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"Review #1"

I remembered the rawness, unrelentless energy, and forever youth that bands from the 1980s grunge period presented to the music industry. What made these bands like Alice in Chains, Pearl jam, and Nirvana to name a few so special were their unapologetic lyrics, commanding male vocals, electrifying guitars, pulsating bass, and insane drums. Moving to present time, it is nice to see that that sound I enjoyed when I was growing up and discovering rock music is not gone. In fact, Smokus Pocus has many of the same elements in their music that I found entertaining in band such as Alice in Chains and others.

Brandon Maguire and Andy are the perfect male lead vocal team as they present a versatile style of singing. Maguire can carry his voice from one moment of sure quiet tranquility to the next moment of raw-throated fury. One of the best tracks that can illustrate this skill is titled "Dark Matter" - a song full of rage, anger, and dark harmonious vibes. Another track titled "Empty V" is perhaps one of my favorite from the band since it is a sharp departure from the other music of the band. This track has a lighter mood and happier tone but all the electrifying guitars, pulsating bass, and insane drums are still found in this song which gives the track the right amount of the rock edge. If you are looking for something from a band that is full of raw energy, then Smokus Pocus' music is going to be a great place to start. Make sure to check them out. In the meantime, check out this quick Q&A I completed with Brandon a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

- Isaac Davis Jr. MBA (





It was christmas night 2008 when we had a "white" christmas jam session, it was then that we decided to be a band. The music is a blend of rock/punk/hardcore/grunge/pop/psychedelic/metal/dubs... and whatever we feel like playing. We are simple as a trio, yet we bring an element of complexity to the table with our no style style. We constantly try to push ourselves to become better musicians and explore the sonic boundaries. If you wonder where the name came from then you must not know us. If you ask, do you guys smoke weed? I may respond, is the sky blue? Ultimately we are three friends having a good time playing music together. We have no grand message or motto, just be yourself and have a good time. Open your eyes to the world that's around you and be cool to people. Explore.