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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Kentucky Kernel"

"SMR have done the unthinkable... they have managed to land at number one on the Alternative Hip Hop chart at" - Patrick Avery

"Volume One"

"If you haven't seen the SMR hard-harder-hardest electroni-funk yet, this will be a great opportunity. They sport six musicians, including electronics, turntables, guitar and bass guitar, two vocalists and drums. This doesn't slow them down a bit. In fact, they run through breakneck speed songs like a pace-car on the freeway."
- Derrick Sanders

"Word on the Street"

"We found the music to show a mature sense of structure. SMR are pioneers..." - none listed in article


Applying Digital Pressure-LP (2000)
Pink Taboo-LP(2001)
Dead Art is Automatic-EP(2003)
-single "Chaos" released this Summer on Abstract Visions and Arshid Entertainment


Feeling a bit camera shy


How do you describe the indescribable known as SMR? Does the mere mention of grinding guitars, melodic vocals, razor sharp raps, turntables, head-bobbin' beats, and a live show that leaves the audience breathless do SMR justice? Not quite! The sound of SMR must be heard to be understood, and with over fifty-five thousand listens on it is evident that hearing is believing!

In a little town called Menomonie Wisconsin, then teenage friends SINESTRO (vocals/production/turntables) and K POD (vocals) had a vision of fusing musical genres so they started their own band, known today as SMR. The band had humble beginnings, using a Sears turntable, a Radio Shack mixer, an 8-second sampler and a bass guitar to craft their sound. Bringing in another friend, Mr. Till (guitar), SMR recorded “The Porch Tapes”, a collection of five songs that became the foundation of the SMR sound. Though unconventional, SMR's early music was well received by fans and critics alike; "The Porch Tapes" won the University of Kentucky's College Radio Battle of the Bands competition. On the heels of the win SMR started to record their first full-length album titled “Applying Digital Pressure”, featuring songs such as "Salt of the Earth" (#1 Alternative Rap Chart, "Shoveltongue" and "The Science". With SINESTRO moving away to attend the University of Kentucky, the trio was unable to finish "Applying Digital Pressure" as quickly as they would have liked.

When finally released, "Applying Digital Pressure" was an immediate hit with SMR's growing fan base. Not wasting any time, the band began working on their next album entitled "Pink Taboo". SMR staked their claim with "Pink Taboo" as one of the most original and promising new bands on the scene. This second album was proof that SMR had taken their sound and talents to another level. Pink Taboo landed two number one’s, six number two’s (three tracks stalled behind national act Papa Roach), three top five’s and three top ten’s on the charts.

Their next major step came in early 2003 when they hooked up with Atlanta, GA based Abstract Visions Entertainment in association with Arshid Entertainment which is home to multi-platinum rockers Collective Soul. So impressed with SMR, they brought the band to their Atlanta studio in late March 2003. Working at a feverish pace with the Collective Soul camp, SMR recorded eight tracks in five days for their latest CD (yet to be titled).

With over 55,000 listens and three #1's on, SMR is ready to take their unique blend to the masses. Over the past year SMR has added three new members: Gin-Sauna (digital resonance), Squid (drums) and Otherwise (the stoic) (bass) all the while gaining a sizeable following touring throughout the Midwest.

There is no denying the talent that is SMR! A quick glance at their accomplishments (below) is testament to the immediate impact their sound has on fans and critics alike.

Over 55,000 (fifty-five thousand) listens on
"Salt of The Earth", "The Science" and "Chaos" have all been #1, while
"Jumpstart Apocalypse", "No Blood No Crime" and "FX" peaked at #2
behind national act, Papa Roach.
Other #2's: "Move", "Inferior Deities", "Fluke"
Top 5: "Whore-o-scope", "Disconnected", "Shoveltongue"
Top 10: "Bermuda Mind Angle", "8th Day", "Pink Taboo"(single)


Featured on MTV's "The Real World" Season 10

Rap-Rock Best Male Vocals Award Spring 2001
"No Blood No Crime" finished 2nd in Best Production, Moodiest Track, Best Drums, Best Melody
Track of the Day 3 Times "No Blood No Crime", "Jumpstart Apocalypse" and
"Salt of the Earth"


Featured Electronic Band for 2 months Winter 2001


Music to be used during intro for an unnamed WWE wrestler
Music featured on BMX Video for Ride Publications (#1 BMX Bicycle Magazine Publishers) used during video and as end credits
"Whore-o-scope" and "Inferior Deities" used for Bartender Simulator video
game, available this Fall
"No Blood No Crime" used in "Zombie Planet" film
"Chaos" and "Self Destruct" licensed by actor John Goodman for use as introduction music for boxers that he promotes


Publications / Internet

"Throw those limp bizkits away, and prepare for what the "new scene" in rock is meant to be. S.M.R. is a complete merging of hip hop and heavy rock music, without the typical shortcomings. In a world awash with 80's pop hit sample laden hip hop and rap, and the sudden resurfacing of bad 80's glam-hair-metal bozos (UGH!) we may in S.M.R. have an aural savior.
-Otitis Media, (

"SMR have done the unthinkable... they have managed to land at number one on the Alternative Hip Hop chart at”
-Kentucky Kernel, Publication, July 27, 2000 (

"If you haven't seen the SMR hard-harder-hardest electroni-funk yet, this will be a great opportunity. They spor