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Smokey Johnson

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Smokey Johnson music tells interesting stories that has never been told. He is from a different breed in Louisiana, showing the viewers there is more to Louisiana than what they see or hear. He is also a veteran who served in The US Army. The music that he composes show vivid images through is life.


DeShaun Johnson, better known by his stage name Smokey Johnson. In an era where fame could be measured by month, Smokey Johnson has tried to distance himself from other artists out there. He has no fear to write a song about his own lifestyle and be inspired by political figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X.

Smokey Johnson was born DeShaun Johnson on May 16, 1985 in Delhi, Louisiana. His mother raised him and his older brother alone. When he was young, his older introduced me to hip hop. He had a passion in basketball, track and swimming while in high school but music was also in his blood. He performed his first show in the 3rd grade and thought that he could make money out of it.

So he left Grambling State University to pursue his dream in music and enlisted into the United States Army stating "that he need a solid foundation in life". He has put in work since 2005 when he started dropping one mixtape after another, the first two being "Block Music 1 & 2. He used the miltary to travel to Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Florida, and Dallas to promote his music and performing in showcases, using the money he's been saving from his deployments and paycheck earnings. His big break came in August 2012 when he headline a show at The House of Blues in Dallas for Coast2Coast and also received major cosigns from The Game, OG Ron C, and many others in the industry. Though he wasn't physically able to sign with any labels due to his constraints, he remained independent and kept the consistency flowing with making music.

Smokey is set to get out this September and relocate to Dallas, Texas to fully pursue his music career. Over the years he has established a fan based in his hometown area, NorthEast Louisiana and started growning a following base in Dallas.

He has a critically acclaimed mixtape scheduled to be release October 4th entitled "Struggle and Progress" which will be available on all social websites.



Block Music- 2005
Block Music2 - 2006
HardTimes- 2007
Vent- 2008
HMG-Swagga and Substance - 2009
Hustle and Kush 1- 2010
Hustle and Kush 2- 2012
Struggle and Progress - October 2013