Female fronted Original Rock n Roll Trio


Smokin* Toads formed in 2003 fronted by Ann
lead guitarist/vocalist. Ann set out to find a rockin,
rythym section with a musical attitude to boot!
The search wasn't easy and neither was
going through the rock n roll meat grinder...........
"stop it your killin' me you MO FO's"!!!!!!!!!
eventualy a surprise meeting with lady
luck at the end of the fork in the road,
and with destiny knockin on the front
door the sun couldn't shine any brighter.......
Smokin Toads are a energetic,raw,
original rock n roll trio who enjoy
crankin' it out, riffin' it up an make
no apologies for doing so...............
stay tuned ..................up


Distant Friend

Written By: Ann

word got around that you tried your best to break me
when I heard I said man I can't believe this
all the gossip and the trouble that you gave me
with my back against the wall

we'll you thought that I would never,ever leave you
but you knew that I would never pay allegiance
to all the smiles and the gifts that could'nt please me
cause I knew you'd let me down

we'll you knew that I always had my reasons
so then I left it was the warmth of the season
yea I know that the road isn't easy but luck can always be found
all around
all around
all around