SMP's music is electronic rock, with doses of rap, and punk thrown into the mix.


SMP, aka Sounds of Mass Production, is Jason Bazinet. SMP's music is electronic rock, with doses of rap, and punk thrown into the mix.
SMP is currently working on their 5th original studio album, “The Treatment,” with producer Wade Alin.
SMP’s most current record, "Crimes of the Future" was released in 2004 on Bazinet’s own label imprint, Music Ration Entertainment, LLC.
SMP's previous five releases, "Hacked" (2001), "Terminal" (2002 & 2000), "Ultimatum" (1998) and "Stalemate" (1995), brought SMP through four Record Labels, and to thousands of fans across the USA with nine national tours.


Full lengths:
SMP - Crimes of the Future [Music Ration Entertainment, LLC.] 2004
SMP - Terminal re-release [Invisible Records] 2002
SMP - Hacked [Invisible Records] 2002
SMP - Terminal [ADSR Musicwerks] 2000
SMP - Ultimatum re-release [ADSR Musicwerks] 2000
SMP - Ultimatum [Catastrophe Records] 1998
SMP - Stalemate [Re-Constriction/Cargo] 1995

Doll Factory - Weightless [Neue Asthetik] 2002
Noxious Emotion - Symbols [ADSR Musicwerks] 1998
Scar Tissue - Rebuild [21st Circuitry] 1998
Noxious Emotion - Count Zero [ADSR] 1998
Vampire Rodents - Clockseed [Re-Constriction] 1995

Static Engine - Isotope [ADSR Musicwerks] 2004
Bozo Porno Circus - Degenerate [Underground, Inc.] 2003
Idiot Stare - Ghost [2002]
diVERJE - Existence/Program Remix [DSBP] 1998
New Mind - Deepnet [Offbeat Records] 1998
Crocodile Shop - Soviet [Tinman Records] 1998
Hexedene - Choking on Lilies [Re-Con.] 1998
Collide - Distort [Re-Constriction/Cargo] 1998

Other appearances:
High Society Ski Movie 2 [Matchstick] 2001
Syncromesh:002 [Syncromesh Records] 2001
Tribute of the Year [Invisible] 2002
United [Invisible] 2002
Notes From Thee Real Underground [Invisible] 2001
Futronik Structures Vol 3 [DSBP Records] 2001
Double Threat Various 001 [Double Threat] 2001
Closer to the Spiral [Zoomica/SPV] 2001
CD Baby! [CD Baby] 2001
Twitch 2000 [] 2000
Arche100 [Syntonic Records] 2000
Transcendence [Doppler Effect Records] 2000
A Tragick Compilation [Tragick Records] 2000
Rotorbites [Magnetic Resonance Records] 1999
Attack Patterns [Apocalypse Magazine Records] 1999
Cybonetix [DSBP Records] 1999
Nod's Tacklebox o' Fun [Re-Constriction] 1999
Circuit Noir 2 [United Endangered Front] 1998
Silicon Warfare [Arts Industria Records] 1998
Cyber-Tec America [Cyber-Tec/Invisible] 1998
Futronik Structures Vol 2 [DSBP Records] 1998
The Glory of Destruction [Catastrophe] 1998
Resurgence [Doppler Effect Records] 1998
Got Moose? [Re-Constriction/Cargo Records] 1998
Tenyear Anniversary [Re-Constriction/Cargo] 1997
Operation Beatbox [Re-Constriction/Cargo] 1996
Thugs 'N' Kisses [Re-Constriction/Cargo] 1995
Elektro Industrial Sounds of the NW [Cleopatra] 1995
Built for Stomping [Re-Constriction/Cargo/Cleopatra] 1995
Scavengers In The Matrix [If It Moves/Cargo] 1994

Set List

SMP is prepared to play a 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute set.