Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

SNACK is an original rock band from Hoboken, NJ. Our music is a unique and testy blend of rock, alternative, grunge, metal and jazz. We create our music without any attempts to fit into a single genre of music and simply write and play whatever feels good at any given moment.


Snack was first formed in Northern New Jersey in the summer of 2002. Snack has always been dedicated to creating and playing original music without any desire to fit a particular styule or genre. We simply write and play what feels good.


Snack released its first Demo CD called Clever in November 2002. Snack also released its second self-titled CD in August 2004. Currently, Snack has two songs receiving regular airplay on, an internet radio station devoted to the New Jersey original music scene.

Set List

Snack's typical set list consists of all original music and ranges from 1/2 hour to two hours, or longer if need be. We typically play 6-12 songs in a set.