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"1st Online Magazine Interview"

Smokey Da Bandit
Saturday, 02 June 2007

For a local artist, Smokey reputation is controversial. Hearsay can effect and damage the underground artist profoundly. Smokey has been slammed on local talk radio and left behind by those that once used his influence to enlighten those they could not reach themselves. However, Smokey is what he is, and he is a survivor.
RAGE: So, Smokey, what is the name of your latest release and your favorite single on it right now?
My latest release is called Chicago Syndicate, and it is my sophomore album. My favorite singles are "Trapped" and "Darkness".
RAGE: Tell me about "Trapped" and why that seems to reflect you the most.
I am speaking on life in my environment, basically. You are trying to strive to survive, but its like you are trapped in this struggle that the government . . . well . . . I say the government created it becuase you have all these rules, but certain people get to break it. You know, the highest powers gets to break the rules. They want to talk bad about hip hop, but I just want to show WHY and why we say what we say because it’s the environment we live in. Everything in that songs happens in the neighborhood.
RAGE: Tell me where you are at as a local artist.
As an artist, I just want to elevate myself and expand my fan base. And just put my label out there more. I am going to be an artist until the day that I die. It don’t matter how many albums I put out. I am not at where I want to be. I just need distribution deals and (well) stuff like that. I just want more exposure really, but as an artist, I just feel that I am comfortable. I am going to keep making good music and keep talking about real situations. Drama is going to come. All these little rap beefs, I am not really worried about them. A person has a problem with me they can say it face to face.
RAGE: Does it bother you that in the aftermath of the Don Imus firing that Al Sharpton has decided to go after rap in full force?
I was put in the same position as Mr Imus as far as saying something in an inappropriate place. What he said, I’m offended by it because he is a white man and he said on the air to millions of viewers. Other than that, if he was at home and had said the same thing no one would have done anything. I am not really mad at him or his comment. We say the same thing in hip hop . But, you can’t blame hip hop. Al Sharpton and all these other people are trying to get publicity for themselves. I feel like the government wants to blame hip hop for stuff, but they don’t want to point the finger at rock and roll or television. There are worse things on t.v. than it is on rap. What he said about nappy headed hoes, we say that in rap all the time. You could be in the grocery store and someone will say that. But, it won’t a big deal. Someone may fight over it, but you won’t see it on the news.
RAGE: Tell me about the movie you made.
The movie, "The Beat", was my first experiment as an actor. My guy, Cornell Ford, wrote and directed, and I co-directed and co-starred in it with him. It is a comedy drama about a producer’s quest to find something he had lost. But, it’s a little funny thing and people in the hood like it. It’s definitely a hood thing.
RAGE: How can people get at you if they want to hear your music?
They can check out my myspace page at or my web page at And, of course, you buy the albums. All of our albums are only five dollars. We aren’t trying to break anybody’s bank. You can call me, and I’ll sell out of the trunk of my car if a have to or (better still) I will mail it to you. Of course, it can be purchased at Gardner’s and Play by Play record stores on Grand Ave. And the FATAL 4 store in the Lewis Mall.
Smokey Da Bandit
(224) 627-4714

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JR LP: Neva Satisfied
1. Fruity Snack
2. Wonderful
3. Shuda Said Somethin
4. I'm Doin Me

Sophomore LP: Chicago Syndicate
1. Trapped
2.Shake Dat (Sum Mo')
3. Darkness
4. The Code
5. Night Time Lover



Smokey Da Bandit

As the New Year began on January 1st, 1981, Terrell J. McSee was born at Victory Memorial Hospital in Waukegan, Illinois. His mother gave birth to 2 other siblings with him being the oldest of them all. As for having a father present it was not evident, but the love was still felt. The old statement is considered to be evident is his upbringing with a father not being present. "Papa was a rolling stone!" He also has 10 other brothers and sisters on his father's side. His mother was the one to lead by example by consistently moving him to and from in pursuit of a better environment for him to grow up in. However, it was not possible because trouble seemed to be in each area in which they settled. Growing up in various cities, such as, Waukegan, Gurnee, North Chicago, Southside of Chicago, and several other cities throughout the area of Illinois Terrell would slowly walk into the world of hip hop and rap music.

When he was eleven years old, his uncle was murdered. This inspired him to pursue his own ability that his uncle knew he had, and that was rapping himself. This became his voice to shout out to the world his views and feelings. Being influenced by so many rappers of that time he could only fit into the puzzle perfectly. He was influenced by artist such as; Kriss Kross, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Whodini, Prince, 2Pac, Method Man, and so many others, thus explaining the variety in his style of music and presentation. Creating who is known as today... Smokey Da Bandit.

In 1994 Smokey moved from the Lake County Area to Chicago’s South Side and started running reckless in the streets with some of his closest friends. Music was his savior. After a couple of “wrong turns”, Smokey decided to stay focused on his music more and began hitting the studios hard and achieving real accomplishments. Forming groups such as Souljaz Mobbin with his brother Pac-Man and later becoming Empty Soulz Entertainment. Creating groups such as, Misundastood, Chris J., and Killa Boy. Beginning from an idea Empty Soulz Entertainment has now turned into a movement. Also recruiting artist such as: Jimmy Bones, Bigg, Lil Jay, PC, Liteskin, and many others. A dream of two young men has now been turned into a team that is 14 strong. There is even a street team that has been created as well.

Since then Da Bandit has created a buzz in the streets by performing in various events and talent shows such as: the Apollo in North Chicago, IL, Waukegan, IL, and Great Lakes, IL. He has also appeared in several Afro Fest events, as well as Drop Squad Entertainment’s Midwest Exposure, SoRaw Inc.’s Operation Meltdown I, II, & III, YBG Ent./ Bad Boy South Hood 2 Hood Showcase in Glenwood, IL & the “Be Violence Free” event hosted by Power 92 radio station. He was blessed with the opportunity to open up for industry artist such as: DO OR DIE & TRAE THE TRUTH of Rap-a-Lot Records, TWISTA, BIZZY BONE, YOUNG GUNZ & PETEY PABLO, & has even hosted several house party events as well as his own, “Da Bandit’s Crunkfest”, at the South Side Boy's and Girls Club youth center in Waukegan, IL, with the assistance from Pimp Status Entertainment.
Smokey Da Bandit is currently seeking radio airplay and distribution services. Projects he is currently working on are: his Junior LP “Neva Satisfied”, hosting “Tha Writer’s Block” open mic every Wednesday, and hosting “Tha Smoking Section” the Empty Soulz Entertainment online radio station every Saturday. When Smokey is not performing at local clubs or at open mic’s around the Midwest and Southern areas, you can catch him at the studio recording hot new tracks, or out in the street’s promoting ESE by selling CD’s and posting flyers.

Some of his many accomplishments are CD's like "The Flesh is Weak....The Soul Is Immortal" with singles such as "Soul Snatchin" & "My Block." His sophomore album called "Chicago Syndicate" with singles like, "Trapped", "Shake Dat (Sum' Mo)" & "Darkness", which gained him attention from local media outlets. And now he is prepared to release his junior CD entitled "Neva Satisfied" with guest appearances by T.G.O., Suave, The Preacher, Lil' Rilla, Blu Raggz, Thug Grisoul, Jimmy Bones, Indiana’s Own RIC JILLA, and many others.

He also has a track record of collaborations and mix CD's such as, Drama F.O.E. presents The Go Getta's Vol. 1 , Flame Spittin' Records Midwest Hustlaz Vol. 1, Empty Soulz Entertainments Enter The Soul Chambers Vol.1, BlockLife Compilation's Vol. 1 & 2, along with many others. And now he has become hands on in video as well. Directing videos and short films including "Thirsty I & II and The Beat" alongside his longtime friend, Cornell Ford of Dark Urban Symphony Entertainment. Credit must also be given for music videos:"Trapped" & "Shake Dat (Sum Mo)" off of his sophomore album, "City of Lost Souls" by Indecipherable Speech & "Lean On Me" by Empty Soulz own Pac-Man.

As humble as he