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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Another Great Night w/SC"

Co-headliners Smooth Choppy always give 110% - especially when it comes to Halloween parties! The full band was dressed as the detective Beastie Boys from the "Sabotage" video. Choppy took the costume a step further by starting their set with a cover of the radio classic. Fans were able to get their hands on the new 3-song demo that the band recorded during their recent trip to Los Angeles. The Choppy sounds better than ever and had the booties shakin' with their funk rock madness.

- Robert Migel: Scream for me Dallas Productions

"Smooth Choppy A Must See"

Before Vanilla (Ice) had gone on there was an amazing band that made my ears and soul content. Smooth Choppy is a local band from Dallas, TX. They have created their own sound that have spawned from amazing bands such as 311, Incubus, Sublime, and Linkin Park, to name a few. Talented and pumped, Smooth Choppy rocked Firewater. I have never heard of them until that night and I can tell you that I am now a forever fan. The fusion of rock, reggae and hip-hop will make your body move and your veins pulse with a refreshing jolt of life. Their guitarist is a FREAK! His solos and rhythms will make you move in ways you didn’t think you could. Their vocalist sends his lyrics and voice straight to you heart. I could go on but let’s keep this PG. Smooth Choppy brought the show and made an everlasting impression on this Pissy Lil Bitch. Next time you’re in Dallas I highly recommend you scope them out. - Mischievous Magazine

"Swift Tracks: Smooth Choppy"

Smooth Choppy is a must-hear group from Dallas who is known for their blend of rap and rock. Their name represents the journey of a band and how it can be smooth but also choppy at times. Their sound is more smooth than choppy.

They sound like a not-so-reggae Sublime blended with a toned down 311. It’s important to state the four songs I listened to on their Myspace made no mention of reefer unlike their influential bands stated above. Of course their sound is jovial, showing how happy and carefree these guys really are.
Unfortunately they only dress up for Halloween

Unfortunately they only dress up for Halloween

“Start the Rhythm” is a great track whose origin is unknown. It may be from the album they are currently working on, Product and Pressure. It starts off with a quiet electric guitar piece leading right into Tim’s light-hearted words. The entire track isn’t bogged down with deep insight; it just gives you the desire to be outside on a summer day simply enjoying life.

Front man Tim and bassist Anthony have been playing together for almost eight years, which helped give the band a head start creating the right chemistry. SC has toured with Blue October and Bowling For Soup in the past years, hoping someday to be the headliner. - Pegasus News


Our newest CD is a self titled EP: "Smooth Choppy". There are three featured songs on the disc. "Breakthrough", "Hard to Ignore" and "Release the Kraken" which have all had radio play in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. We are currently in studio working on our newest album "It Is What It Is" due out by June of 2009.



SMOOTH CHOPPY provides an escape from reality by utilizing a recipe for creativity within their music. Containing influences from such popular bands as 311, Incubus, U2, Sublime, Jason Mraz, The Beastie Boys, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dave Mathews and more... SMOOTH CHOPPY has a unique set filled with energy, passion, and an amazing mix of musical styles. Each member shines in their own respective light to bring together the audience by creating an awesome visual and audio experience. No two songs sound alike, while the core of the music sticks together to make the instantly recognizable Choppy sound. If you like your music meaningful and your lyrics deep... Smooth Choppy is the band for your ears. Sometimes it's Smooth... Sometimes it's Choppy.