Smooth and the Blues2Blues Band

Smooth and the Blues2Blues Band

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Smooth and the Blues2Blues Band make people dance, yell, smile, shake their hands and bootys. When Smooth hits the stage his charisma is felt by all and his good natured talking with the fans while the band rolls into another song livens up the crowd.


Smooth has been into music since a small boy back in Canton, OH where his momma played Blues records and sang along. He found his gift for writing when he was about 9 years old and found that he could also hear the music to set his words to. Not formally trained, Smooth always strives to entertain the people, whether singing the Blues, Gospel, or popular Blues covers.
The Blues2Blues Band is in it's 3rd incarnation, together for 10 years. Ernie the lead guitar player, is reminisent of Jimi Hendrix when he goes off on one of his guitar solos, people stare then clap their appreciation of his virtuosity. Plus Ernie does his fair share of singing backup and takes the lead, singing a few numbers. Richard's bass playing keeps it funky. Our other Richard is the drummer, he keeps it tight and displays great skill in keeping the band together. But it's Smooth that keeps control, from start to finish, making them the band asked for again and again.


Down the Road

Written By: Curtis Gray-Woods

Uh, uh, uh, you know it's funny...
To all the peoples I see going up and down and the ones I knew and loved... and the haters, what about the haters?
I'll see you

Down the Road, I know I'm going to see you
Spending time just like we used to do
Down the road, with folks just like you and me, (you and me)
You know that's where I'll be (I'll be)
Say it again
Down the road, I know I'm going to see you (see you) spending time (spending time) just like we used to do
Down the road (down the road), with folks just like you and me (you and me)
You know that's where I (where I) will be.

Now, will you be grooving in the same old ways or will you live your life from day to day?
Troubles and heartaches by the pound but don't let them bring you down the road (down the road)
I knowwwwww I'm going to see you again, I'm going to see you again
Down the Road (down the road)
I'm going to see all my freind
Oh Lord, kiss my momma again
Down the road (repeat)


Arthur's Song
Down the Road
He Can Save You
Texas Cowboy
Plumber Man Blues
Looking for Love
Drop It

Set List

Set list comprised of covers and original material.
Covers are composed of Blues standards, Jimi Hendrix, and old school bands like War.
Typical Set:
In the Wee Wee Hours
Hey Joe (J Hendrix)
Lowrider (War)
Plumber Man Blues (C Woods)
I Feel Good (J Brown)
Stagger Lee