Smooth Money Gesture
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Smooth Money Gesture

Nederland, Colorado, United States | SELF

Nederland, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Rock Jam


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Smooth Money Gesture : The Grand Scubian: Evoloution"

Joyously jammin'. Smooth Money Gesture is the very Wiki of a happy jam band. Helixes of ebullient guitar spring forth from Doug Diminico, while brother Dan Diminico lays down the 5-string anchor, occasioned by anti-gravity cascades. They form the nucleus of the group with Josh Gitlin-Rich, adding guitar and synth. The cerebral texture from the organ and keys of Pete Goldberg (Gold Hill) provides that rare, full, Psychedelic-Funk expansion augmenting the complex interplay as two drummers / percussionists mesh in ever-evolving labyrinths of rhythm, Nathaniel Haas (from Mountain Standard Time) & Scott Llewellyn. Already performers whose on-stage melodic antics are *kindly* entertaining and mountain favorites, the majority of the band sing lead and unite in the depth of harmony, Bryce turning the concert into an experience through special lights and effects. Rather than Phish or the Dead, draw a lineage to Traffic. Uplifting and a reason to smile! - Colorado Music Buzz


Smooth Money Gesture's debut album "The Grand Scubain" was released on April 7th of 2011. Selections from this can be heard @ It is available on iTunes and Amazon, and can also be purchased on our website.



Smooth Money Gesture is infectious groove funk with ear twitching space jams, face melting solos and tight rhythmic changes. Since the new millennium, the band has been honing in on their sound, bringing their music from the East Coast to Alaska; finally landing in Nederland, Colorado where the band permanently resides. The sextet’s sound is rooted in rock and roll with elements of funk, bluegrass, metal, and electronica producing a jam based high energy psychedelic creation all their own. With a variety of musical influences feeding the improvisational groove, and the majority of members contributing vocals and to songwriting, Smooth Money Gesture takes one on an adrenaline rich celebratory journey that never runs out of fuel. The band has just released their debut CD "The Grand Scubian: Evolution” and with their ever expanding tour schedule, are making forays beyond their homebase of Colorado. This next year will see them traverse the Western states and cross the great Mississippi.

At the core of Smooth Money Gesture are the Diminico brothers and lifelong friend and fellow musician Josh Gitlin-Rich. Doug Diminico plays lead guitar and sings alongside his brother Dan Diminico (bass guitar and vocals). Josh Gitlin-Rich adds his own brand of guitar riffs to compliment Smooth Money's ethereal jams. On keys is Pete Goldberg, contributing a whole new dimension to Smooth Money's music with his energetic playing and gritty vocals. Scott Llewellyn on drums and Nathaniel Haas on percussion and vocals, keep the band driving while adding a touch of polyrhythmic flare. Guy Erickson, of Colorado Music Buzz recently remarked “Smooth Money Gesture is the very Wiki of a happy jam band...Helixes of ebullient guitar...cerebral texture from the organ and keys provides that rare, full, Psychedelic-Funk expansion augmenting the complex interplay as two drummers / percussionists mesh in ever-evolving labyrinths of rhythm...Uplifting and a reason to smile!"

Sprinkling in the occasional and unexpected covers or teases from bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, or Phish: SMG is constantly twisting and taking the jams to new heights. Integral to the SMG expansive experience, is the job of Bryce on lights and effects. Bryce has been working with SMG, adding a light show that's as over the top as the music, furthering the planetary excursion into vast and grand, Scubian worlds.


Meet Smooth Money Gesture
Doug Diminico’s early start in music began when his parents first pushed his playpen up against a piano. His dad taught Doug some chords, but he soon scrambled down the stairs, and discovered the drum set his musical father kept in the basement. When a local band needed a bass player, Doug put down the sticks in favor of strings, and then moved onto guitar, where he’s been hanging out ever since. Spending his teens in numerous bands and gigging in bars in his hometown of Boston, he fell in love with hard rock, grunge and classic rock like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Band, Traffic, Zappa and Pink Floyd. Then Doug’s world changed forever when he heard Phish for the first time, and began to delve into the Grateful Dead. Along with his brother Dan and longtime friend Josh Gitlin-Rich, Doug is a founding member of SMG. He contributes guitar and vocals, incorporating his musical influences into the bands jam orientated sound.

Dan Diminico adds vocals and plays bass for Smooth Money Gesture. As early as eighth grade he was playing and making music with his brother Doug, and childhood friend and core SMG founding member Josh Gitlin-Rich. Throughout his youth, Dan immersed himself in music, playing in the jazz band, studying music theory and forming the band “Slough” with Josh. Dan moved to Alaska, with Doug and Josh soon following, and together they joined in local bar and campfire jams. A weekly bar gig playing covers soon led to the development of an original repertoire and Smooth Money Gesture began to take root. Dan's love of funk to bluegrass, Motown to Classic Rock, live electronic and Prog- Rock and everything in-between contributes to his holding down the bottom end for the band.

Josh Giltin-Rich, contributes guitar and vocals, and is part of the early roots of SMG, growing up with the Diminico brothers in Arlington, MA. After high school Josh left the East Coast with one half of the Diminico brothers; Doug, for the wilds of Alaska. In Alaska, Smooth Money Gesture began to take shape, as well as a desire to share SMG’s music with the lower 48. After a summer of touring in the great state of Alaska, the Diminico brothers and Josh headed to Colorado. Josh’s musical influences are diverse and are incorporated into his jam and groove laced guitar riffs. His influences include the Grateful Dead, Beatles, Hendrix, and Phish, as well as Motown Classical, and Hip-hop and Gangster Rap.

Scott Llewellyn’s early youthful musical forays in his native New Hamp