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Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Review: Krumpt"

In the mail, I got this disc from Snafu, a band that I've seen live around town and thought were pretty decent. The release, entitled "Krumpt" is an insightful bit of rock 'n' roll edginess that dares to have a brain and a concept. Instead of simply rocking for rock's sake, the band tackles issues that are relevant to everyone in this lifetime, like media saturation, the meaning of life, love, and self-improvement. Sure, this might sound like a real drag, but Snafu (Bassist Adam DeMange, vocalist/guitarist Phil Bonanno and drummer Ryan Plummer) delivers the goods with a blast of solid rock that dances close to hardcore whamm-o and then surprises with delicate dynamics and stylings that tread the fine lines between groove-rock, jazz-infected rhythms and conventional four-on-the-floor largesse. Some people will hear the tunes and bang their head, not even getting what the songs are about- but I'm guessing that more than a few will hear lyrics like "you never had consequence for all the bullshit you told/but now you see bullshit comes back in three-fold" and it will plant a seed in minds ripe for, here's the word again, change. Music is such a powerful medium, much more than just throwing melodies into the wind for the purpose of making money, gaining notoriety or providing a disraction from the everyday. Though some will cringe at message bands, there can be messages in the music that serve to better life as a whole, as opposed to inspiring hate, anger, fear and hopelessness, though in a balanced sort of way, there's a need for that too. Snafu manages to toe the line mercifully, with an ear for solid rock and a heart that begs listeners to look at themselves long, hard, and close. We could use more stuff like this in the Orlando area. The band can be reached at
Bing Futch
Dark's Corner
2/22/2004 -

"Review: Krumpt/Rating 4 Stars"

This album blends several musical styles, making it rather hard to categorize the band. Kinda funky and groovy with a hard edge at times. This seems to be one of those bands that's borderline experimental. Although diverse, Snafu is one of the few bands that can do something like this well. The musicianship is first-rate and the disc was well-recorded, mixed and mastered. The cover art is cool as well. An overall pro-level package. [Four Stars]

Paul Hennig
Conncections Mag
July 2004 - Connections Magazine

"All Funked Up"

Oxford Dictionary lists the word Snafu as: 1. A confused or chaotic state, or 2. Situation Normal: All F#cked Up.

While their name may mean this, Orlando edge-rock band Snafu is anything but confused. Comprised of Phil Bonanno on guitar and vocals, Adam DeMange on bass, and Ryan Plummer on drums, Snafu combines solid musicianship and funk-laden grooves with intelligent, powerful lyrics. The trio has been described as “insightful, edgy rock with funk overtones”. However, they are not afraid to play the occasional laid-back acoustic set as well.

Snafu is also notoriously good to their fans. An example came last year, when they were booked in the first round of last year’s Emergenza scam… er… uh… competition. The band went all out, renting two party buses full of booze and inviting 80 fans to join them. Upon arriving at the show, they were told their set had been pushed back several hours, and that the show’s organizers were unwilling to compromise. Rather than let down the fans that had come to see them, Snafu moved the party to Central Station, picking up random people on the way. They then put the $400 allotted for Emergenza tickets into a tab for everyone at the bar that had come to see them. “Snafu layed one of our best shows ever,” recalled Bonanno. “Everyone had a great time and best of all, we got to stick it to Emergenza.”

The group is currently working on new material for their sophomore album, and will be playing more dates soon. Check out their new website ( for more details.
-Jackson Downey-
May 2006

- Connections Magazine

"Review: Outside the Collective Hive"

Review: SNAFU - Outside the Collective Hive

Do you ever get the feeling like you want drive your biggest gas guzzler to the Antarctic and club baby seals until your arms get tired ? That's the way I was feeling the other night,; just tired of the planet in general and everyone in it. This is all leading to the album review I promise. It just so happens that was my mood on the same day the new Snafu album came across my desk for review. I thought the best thing to do was to listen to the CD on the way home ... maybe take my mind off of the bad day I just had.

Well, the name of the new album is Outside The Collective Hive. To say this offering is an indie recording would be an understatement. According to the band the album was recorded in true underground fashion, free from the confines of Major label influence. Recording in a storage shed-turned studio is nothing new, Buddy Holly and many others had major success without the luxurious recording studio goodies. SNAFU, however, has taken this practice to a whole new level.

The first thing you notice is the quality of the sounds - hats off to Theo Schmidt who produced this little gem. Every song is very rich and you will also notice the great balance of instruments. Schmidt did not follow the new industry standard of the "LOUDNESS" theory. He allows the music to breathe and be dynamic which is a must for bands like SNAFU. Never is this more apparent than on track 6, Evil in Me, an absolutely haunting tune that feels much like a mix of the Doors and Santana.

This album is not one long song. There is a nice mix of styles from Indie rock, ska, blues, and even early punk styles like The Untouchables or the Buzzcocks. This is the nice result of the indie mentality; taking time to make a great album and not just adding filler songs because you are out of time or money. This definitely comes through on every song .

Well, by the time I got home I was about 7 songs into the cd and had forgotten why I was mad at the world. I know that tomorrow I will remember and start the anger all over again but at least for tonight..... life is good again and my faith is restored.

"SNAFU CD Release Party"

SNAFU CD Release Party
Sept. 5th
57 West....

Two large motor coaches idled in the Sam Ash parking lot, not a normal situation for a local band CD release party. The typical “CD Release Party” is virtually indistinguishable from any other show: 3-4 bands play and one band gives itself the prime spot and tells people they have a new CD for sale. That’s it. But there was nothing normal about SNAFU’s CD release party and other bands in the Orlando scene should take note.....

It started with not one but two full sized buses driving around Orlando, picking up fans at various locations, providing coolers of beer, bottles of liquor, and Dixie cups of jell-o shots to excited fans. Each bus had a party leader organizing band trivia, games, and handing out beer from the seemingly bottomless coolers. Many fans stated the bus itself was such a good time they almost didn’t want to leave. But the ultimate stop was 57 West downtown, the new music venue from the folks who brought us the AKA Lounge. The place looks great but no one has learned that brick walls, while looking cool, don’t provide the best acoustics for live music. Even so hats off to 57 West for not having the bleed through problems that its neighbor BackBooth has with the bass sound from Club Element. Add to that a very hard working and attentive bar staff and it gets the Connections Magazine seal of approval. ....

SNAFU made the night all about them, and why shouldn’t they?! Bands work hard to get the money and spend the time producing their music, it makes sense that when they show it off they do it right. Two busloads of fans came to hear the new music and they got it with two full sets of their unique style of funk rock. The few covers played were artfully woven into the set list so if the music was new, old, or a cover, patrons had no doubt they were at a full fledged SNAFU concert. ....

The CD “Outside the Collective Hive” is a funk rock declaration of freedom from commercialism. Philip Bonanno, singer/guitarist for the three piece group, told fans, that “Buying our CD does not make you a consumer. It makes you a rebel. No money is going to a corporation. You are truly supporting the music when you buy local”....

The energy didn’t dip as the band boarded the buses to join fans for the mobile after party. Providing pizza for the ride home was a nice touch. SNAFU put a level of love and care into the fan experience that most bands just don’t think to do. It’s the same attitude they take toward their music. While not every local music show can be like this, SNAFU has set the bar for CD release parties and how to treat the fans that support them.
- & Connections Magazine


"Krumpt" (2003)
"SNAFU Acoustic Live at Austin's Coffee House" (2006)
"Outside The Collective Hive" (2009)
"SNAFU: The Album" (2012)



Snafu (sna-foo) Slang n. 1. A chaotic or confused situation 2. Situation Normal All Funked Up
3. An Indie Funk-Punk band from Orlando, FL

SNAFU has long been known around Orlando for their raw passion and a style that fuses a Punk Attitude with a unique blend of Alt-Rock, Funk, Blues, and Reggae. Drawing from the eclectic energy and vibe of the Sunshine State, SNAFU slides effortlessly between genres and influences, with an addictive sound that makes you move and compelling lyrics that make you think.
Fed up with the record industry and their exploitation of musicians and music fans, the band decided to operate without a record label. SNAFU is a grassroots, fan fueled-only band.
As a result, the band gets to have a more intimate experience with their audience.
In the past, fans have enjoyed a blowout CD release party for the album “Outside The Collective Hive” in 2009, cruised through O-Town on the crazy – SNAFU Party Bus, participated in 3 all-volunteer music video shoots, and came together to support the arts in their community at the now infamous “F! The Man Fest” in March of 2010 and “F! The Man II” in Oct of 2011.
As SNAFU gears up for the release of their 3rd studio album due out in 2012, the best is yet to come.
For tour updates, song previews from the new record, or to send SNAFU some love, stay tuned in right here to