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"Various Quotes"

"SMUG is a triple threat of audible brilliance - serious notes with a humorous delivery." - Matt C.

“This nails-to-the-chalkboard trio flexes muscles that haven’t been moved in a long time.” - Neil G.

"Wow. You guys sound like a mainstream version of Primus with a bit of Metallica thrown in. Awesome!" - Kim P.

"I wear my SMUG shirt regularly with pride. Keep slogging away." - Matt R.

"You guys are amazing! I've loved every show that I've seen and can't wait for the next." - Betsy F.

"I saw you guys at the WesFest. You guys were amazing." - David K.

"I've been spreading SMUG like herpes." - Steve P.

"All indicators point to a SMUG release that will find ample playing time in the car and the portable CD player." - Jim D. (note to Jim: MP3 players are much more portable!)

“SMUG delivers well crafted songs with a rocking sound that is both hard and introspective.” - Secret Admirer - Misc


"Freshly Stained" : 2006 Cash Only Records - Debut Album

These guys warmed up for the SMUG debut album by playing on stage, in the studio and on the road with artists like Pato Banton, Jennifer Batten, Bryan Beller, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Doc Tahri, Thomas Dolby, Ferguson, Gerardo, Kevin Gilbert, Tragic Johnson, Sass Jordan, Mike Keneally, Bill Laswell, Barbara Morrison, P.i.L., The Roots, Diana Ross, Stevie Salas, Michael Sembello, Carly Simon, The Spinners, Gwen Stefani, Vynil, Alan name a few.

Check out some of these albums to hear these guys before they were so SMUG:

Jennifer Batten "Above, Below & Beyond" : 1995 Voss Records VCD272914

Bryan Beller "VIEW" : 2003 Onion Boy Records OBR-6913001

Doc Tahri "The Sharp Side Of The Spoon" : 2001 Cash Only Records COR0075

Doc Tahri "Einstein Was A Bullfighter" : 1996 Cash Only Records COR0069

Doc Tahri "The Search For Corn" : 1992 Rubber Brother Records RBR0001-12S

Doc Tahri "Trendite b/w Sex Attack" : 1988 Taboo/Rubber Brother Records TR1011

Mike Keneally Band "Guitar Therapy Live" CD and DVD : 2006 Exowax Recording 2408.

Mike Keneally Band "DOG" : 2004 Exowax Recordings -2406

Mike Keneally "Wooden Smoke" : 2001 Exowax Recordings-2403

Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins "Dancing" : 2000 Exowax Recordings 2404

Tom Langford "Here Comes Memory" : 2005 Bella Vista Records

NDV "KARMA" : 2001 Ear Candy Records ECRCD 004

P.i.L. "Anarchy In Tokyo - Live From Nakano Sun Plaza" : 1985 Toei Records TE-M343 (Japanese import)

P.i.L. "This Is Not A Love Song b/w Solitaire" : 1984 Elektra Records EKR-901312S (British import)

A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd "Pink Floyd Tribute Album" : 2003 Stanley Recordings SR106

The Roots "The Tipping Point" : 2004 Geffen Records B0002573-02

Janet Robin "Out from Under" : 2001 Little Sister Records LS LS-59967-2

Stevie Salas Colorcode "Back From The Living" : 2002 USG Records USG12007-2 (German import)

Gwen Stefani "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." : 2004 Interscope Records B0003469-02

Ben Taylor "Another Run Around The Sun" : 2005 Iris Records 01823.

Thumpasauras "Bums, Thieves & Nature Lovers" : 1996 RPM Records Group RPM0527

Vynil "Casual Wear" : 1998 Cash Only Records COR0070

XLM "XLM" : 1992 Segway Records SR0101-2

Bird York "Wicked Little High" : 2006 Narada 09463-54128-2-6

Bird York "The Velvet Hour" : 2003 Blissed Out Records 82572

cirriculum vitae available on request


Feeling a bit camera shy


“God is dead, but SMUG is alive!” – Nietzsche

SMUG is a Los Angeles based band comprised of session and touring veterans Rick Musallam (guitar, vocals), Bret Helm (bass, vocals) and Sean Daniel (drums). Self-described as an edgy power trio that delivers quirky pop songs, they offer a welcome alternative to the corporate shlop heard on the radio. On their debut album “Freshly Stained”, SMUG shows how adept they are at maneuvering through a variety of styles while retaining their unique sound.

Helm’s lyrical cynicism runs rampant throughout while Musallam’s masterful guitar licks and Daniel’s aggressive drumming set the band apart. From the Ramonesque “It’s Me” ..I’ve got something that you want / It’s Me!..., to the Primus-like “3 States, 6 Days, 1200 Miles”… He made up his mind on a Monday / He quit his job on Tuesday afternoon / On Wednesday he had lunch with his girlfriend / Which is when he told her the news…, to the Neil Youngish dirge of “Shoulda’ Wrote A Ballad”…Guess I shoulda wrote a ballad / But another dumb love song won’t change the world. You won’t believe the diverse personalities of this band!

But don’t take just take my word for it, here is what SMUG’s fans are saying…

“SMUG doesn't hold back...SMUG rocks hard in your face, hold on to your socks!”

“SMUG sounds like a cross between the stylings of "The Minutemen” and the pop sensibilities of the "Foo Fighters" or "Queens of the Stone Age" with a lot of other facets thrown in.”

“SMUG is a progressive/avant-rock/pop-rock/American-punk style band that can be best described as "power-punk-rock-pop. We should call it "Progresso" - the music that eats like a meal.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Please – listen, discover and love SMUG! You won’t be sorry!