Smokin Eldorados

Smokin Eldorados


A garage rock band born and bred of the 70's punk era, the sound they produce has a raw, immediate feel - a reckless blend of their rock and pop roots. Chaotic yet incisive. Random yet knowing. No second takes. No rules. Bring it on!! "...bonafide supergroup..." Drum Media.


The Smokin’ Eldorados are a 4 piece rock band based in Perth Western Australia. The band is the result of a song writing collaboration between Matthew {ex- Tall Tales and True} and Rod Radalj (Ex Scientists, Hoodoo Gurus, The Johnnys. Rod and Matthew have extensive histories in the alternative music scene of  the 80s and 90s in Australia and beyond. Matthew was singer/guitarist/songwriter in Tall Tales and True, who were nominated for 2 ARIA’s who toured extensively in Australia and internationally during there 12 year career. Rod was inducted into the ARIA {equivalent of Juno awards} Hall of Fame last year for his involvement with the Hoodoo Gurus. He was also involved with the Scientists who are recognised as a huge influence on the Seattle grunge scene in the early 90’s. Laurie Sinagra is a well accredited sound-engineer in Perth having won numerous awards and Tim Bates on drums.

The band has a garagey, swampy rockin’ feel, a combination of their respective rock and pop roots. They have already shared the stage with acts such as Chris Izaak, The Divinyls, The Church, The Stems, The Lime Spiders and Little Birdy.


"Vol 1"
1. The Wheels I Ride
2. Cowboy Up
3. I Collect Sins
4. The Moon [is just a pearl in the sky]
5. Cut A Deal
6. Where The Highway Ends
7. Laws Of Love Pt 1
8. Beyond The Beyond
9. Guns, Girls, Guitars
10. Attitudes, Latitudes
11. Laws Of Love Pt 2

"Songs in The Car Keys of Life"
1. Innocent Man
2. Workin On a line
3. Wierd-Ass Motherfucker
4. Smokin Eldorado
5. Cross Town Boogie
6. Cowboy Up
7. Laws Of Love Pt. 2
8. Achilles Wheel/Innocent man Medley

Set List

Our set list varies over time. All of the songs are our own original compositions and sometimes are completely made up before the audiences eyes and ears. We normally do one set gigs and the set lasts for about 40 minutes, though we are capable of playing more.