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http://www.streetrichmagazine.com/streetrich2_077.htm - Street Rich Magazine



(2005) "DOE BOY"
(2007) "DOE BOY 2"

"THA G.O.V."
(2005) "Hip Hop Herion"
(2005) "Free Young Nizzy"
(2006) "Bock Music"
(2007) "Election Day"



It's a little past 4:30 in the morning and music can still be heard pounding through the halls of the Atlanta based Hot Beats Studio. While more than half of it's occupants have either left for the night
or have found someplace to lay their head, 24 year old Khalid "S. Money" Kareem is still hard at work. Surrounded by balled up pieces of paper and a wide array of pens that are strategically placed within
his reach, it's not hard to see or feel his dedication. With a proven track record for changing seemingly unchangeable situations into profitable opportunities this young lyricist has far more than just the music industry on his back. In fact he has the weight of a whole city resting on his shoulders. Born in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, where many seem surprised to hear Of an underground music scene due to the local radio stations refusal to play local music, S. Money has made a name for himself and his group, Tha Govament. Created as a way
to release the pent up frustration and energy from the lack of opportunity the city possess for young black men, Tha Govament has created a niche that has become the blue print for those looking to
get involved in music. Like any other young person growing up in a city where only the strong survive, S. Money has dealt with the luring calls from the streets. While he admits to answering to a few of them, his dedication for honing his natural talent for music has over powered the rest. Hell bent on putting his city on the map and providing a positive link between the North and the South, S. Money
recognizes his time has come. "Timing is everything when it comes to making a name for yourself with the public," claims S. Money as he walks through the studios' colorful hallways. "I've made a name for
myself in Pittsburgh. I've opened up for some of the biggest names to ever touch down in the city. I've even done sweet sixteen parties. It's time for me expand to new markets." Besides recently catching the attention of a number of industry Insiders and being told by the legendary Bun B. that he has "a sixteen bars game Like no other," S. Money is not quick to believe the hype. Instead he's even more focused than before. From paying for his own studio time to researching the Atlanta club scene to a "T," this young artist is gearing up for a successful run like no other. As S. Money puts the finishing touches
on his latest track entitled "I'm the Man," which took him an estimated eight hours to finish, he vocally voices his own obsession with the song and proclaims he has a sure hit on his hand. For someone used to finishing a record in a little more than three hours this proclamation carries a lot of weight and everyone knows it, which means it should only be a short time before the world knows it...