Smokin Jesus

Smokin Jesus


A sexy musical rollercoaster -- Rock songs with soul that beckon anyone with an ear for creative, original music.


smokin jesus is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Poke. With a severe gift for his bass, and a penchant for writing powerful, emotive songs, this recording project-turned-live band is a star in waiting.

Like a sexy, musical rollercoaster, the high energy tension and release evoked through topnotch playing is unquestionably satisfying. This music is simply described, in any era, as rock with soul.

With songs built to last, and in no short supply, smokin jesus beckons anyone with an ear for creative, original music.

smokin jesus is currently recording an album scheduled for summer release.

The band is available and accepting dates for summer and fall 2006.



Written By: smokin jesus

Closer in death - It's such a shame
Living our life - A lifetime of blame
What did we see - You me in me you
So why don't we like - When we see true

Look out from in - So we can't see
Tainting our view - To create we
The way you see me - The way I see you
Hate to admit - When wee see true

And it's all - All just our fault

Closer in death - A lifetime of blame
Living our life - Oh what a shame
The way you see me - The way I see you
So we just lie - When we see true


Written By: smokin jesus

I feel strange - How usual for me
I feel change - how usual for me
Where's it gonna lead me

Flickering candle rage
Burns like my life lately
Trippin' to change my ways
But I won't let my ways change me

Planets get a talkin'
And my soul starts a walkin'
Get so much if you can let go
When the stars are a callin'
There ain't no use ignoring
Get so much if you can let go
But will I try to hang on
To what is gone


Album: Four Track - 1999
Album: Casually Kickin Ass - 2001
Album: Live - 2003
Album: name TBD - (summer) 2006

Set List

SJ generally play ninety minute sets.