Smooth Embrace a unique blend of jazz,soul & rock- the musical melting pot.


Smooth Embrace - “the musical melting pot”. Warren Whitten, Frank Hood, John Roberts and Paul Rodriquez have joined their musical history and experience together to bring to you the unique recipe of jazz, soul & rock. The quartet has over 30 years of music experience.

Warren Whitten graduated from MTSU majoring in audio engineer. His talents range from composer, songwriter, pianist, acoustic/electric guitarist and vocalist. Warren’s rock history brings a rockin’ energy to the band.

Frank Hood started his musical career as a drummer. Over the years, Hood added the pianist, songwriter and vocalist to his musical resume. Frank has been composing and writing lyrics since the early 1990’s.

Warren and Frank were former band members. The chemistry between the two was so strong they decided to branch out and start a band of their own. In February 2008, Smooth Embrace was born. The duo added the sounds of John Roberts and Paul Rodriquez.

John Roberts a jazz trumpeter and background vocalist adds the laid back melody to the band, along with his smooth “cat daddy” vocals. Roberts has been playing the horn for at least 8 years. Paul Rodriquez the bass guitarist has been performing Latin jazz for at least 10years. His addition to the group brings the rich soulful sound you hear in their music. The different genre of music brewed together gives you the sound of Smooth Embrace.



Set List

Lost Soul - Frank Hood
Stop Lying - Frank Hood
Take 5 - Dave Brudeck
Promises - Frank Hood
Another Life - Warren Whitten
Waiting in vain - Bob Marley
Call her name - Warren Whitten
I miss you - Warren Whiiten
Fall Down - Frank Hood
Constant cries- Frank Hood
Just the way - Frank Hood (instrumental)