Smunty Voje

Smunty Voje

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
BandComedyCover Band

Multi-genre experimentalism makes our originals varied and unique and our covers anything but ordinary. Smunty Voje prides itself on a highly energetic, acrobatic and theatrical live show that compliments the wide range of talents and instruments in the band.


We guarantee a stage performance more varied and entertaining than you have ever seen. We will kick you in your earnuts, make you wish you had brought your spare throwin’ panties, embarrass you in front of your parents and make your grannie fall in love again for the first time. Smunty Voje makes grown men cry and bake pink cheesecake muffins. Smunty Voje makes women WANT to iron wrinkled clothes. Smunty Voje makes the fertile crescent fertile again, straightened up that Tower of Pisa and balanced the federal budget. Smunty Voje gets fan mail from Chuck Norris. Every day.


Recorded and Radio Broadcast Originals include: Ride, Come Off, Train, Hello Hardplace, and Fight For Ourselves. Recorded remakes include: Power of Love (reggae), Straight Up (pop/rock), Land Down Under (rock) and Party in the USA (mashup). Streaming tracks can be found at

Set List

Smunty Voje can perform for up to four hours with a blend of originals and uniquely rearranged covers. A typical show lasts three to four hours and includes three sets of a dozen songs each.
Unrecorded originals include: Carnivale, Tang, Prodigal Son, Recognizable, and CRap. Recorded remakes include: Power of Love (reggae), Straight Up (pop/rock), Land Down Under (rock) and Party in the USA (mashup). Smunty Voje rearranges non-traditional pop and rock covers ranging from Paula Abdul, The Buggles, Miley Cyrus, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Queen, Los Lobos and even Disney Classic Film songs and TV and video game themes. Daring, bold, inventive and sometimes outlandish, Smunty Voje captivates audiences by breaking the mold and blurring the lines between "cover band", pop-art and fresh original music.