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Flossin' Season Is Over [EP] (2006) - D-Boyz
MOVE! [single] (2007) - D-Boyz
Mean Mugg [single] (2008) - Smokey



When D-Boyz introduced what critics called Detroit Crunk music two years ago, some hip-hop heads called them corny because of their lack of lyrical content in their rhymes. “I got caught in some situations where I lost all our money right after we released “Move!” says Smokey, the group’s founding member. “Move!” was the D-Boyz single co-produced by Lil Jon. That’s where the story gets twisted… Shortly thereafter, Lil Jon came up with a carbon copy single for Jive recording artist Baby Bash. “Since we didn’t have no money, we couldn’t promote the record.”, so Baby Bash got “Cyclone”, a hit.

Smoke released a diss record entitled “Mean Mugg” in the streets of Detroit and the track spread through the hood like wildfire. It’s hard to believe, because I never thought I’d be in these shoes,” says the 25-year-old rapper, who entered the game as a studio engineer and producer. “People come up telling me I’m one of the top rappers in Detroit. Niggas in the streets telling me that I’m gon save Detroit.”

Born Aaron Robinson and raised in Motown’s crime-ridden Zone 8 housing community, “Move!” was never supposed to be our image.” “Smokey’s high energy vocals and performances is a sharp contrast to the Detroit Hip-Hop Head scene. This is evident on his solo release on Nobody Records, Nobody Special. Powered by the diss record turned single “Mean Mugg” the album is a far cry from ringtone rap. It’s laced by 90% Smokey production and has features from mostly Detroit artists. Album due out Spring 2008.