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Leederville, Western Australia, Australia

Leederville, Western Australia, Australia
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"In the Pines"

Another highlight of the jam-packed line-up proved to be instrumental outfit SMRTS who had the combination of dynamism and atmosphere that could propel them to much bigger things. In frontman Pex Delibasic – who teased bewitching effects from his instrument – they also had one thing almost every other band at In The Pines lacked: an authentic guitar hero. - X Press Magazine


If the old adage “everyone in rock just rips each other off” is to be believed then the true test of artistry is moving past simply “ripping off” those influences and recombining what you’ve learned into such an idiosyncratic package that it becomes distinctively yours. With SMRTS Have Friends And Visit Them At Night, supremely talented local outfit smRts come very close to doing just this.

Moving past the most obvious of their garage-rock influences, Predrag Delibasic leads his band into bold new territory, mixing those very influences into a nearly unrecognisable pastiche of hypnotically pop-centric songwriting.

A record in the truest sense of the word (it’s only available on vinyl), this endlessly creative and surprisingly fluid set of tunes dispels any notion of opportunism by sticking to what the group does best: crafting clever, ramshackle, occasionally soaring songs, without bowing to esoteric noodling for the sake of experimentation.

Where smRts really create a distinction between themselves and their contemporaries is through the unpredictably imaginative arrangements, bolstered by Delibasic’s truly enigmatic melodic sense. For example, on the the twisting surf-rock-esque King Wave Rising, the balance of apparent naïve melodic sentimentality is undercut by the presence of decidedly ominous tunefulness.

These songs are blanketed in a magnetic charisma, and contain a vigor and effortlessness that is insanely, immediately likable, and ingenious in how much it achieves. - X Press Magazine


Sun Sets on a New Tomorrow CD (Heartless Robot Productions 2010)
Have Friends and Visit Them at Night LP/CD (Heartless Robot Productions 2012)



SMRTS started in March 2009 when Predrag Delibasich asked his friends to help him take some of his new songs to live stage. Immediately the band took off and started playing bigger shows – their second show was at the opening of Hatched 2009 exhibition at PICA.

SMRTS got onto developing their own unique style of instrumental rock with surf and Eastern European influences. With two drummers and three guitars they developed music that is rich in rhythm and melodies.

Their debut album “Sun Sets on a New Tomorrow” was recorded live at SMRTS’ practice place, mixed in Perth and mastered in Chicago by Bob Weston (Shellac, Mission of Burma). It was released in September 2010 to great reviews.

In 2011 SMRTS played several shows and started working on the second album “Have Friends and Visit Them at Night”. The album was recorded at the Loop Studios in Perth and will again be mastered by Bob Weston. It cameout on vinyl, CD and digital download in February on Heartless Robot Productions.

In March 2012 SMRTS embarked on their first national tour and played to new audiences in Sydney and Melbourne. The band launched “Have Friends and Visit Them at Night” in Perth on 20 April and also played In the Pines.

The rest of 2012 will see SMRTS playing more local shows, doing more shows over east and record third album.