Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Often described as 'Canada's answer to Snarky Puppy' Snaggle plays genre-defying, groovy-as-all-hell electronic jazz. This powerful 6-piece band contextualizes a rich jazz history against the idiosyncrasies of rock, R&B, dance, metal and classical music.


Often described as Canada’s answer to Snarky Puppy, Snaggle combines influences from jazz, rock, metal, classical and everything else they can get their hands to create their own brash and infectious brand of hard funk. With influences ranging from Miles Davis to Rage Against the Machine, Snaggle features a repertoire of exciting, dynamic and entirely original material. This all-star line up of players, including the fastest drummer in the entire world, are among some of the best 20-somethings on the scene and represent the next generation of Canadian talent.

As well as being a riveting live band, Snaggle is deeply committed to their educational outreaches to the community. This has taken the form of jazz improvisation workshops that Snaggle has been bringing to high school music programs across Southern Ontario for the past 3 years.

The band released their debut album September 2013 and will be recording their second album in collaboration with Brownman Ali in January 2016!


SNAGGLE (Snaggle) - 2013

UNEXPECTED GUESTS (Snaggle) - 2015

Upcoming Snaggle Album (Snaggle, Brownman Ali) - 2016

Set List

  • Fissure
  • Bassface
  • Slow Burn
  • Mistaken Convergence
  • Other Fascination
  • Survival Instinct
  • Christmas Tune
  • Tamed Inlet
  • Track 5
  • Snaggle No 7
  • The Long Slog
  • Nonuhno
  • Tree Assassin
  • SAW
  • Lagaan
  • Sad Ritual
  • Theorum