

PBR | Friday - February 5, 2010
on what smokes only a mic away from bein a superstar, betchu when he put that mic in his hand n the VVS get the flickin they gonna change dat, IMG winnin either get on the train or get the fuck out the way!

PLAYBOY69 | Friday - February 5, 2010

DJ Fusion / Violator All Star Dj's | Friday - February 5, 2010
We got you Smokes! Mad Love for our own, Glowing be a smash hit, keep pushing homie.

BeatLabs | Friday - February 5, 2010
Smokes is an animal, he slaughter tracks, plus his focus and grind can't be matched. That's why I mess with you homie! Midwest in the building

-beat labs!

$$$ | Friday - February 5, 2010
I c u coming up keep hustlin nikka

erikaness | Friday - February 5, 2010
Glowing IS a hit! Baby it's takin me high

dboi | Friday - February 5, 2010
yo youre now rockin with the BEST in the game.....SMOKES! he is the next to blow for real, - WWW.YORAPS.COM

"Smokes makes Major moves on allhiphop and yoraps"

Smokes Makes Major Moves on All Hip & Yo
February 19, 2010


Super hot independent Wisconsin rapper Smokes is featured in the "Next 2 Blow" section on the award winning website Yo The Prince of the Midwest has been in the spotlight in recent weeks with an array of activities including a radio takeover and an All Hip Hop song spotlight. In an in depth interview on Yo, Smokes AKA Mr. Asian Pride, explains that "MC'ing is what I feel that I was born to do. When I get on the mic, I become a different person and enjoy the fact that I can influence people with my words alone.."

Additionally, Smoke's bangin' club anthem "Glowing" is featured on the site as well. Smokes received a "Four Mic" rating, which is the second highest rating on the site..

Smokes' Yo Interview Smokes' Street banger "Hollywood" featured on All Hip

Smokes, Mr. Asian Pride continues to put Wisconsin on the map..The Korean-bred MC is a witty, multi-talented, and passion-filled force ready to take the industry by storm. Smokes, an Asian American from Wisconsin, stands to show and prove that race and/or location are irrelevant as long as you have will and determination.

Smokes' hard hitting, beat thumping b-side single "Hollywood" is featured on All Hip, the #1 online destination for Hip Hop. The song takes you on a tour of the more "gritty" side of Wisconsin. The Blazin' track has received close to 7,000 listens in just a few days.

Listen To Smokes' "Hollywood" on All Hip Hop.comSmokes Radio Takeover Featured on Hip Hop Palace

A couple of weeks ago the Midwest invaded the Bronx when the rapper Smokes and his crew took over the airwaves with "Smokes Radio." The show was recorded in the infamous Matrix Studios in the Bronx and was streamed on the critically acclaimed Smokes was the "Master of Ceremony" and he played a slew of his hits.

It's only a matter of time before the Wisconsin rapper becomes the next rap star from the Midwest. "I'm ready for the takeover - to have Wisconsin backing me is a great feeling. Shout out to all the DJs spinning my records, I truly appreciate it! Watch out for Smokes and get familiar if you aren't already," Smokes proclaims. - Hip Hop Palace




Asian Pride - Single
Glowing - Single
Stay Fresh - Single
I Luv-Dah Party - Single


"Certified Official" Hosted by All Star Violator DJ, DJ Triple X

"Money Back Guarantee" Hosted by Core DJ, DJ Craig McNeal

"Heat to the Streets Vol 1" Hosted by All Star Violator and Coast 2 Coast DJ, DJ Fusion

"Exclusive" Hosted by Slip n Slide and Coast 2 Coast DJ, DJ Kaze

"Street Issue Customs Vol 1" Hosted by Speaker Boxx DJs

"World Wide 38" Hosted by KD da Handy Man

"Madison Mixtape" Hosted by All Star Violator DJs and award winning producer, DJ Pain 1 and DJ Fusion

"ROCKETS" Hosted by DJ Kaze and DJ Fusion

"THE BIDDING WAR" Hosted by DJ Johnson



Smokes Bio
Wisconsin rapper Smokes is enjoying lunch somewhere in Queens, NY, reminiscing about a life lived harder and riskier than most 24-year-olds. “I’ve been through a lot and I haven’t let life get me down. I don’t let anything phase me. Life is too negative and people walk around with their heads down, grumpy all the time. It’s like Yo, we need to be able to have some fun. Lighten up.”
Before the appearances in XXL, The Source and, before the 3-time Underground Music Awards nominations, before the collaborations with everyone from Three Six Mafia to Nipsey Hussle, the Madison, WI rapper was living the hardships other emcees only write about. But where others have turned to mythologizing and glamorizing past difficulties, Smokes has channeled his past into unflinching, emotionally bare lyrics and an unending zest and celebration of life.
It hasn’t been easy. Left on the doorstep of a church with only his name and birthday as identifying marks, the Korean-born emcee was adopted by a Wisconsin couple, where love and abuse came equally. One of the few Asians in school, Smokes retreated into the world of hip-hop, where rappers like Tupac and Wu-Tang Clan – artists who were able to subvert the “other” and celebrate the outcast – inspired the fledgling emcee. “'Pac was always talking about real issues in life and that was something I related to,” says Smokes. “I was a pariah. I always felt the world was out to get me and 'Pac was the one thing I could listen to and know it was going to be okay.”
While writing was always a constant in the rapper’s life, selling drugs became the focal point, eventually earning Smokes a federal indictment on seven state drug charges and six months in jail. Facing years in prison if arrested again, the emcee threw himself into detailing the stark realities of his life through the pen. "I took a day job after I was released from prison and had a really bad attitude,” says Smokes. “But it taught me how to put in hard work. I said to myself, ‘If I can put in 60 hours a week at this job, why can't I do 80 doing this music?’"
The rapper has steady hustled since then, releasing a string of tracks and mixtapes (including The Exclusive Mixtape and The Bidding War Mixtape) that will culminate in the upcoming release of his official debut album Ecstasy at the Afterparty. While a mix of styles, the album's feel is decidedly exuberant and a zestful exultation of the pleasures of life. "I Luv Dah Party," as the name implies, instantly conjures up a celebration with his boisterous lyrics and dance-rap vibe, while the hook of "Imma Go" – "Imma go until I'm on/then I'll hustle for some more" – could double as the rapper's tireless work ethic mantra.
As one of the few successful Asian rappers in hip-hop, the emcee's ethnicity and place in the game is not lost on him, though his abundance of talent should render most people color-blind. "I don't want to be judged for being Asian first," admits Smokes aka Mr. Asian Pride. "I'm dedicated to the unity of the Asian community but I'm doing that by setting standards without being known as an 'Asian rapper.' I love Asian culture and we need to all unite and show that we're making moves and have a presence. But I've experienced everything so let's be like, 'we are here and we're proud to be here.'" While Smokes does speak on the Asian experience on Afterparty, he refuses to let his ethnicity overshadow his gift with words and charismatic personality.
It's easy to have a chip on your shoulder when you've gone through countless hardships; the hard part is finding a way to turn those negative emotions into something positive, which Smokes has done in spades. "To come from where I came from -- from not having a pot to piss in to being in a position where I can do for myself and my family but also give back to others – is incredible," says the rapper. "I shouldn't be here now. I should be doing 125 years in prison. I've kissed death on the lips three times. I'm here for a reason. As long as I stay true to myself and stay humble and know what I'm doing it for, I'll continue to be successful."

Smokes Accomplishments

Smokes has Shared the Stage with

-Ying Yang Twins
-Petey Pablo
-Lil Wayne
-Willie da Kid
-Speed Knot Mobstaz
-Young Buck
-Mar K
-White Boy
-Red Man
-Kinto Sol (Latin Billboard, Album of year winners)
-DJ Dynamite
-DJ Drama
-Ray Nitti
-Hurricane Chris
-DJ Bedtyme
-Fly Society
-Jimmy Boi
-DJ Pain 1 (Produced "Don't do It" on Young Jeezy Recession"
-Korean Superstar CROWN J
-Elvis Thao (Gran Torino)
-South Starr
-Jenny Chu (Import Model)
-Christine Mendoza (Import Model)
-Boost Mobile
-Bad Boy (Model Search)
-New Boyz
-The Cool Kids
-Three 6 Mafia
-Wiz Khalifa
-Tone Trump
-Serius Jones
-Fred the Godson
-DJ Bedtyme (remy ma DJ)
-LEP Bogus Boys
-DJ Baby Chino
-Joell Ortiz
-Diggy Simmons
-Asher Roth
-Kardinal Official
-Kid Cudi