Smokey Witt

Smokey Witt


Country swing, all acoustic, hurtin' music about love, the dotcom crash, and eastern mysticism. Influences are Emmett Miller, Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams. No drums.


Smokey Witt is a non-ironic non-edgy non-retro country music singer/songwriter who has not changed his style since the 1950's. His influences are Emmett Miller, Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, Hank Williams and the 10th century Zen master Ching Y'uan. Although he has flirted with electric guitars and other honky-tonk paraphanelia on occasion, his band currently uses only acoustic instruments, and he likes to think that the music would not have been out of place at a Saturday night barn dance in the 1930's. However, he has also written songs about the dot-com crash of 2001, and another of his crypto-hits is entitled "Fax Me Your Heart", so Smokey is not adverse to using up-to-date themes in his music, as long as they are well-seasoned, and as long as, in his view, Jimmie Rodgers or Hank Williams would have liked the songs. As a concession to modern tastes, he does use a microphone rather than a megaphone when performing in public.


If the Eiffell Tower Was In Nashville

Written By: Smokey Witt

(Verse 1):

If the Eiffel Tower was in Nashville
Grand Ole Opry in Paree
If Hank had tried escargot
And De Gaulle corn whiskey
Monsieur Lafayette was ahead of his time
And Ben Franklin tried to tell
How thier countries had started somethin'
But it hasn't gone too well.

We want Nashville in Paree
A little country's what they need
Yodelin' at the Champs Elysee
Hurtin' songs at Le Bastille
We want Swan Lake at the Ryman
And baguettes on Music Row
And as sure as night follows day
Raprochement will grow.

(Verse 2):

Now freedom fries don't taste too good
I'll take french fries every day
From the land of Django Reinhart
To Chet Atkins seems ok
The art it don't seem so complex
Mix it up to see what gives
And loosen up the bound'ries
To see if the music lives.

(Verse 3):

There's a busker dans Le Metro
Playin' guitar up the neck
Could be backing Neil or Willie
If Nashville heard his set
And that steel guitar on Broadway
Could be wailin' at Montmartre
Yes we need a movement
And I know just where to start.


Written By: Smokey witt

Verse 1:

Out drinkin' with the boys
Discussin' our new toys
Pickup trucks and racin' cars
Comparin' tricks and ploys.
Got home a little later
Than I'd anticipated
But the only one to greet me
Was our dog and one cold 'tater.


She's gone missin'
Gonna miss her kissin'
She told me but I just would not listen.
Yes, she's gone missin'
With all her kissin'
She told me that she'd go away
And now she's long long gone.

Verse 2:

So the dog and me agreed
That we got two mouths to feed
And feelin' sorry for ourselves
Just would not do the deed.
So we opened up two cans
A little dog food and some Spam
And started into feedin' time
To make some brand new plans.

Verse 3:

Well I guess we live and learn
About the bridges that we burn
I miss her every day you know
And I don't know where to turn.
I'd like to start again
Not remembrin' all this pain
And grow old very slowly
With my true love to sustain.


CD: Zen Country

Set List

We do three 45 minute sets, about twenty origianl tunes and ten covers. Covers are Hank Williams, Jimmie Rogers, Ernest Tubb.