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Smythe and Taylor

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Acoustic


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"On-Line Reviews"

From Michael Carr, Coordinating Producer, KUHT, Ch8 TV

I totally enjoyed meeting you at the Volcano. Your enthusiasm is fantastic. Thank you for giving me your CD. I am enjoying it very much. In fact, since I left last night it has not been out of my CD player in my car.
From Dan Workman, Former Producer - Destiny's Child

I'm still listening while I'm waiting to take my turn mixing. I'm really enjoying it. Great song writing first and foremost. The songs speak for themselves, TC. Absolutely wonderful. Your players, and Jack, did a superb job of supporting your music. Isn't Steve Palousek a hoot? I'm afraid that I'm enjoying the record to offer much constructive critism,..... way to go. Very Very Good.
From Al Delaney - Outbound

Smythe and Taylor had a CD release party last night at JP Hops House. Their CD “Maybe It’s Because I’m Missing You” included many well-known local and regional guest artists. All the songs were well crafted and well performed. Two struck a very special cord; “Southbound Train” was a poignant song about the train ride to Auschwitz and “Unholy Land” spoke to the current Middle East conflict. A most enjoyable evening.

From Chuck Kennedy of Whole Foods Market

We had a great customer response to your performance, and I'd like you guys to have dibs on our bookings. In addition, I will contact you regarding cancellations or other opportunities.
[Just in From Teresa Allen - Pacifica Foundation Board

After hearing rave reviews of your performance at Millbend, I sure want to thank you for the gift of time and talent. They said that they had thoroughly enjoyed the show. One guy compared your voice to Carole King. Walton said that the sound was wonderful . Sure want you to know that we are most grateful that events fortuitously evolved this way. Hope it was an enjoyable experience for you as well.
Just in from Tom Yeager and Sarah Draper of The Songbird Sanctuary

The enthusiastic audience and friendly company made the night a memorable occassion for us all. We enjoyed your playing and hope that you will come back and treat us again in the future.
Just in from David Scroggins - sound professional from Manitowoc, Wisconsin-

TC: I got your CD this morning and I am giving it a listen as I am writing this. Wow! I am impressed. All this talent and you're still interested in sound equipment? I am shaking my head in disbelief.

A very nice job on the recording/producing end too. who ever did the engineering has a "un biased" ear when it comes to the mixing of the instruments. Let me know when you go out on tour, maybe you can route some dates through one of my venues in Wisconsin. Thanks again for the CD
From Lucky Boyd,

Some do it for the money, some do it for the promise of fame, and some do it just to surprise those who said they couldn't. Once in a while you come across someone who does it simply for the music. T.C. and Gary love the music. They love being around great pickers and surrounding themelves with the best. They're busy building real friendships in the music, instead of just a meaningless list of acquaintances.

The songs are great, the orchestration is perfect, that's a given, but two things make this more than just a collection of great talent. First, T.C.'s voice is soothing and flawless, dancing and swirling through each cut with a Ginger Rogers-type grace. This is her best work. Second, the glue that holds it together is the masterful songwriting by Gary Taylor and production by Jack Saunders. Turning out a great project rests on the shoulders of the producer regardless of the quality of the music, and Jack has captured Smythe and Taylor's music expertly, making this a must-buy for Texas music fans.
From Ben Omhart,

A half hour of pop/folk songs from 1999 Songwriter of the Year (Fort Bend Songwriters Association) Ms. Smythe. She's a nice success story - the kind I always believe in.

Her musical style is basically simple guitar and voice, letting the songs themselves speak instead of huge production. 'A Spirit All Her Own' reminds me vaguely of Helen Reddy, but with a trill on the ends of some words. She's a good folksy guitar player with a fine down to earth lyrical blend. 'when I look at her, I'm really lookin' back at me / I'm remembering a child I used to know /though our differences are many, the similarities / tend to bring it home - she has a spirit all her own.' Ditto for Smythe.
From Cullen Graff - Dist. Mktg Mgr - Border Books

Thank you for coming early and helping us with the sound system and for playing at the store. The music was great. You'll be at the top of my list.
From Mike Darnell - Big Lizard Boys

Had a great time at the cd release party and you all sounded great and put on a super show! You guys set a great example for the local music scene! Just wanted to say what a great job you did on the new cd! It flows very well and i wanted to listen again after the last track. i do need to get my copy autographed at our next meeting!
From Jeff Chambers, talented Houston-area songwriter

Hey--What a great night Friday! Excellent music! Y'all were superb! We had ourselves a beautiful time--Thanks! It's been a while since I was out in the audience on a S&T show, and y'all are just about as good as it gets.
From Melinda Iley-Dohn - KPFT Board member

Thank you for including Ed and myself in your wonderful CD Release party. The Hops House really is an amazing place and you guys rocked. I hope that your CD will be a big seller for you.It's really great. Thanks again.
From Miran Belec - Polish DJ

Hello, I received your CD's. All three are very fine and interesting. I'll give as much as possible airplay to your music in the future shows. Thank you for your support to my radio show.
From Kristin Gamboa - President Kingwood College Songwriters Assn

..."a desperate town only a native could love"..... TC, I've been listening to your c.d. this morning and I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing it with me. I will play it for the KC Songwriters at our next meeting and I'm 99% sure you'll be asked to be our special guest artist at our next event. Thank you for *everything*! - Various


"Come What May"
"Underground Folk"
"You Shoulda Been Here Yesterday"
"Maybe It's Because I'm Missing You"
"Live At The Hops House"
"And Then Some"
"Down At Zeke's"

We enjoy weekly radio play across the Pacifica Radio Network and have samples in the listening room on our website,

We have also appeared on several compilation CDs .



Smythe and Taylor are known for their symbiotic harmony, humorous lyrics and 3D guitar playing.

They have been nominated in multiple years to the Academy of Texas Music, and won Vocal Group of the Year in 2009. Gary won the nationally-acclaimed Woody Guthrie songwriting contest and appeared on the festival’s main stage. TC earned the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement” award from the Houston-Fort Bend Songwriters’ Association .

Smythe and Taylor have played across the US and have completed six european tours and will be visiting Japan in 2012..