Uplifting and emotional music with touching and melodic vocals over beautiful layers of piano and guitar. Infusing sounds from artists like Queen, Elton John, Elvis, Buddy Holly and Mike Patton. The crafted songs touch your heart and have you dancing. It's modern pop music.


The band met 10 years ago in London as Jake Janzen (bass) and Sammy Parekh (guitars) placed an ad for a singer. Upon first hearing the beautiful harmonies and songwriting abilities of Ian Laing, they knew they could create magic for the senses. The bands core each share a passion for music and all types of styles but with a common thread of songs that have a strong melody and groove. As anyone who has come out and seen us live, you will be taken on a musical journey that intertwines warm bass lines, smooth guitars, melodic keyboards and the voice to carry you away. Over the years the band worked with many different projects to finally come back as a songwriting unit in 2008 to create "Smurk". With a goal of bringing the sweet sounds of songs you can sing along with and a powerful live show, Smurk looks to bring it to the world in 2009.


Smürk EP (2009)

Set List

Real Love
Tiny Guns
I Can C Thru U
Hold Still
Hurt No More
Out of Range
Grey on My Side

Working Class Hero
Does Your Mother Know
Jet Airliner