SmoKing Bill

SmoKing Bill


SmoKing Bill is 5% rock, and 95% funky stuff with a horn section. Based in Seattle, they have been laying seige to the Northwest for about seven years, playing hundreds of gigs.


SmoKing Bill formed in 2001, the product of college students with too much time on thier hands. Having graduated from house parties and keggers to serious multi-state tours, the band moved from Moscow, Idaho to Seattle, Washington. There they have amassed a faithful following and a steady schedule. Smoking Bill has been compared to such bands as The Talking Heads, They Might be Giants, and Cake. Quircky, upbeat, and fun, SmoKing Bill is a band that can take care of business, and hold thier liquor.


Within the Hanging Frame, 2003
Unsuccessfully Beautiful, 2005
SmoKing Bill (E.P.), 2007
Title pending, summer 2008

Set List

Fallen on hard times
To all my friends
You only call me when your drunk
Insignifigant nothings
Fish tank
Under flowers
Trailer park
In like a lizzard

SmoKing Bill's set lists can range from thirty minutes to three hours. They play mostly originals but have a few covers in their bag of tricks. SmoKing Bill likes to keep the audience guessing.