Smokin 45s

Smokin 45s


Entertaining mix of good rock and blues music with a professional stage look and act. The band (and the audience) isn't content to just stand and play the songs, but moves with the energetic feel of the music. Non-stop entertainment!


Hoffman, Remkus, Christie and Hall had been playing and performing together since the late 90s as another group. In 2001, the band changed directions to Rock & Blues and added Morgan on guitar. Influences include many of the classic blues artists, Little Walter, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Willliamson, as well as modern blues artists such as Little Charlie and the Nitecats, Rod Piazza and the Blasters.

The Smokin' 45s sound and look the part of the blues. Not content to simply stand and play the songs, the band is quite animated in it's performance. The suits, hats and sunglasses compliment the visual presentation.


"Anywhere but Here" Self released in 2004.

Set List

The band's set list included over 60 songs, with about 20 of these original compositions. We can and have performed anything from a short all-original showcase, to a 4 hour 3 or 4 set gig in a club. Usually we perform a mix of 2/3 to 3/4 covers - our versions and arrangements - not note by note copies, and the rest originals. We include many standards, such as: Crossroads, Spoonfull, Howlin for my Darlin, 300 pounds, Shake your moneymaker, 7th son, One way out, Statesboro Blues, Good Morning Little School Girl and some more obscure titles: Hyrdromatic Women (Rod Piazza), Wish you would (Blasters) and Have Love, will travel (Sonics).