My music rides a line somewhere at the crossroads where Blues, Rock, Country, and Americana meet. John Melloncamp meets Toby Keith, meets the HeartBreakers. Commercially and artistically strong. I am a songwriter by trade. Lyrics are my craft. The music is a vehicle I use to tell a story.


This band is no longer together. I am posting this material in an effort to market my songs.

I am songwriter. I have no real desire to be a famous perofrmer. My songs are available for single song contracts and I am more than open to staff writing position. "Work for Hire" is a strong point of mine. Feel free to contact me in regards to any of these things.

I'm member of :
SAW (Songwriter Association of Washington)
SGA (Songwriters Guild of America)
WAMA (Washington)


Until My Blue Eyes Close

Written By: Sean Myers

I met her on a barstool
on a New York city night
and I was acting like a damn fool
trying to be some Mr. Right

We laughed until the bar closed
she said the words I needed most
She said she'd love to hold me
until my blue eyes close

Until My blue eyes close
or if I'm ever out of wine
she'll be dancing in my soul
and I'll be wishing she were mine
Until my blue eyes close

She took me to the one room
that she called home that night
I was frightened by the cold gloom
too scared to try and find a light

I was not looking for a lover
just someone I could hold
she kept me safe and undercover
until my blue eyes close



Theres something in a street light
or a girl in shabby clothes
that'll take me back to that night
until my blue eyes close



Band: Junkyard Blonde
Album: Stripped For Parts
copyright: S. Myers 1998