Smokin Pistols

Smokin Pistols

 Lethbridge, Alberta, CAN

This is, in fact, the Outlaw Country band your Mama warned you about ..


Smokin Pistols was formed on the mean streets of Lethbridge, Alberta in the summer of 2007. When original lead singer Derrick Mensch divorced and moved to Vancouver, BC, and original bass player Scott Tucker’s truck broke down following the death of his dog, taking him out of the race, drummer Scott Bartlett knew the band was destined for solid country gold ..

Reforming the Pistols in the summer of 2008, Scott (Ben Brown Trio [2008-present], Tim Hughes’ Canada touring band [2005], Lady Chamberlain [2004-06], Floating Axehead [1994-96]) took the reigns as the primary songwriter, on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. One day in a music shop, working on the chorus to “Dyin in the Rain” Bartlett was approached by Shael Pezderic (Rarity [2000-06], Granite Force [2006-present], Travezty [2007-08]) who said “that sounds good .. who is it?” Bartlett replied “that’s me son .. and you should play lead guitar..” Seeing things taking off, Bartlett re-acquired long time musical connection Steven “TP” Birss (The Learning Process [1997-04], Momento Mori [2000-present], the Gate [1998-present]) to play bass guitar, honky tonk piano and organ. The final nail in the coffin was when Bartlett witnessed the catastrophic breakup of a local punk band and knew it’s drummer, Ryan Labreque (Unnamed Project [2008-09], Open to Closure [2006-08], Corporate Conspiracy [2003-05]) would need a new home, on the run with some good old boys.

Smokin Pistols has been described by fans, bar owners, and even the media as “like an Old School Country band, but rougher and faster, putting on a rock and roll performance with some serious grunge attitude” .. A common theme running through fan remarks was summed up recently at a show in Claresholm, AB, “when bands come here I’m usually bored after the first set .. You had me the whole time; I actually hate country, but you guys make me half-ass respect it”. Smokin Pistols’ covers span three generations of outlaw country from the King of Country (Hank Williams, Sr) to Willie, Waylon & David Allan Coe, to the likes of Hank III and Shooter Jennings. Smokin Pistols original music combines lyrical elements of third-generation outlaw country, vamped up old-school sound and themes spanning everything from lost love, to heavy drinking, to murder.

Smokin Pistols first album, Love in the Name of Murder, is scheduled for a third quarter release.

Smokin Pistols is a hard-working blue collar band, who appreciate the business side of music as much as the music itself, Bartlett once said “Good music is important, but so is working with the venue, so is talking to the crowd during and after, you want to help people have a good time - because people having a good time stick around -- they eat, drink and spend .. then everyone wins.”


Dyin in the Rain (Four on the Floor)

Written By: Scott Bartlett (c) 2008

(Verse 1)
Every time I ride into a town I see your ugly smilin’ face
Lookin’ and a laughin’ - every wanted poster every single place
Next time you see me smile you’ll see it from a bar room floor
I loaded six but here’s my word, that you’ll be gone by four

Oh - One’s for the money that you stole
Two’s for your cold and heartless soul
Three is for all those years of pain
Four is for the cryin shame .. [You thought it was all a game]
Meant to leave us dying in the rain ..

(Verse 2)
Every time I hear a bar-man tell the story I just can’t sit still
How you robbed her blind and walked away with all her innocence as well
You shoulda shot me down before you ran away that far
Cause now I’ll hunt you down to death just like the dog you are

(Verse 3)
I sure hope each night you faithfully recite your evening prayers
Cause old Saint Pete’ won’t recognize you at the gates when you get there
First I’m gonna beat you down until I hear your coward’s cries
I’ll put three in your chest and then put one between your eyes

(Verse 4)
I sure hope each day your living life and spend that money well
Cause ain’t no fine hotels or open range to ride that side of hell
The hands of time are counting down to justice coming ‘through
I’ve only got these final words I wanna say to you ..

Nothin But Regret

Written By: Scott Bartlett (c) 2008

(Verse 1)
Lookin too good not to be the devil's daughter
Out the corner of my eye is where I caught her
Coulda been 110 in the shade but she'd have made things hotter
Get up, got up and to my surprise she was lookin at me past a dozen other guys
Started comin towards me as fire burned in her eyes

(Pre-Chorus 1)
I guess I should have heeded mama's words that morning:
“Run like hell and hide, son, here's your final warnin”
She's only trouble-some, a loaded shot gun - She'll burn you like a pyromaniac when she's done

(Chorus 1)
Oh, whoa-oh, she messes with your head, Oh, whoa-oh, she'll leave you there for dead
Oh, whoa-oh, Oh, whoa-oh, Just heed these words and don't you forget, she's nothin but regret

(Verse 2)
Things went so fast I could hardly blink
It was drink after dance after dance after drink
She was gentle as an angel in white, so I started to think
But then out of the blue, she changed up her style
Started talkin all crazy and gettin real wild
Grabbed onto my collar started draggin me off like a child

(Pre-Chorus 2)
I tried my best to dig down deep and get some traction - I wasn't ready for this woman's strange reaction
She grabbed me by the hair, dragged me up the stairs
Kicked down to the door, said go ahead and run if you dare ..

(Chorus 2)
Oh, whoa-oh, she'll spend you like it's payday, Oh, whoa-oh, that's the game that she'll play
Oh, whoa-oh, Oh, whoa-oh, Just heed these words and don't you forget, she's nothin but regret

(Verse 3)
Well I tried to make sense of this perilous state
Tried to reason at first and then tried to debate
She was leather and whips and chains and passion and hate
She grabbed the cuffs and I screamed no!
I was down to my boots but I was ready to go
Did the only thing a sane man could through myself out window ..

(Pre-Chorus 3)
Well I suppose it must have been quite the sigh, Me runnin for my life down main street on that night
I must have run a hundred miles before I finally fell
That devil woman caught me up and took me back to hell

I learned more in the next six hours than my many years, faced a lifetime and then some of fears
It left me scarred and charred and other things I can't say, Oh if I'd only listened to my mama that day ..

(Chorus 3)
Oh, whoa-oh, she'll eat you like black bear, Oh, whoa-oh, she'll never let you outta there
Oh, whoa-oh, Oh, whoa-oh, Just heed these words and don't you forget, she's nothin but regret

Call Me Home

Written By: Scott Bartlett (c) 2007

(Verse 1)
On a stormy sea it was late one night, black clouds above without a drop of light
And you could feel the blustery wind freeze your soul
The waves pounded hard the starboard bow, she was holding tight, I just didn’t know how
She was creakin and a crackin and inside, my blood ran cold

With eleven more of my dearest kin, we knew we’d go down, just didn’t know when
And as we held on tight began to let go this world’s cares
With a perilous fear, knowing hope was dead, we bid fond farewell, some tears were shed
And all the sudden in the distance a man standing there...

Call me home - Take my hand, and take me to where I’m safe
Call me home - As the storm clouds mass and bring the wind and wave

(Verse 2)
“Dear God above!” my friend John screamed, I shook my head thinkin this is a dream
And that ghostly figure of a man came walkin to me
While young James ran to try and hide, I was paralyzed with fear inside
Seeing, walking on water, the man from Galilee

Was this a ghost, a trick, a vision, a test, tried to figure it out, yeah, we did our best
Twelve tired, scared grown men thinking what to do?
What happened next didn’t take long time, My mouth had a way of gettin ‘head of my mind
I said Lord, bid ME to come out there, too


(Verse 3)
Sure enough He spoke and held out His hand, told me to come, at least that was the plan
So I swung out my leg and took a step over the side
And I don’t know if I could ever explain, and I’m really not sure I could do it again
But there I was - for a moment - walkin on the tide

But then I saw the wind and then I saw the wave, and then all of the sudden I wasn’t so brave
And I felt myself going down knee deep in the sea
About half way down I knew I was done, I thrashed and kicked and locked eyes with the Son
I cried Good Lord won’t you please save me!

Jezebelle of the Ball

Written By: Scott Bartlett (c) 2008

Jezebelle of the ball, you still hold my heart
You took my faith.. On a cold summer day
And I conceded my all, from the very start
You took my faith, and gave it all away.. Jezebelle of the ball
[last cho cycle one “took my faith, Jezebelle of the ball” then repeat]

(Verse 1)
Ten years later I miss you just like I missed you yesterday
I don’t know if I should laugh or cry or stand and fight, or run away
Ten years from now I’ll recall it just like it happened before my eyes
And I can bet it’ll sting as much then as when we said our last goodbyes

(Pre-Chorus 1)
And then there’s days that I sure wish
I - could rewind the hands of time
And then there’s days that I know if I did
I’d still find my love is blind

(Verse 2)
The way you held my hand when we used to take long walks in paradise
The way you’d kiss my lips under the starry skies, lookin in my eyes
The way you’d slow dance oh-so-close with me, just imagine my surprise
How could I ever have known every moment was all just lies (all just lies)

(Pre-Chorus 2)
And every afternoon I still hear your whisper, I still feel your breath
And every afternoon I still feel the pain .. of love’s untimely death

(Pre-Chorus 3)
There was the night I went home and put your
Pictures in a closet down the hall
And there are the nights I would still come runnin back if you’d only call

Murder in the First Degree

Written By: Scott Bartlett (c) 2008

(Verse 1)
I saw you coming in the distance, On your white horse in shiny dress
I trained my eyes down the barrel of my sites
It’s gonna be justice now I guess.. I guess..

(Verse 2)
I saw you dismount so clear, I probably even shed a tear
I loaded up, kissed a silver bullet goodbye
Goodbye to my own fear... my own fear...

And all the while, I’ve been silent, All the while, inside so violent
Now today I’m coming out so free...
All the while, scared to say, my old friend you betrayed me
Today it’s murder in the first degree

(Verse 3)
Your blood ran cold as could be; I watched you take that final breath
I looked away, just before I looked in your eyes, What a God-awful death...

(Verse 4)
I simply dug a shallow grave, I probably should mourned, instead...
Hey son I hope you rest, I know I didn’t do my best
It’s such a shame to leave you dead, God rest your head...

Pride (In the Name of Murder)

Written By: Scott Bartlett (c) 2008

Wakin’ up on a cold Sunday morning’ pride is wounded and this is fair warning
Daylight’s breakin in the heavens above, daylight’s breakin in the heaven’s above
Getting ready with a sober head and by noon today you’re gonna wind up dead
Daylight’s breakin in the heavens above, this is murder in the name of love

(Verse 1)
You thought it would be easy, and I guess that’s where you went wrong
A simple Dear John note is not enough, just like it’s not enough to write this song
They say revenge is a dish that’s best served cold, but that ain’t what I got
No alarm’s gonna wake you up today, just a double barrel served up piping hot

(Pre-Chorus 1)
And I may be a man of a few words, but don’t let that calm your fears
Cause all I’ve got to say is a final good-bye, after all these years

(Verse 2)
You said I was a meek man, and I guess that story’s half true
You kicked the wrong man down and now I’m gonna unleash hell on you
They say vengeance is the Lords and it’s nothing for simple man
But if He’s gonna bring justice, then, let me be His feet and hands

(Pre-Chorus 2)
And I’ve been known around as a nice guy; respectful and polite
But when I tip my hat to you the next time - it’s just your last good night

(Pre-Chorus 3)
And I’ve been known to a few who can never tell, I’m a hell of a shot when I care
So when you see my face come a smiling better say a quick prayer


Love in the Name of Murder (EP)
Scheduled Release: Summer 2009

Set List

A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)
Ace of Spades (Motorhead)
Aviators (Shooter Jennings)
Bad Things (Jace Everett)
Big Iron (Marty Robbins)
Call Me Home (Smokin Pistols Original)
Delia's Gone (Johnny Cash)
Dial M (Smokin Pistols Original)
Down in the Liver (Junkhouse)
Dyin in the Rain (Smokin Pistols Original)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Ghost Riders in the Sky (Stan Jones; Johnny Cash)
Good Hearted Woman (Waylon Jennings)
Hangover from Hell (Smokin Pistols Original)
Hank Williams Sr Medley (Hank Williams Sr)
Hillbilly Ways, Outlaw Style (Smokin Pistols Original)
Hot Rod Lincoln (Commander Cody)
Hookers and Blow (Smokin Pistols Original)
I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (Dan Tyminski / Soggy Bottom Boys)
It's Hard to be Humble (Mac Davis)
Jackson (Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash)
Jezebelle of the Ball (Smokin Pistols Original)
Justice (Smokin Pistols Original)
Low Down (Hank Williams III)
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys (Willie Nelson)
Mercy (Smo