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Snail Quail


Quirky folky pop punk for fun people with brains!


"Old people come here to die- I mean retire... Because our sunsets are the best, Because our sunsets are the BEST!" - Phoenix, AZ by Snail Quail

Snail Quail is the music of Arizona based musician and writer Jonathan "Jimmy" Cisneros. The acoustic guitar-heavy lo-fi sound of SQ has already attracted the beginnings of a diverse following locally and garnered attention for Cisneros' quirky songwriting style and sense of humor, especially in the art galleries and house shows that make up the D.I.Y. scene throughout Arizona.

It's this wry sense of humor and persistent optimism that makes songs like "Opposite Love Song," "Radioactive Sister" and "Phoenix, AZ" work. "Phoenix, AZ" was recently featured on and was written specifically for the Spotlight on Phoenix show with DJ Lottie in January 2010.

Blogs such as A Future In Noise and Hot In the City have favorably reviewed the Moving On EP taking note of the off-brand sense of humor and optimism that Snail Quail is gradually becoming known for.

Expect much more as Cisneros heads into the new year and also the studio to record the first Snail Quail full-length album in 2010.

Snail Quail is best described as direct folk-punk music with clear pop sensibilities.


Hot Air Balloon

Written By: Jonathan Cisneros

Riding on this hot air balloon
Riding on this blue hot air balloon
Blurry eyes make the skies cold
Do you realize I brought it here for you?

Riding on this hot air balloon
Dreaming the dream for two
But you couldn't wait for it to fill up
I said "please hold my hand, and you'll see how good it is"

I know how it looks right now
But give me some time, soon we'll be looking up

Riding on this hot air balloon
You're looking at me and I'm looking back at you
Smiling eyes make the skies light up
We waited so long but it takes a fiery air
To be where it's clear

Riding on this hot air balloon
You're looking at me and I'm looking back at you


Written By: Jonathan Cisneros

My dad lives in Washington
Mom's in San Antonio
Both of them are worms, worms, WORMS...

They squirm around all day
Eating dirt to make their way
Until it rains and then they drown
Unless they get out of the ground
It's no fun to be a worm
Got to watch out for the birds
Got to get into the dirt
Or the sun will dry you up

In a way, everybody's a worm
Everybody's got germs living in their intestines too

Your boss is a worm
Your mom is a worm
Your future inlaws a birds!
But your girlfriend's a worm

But it's okay
'Cause I've got you and you've got me
Living in this ghetto, urban scene
Doo doo doo
And it's alright
'Cause I speak espanol, so the vatos should leave us alone
Doo doo doo doo doo
And if they don't
And they cut me in half
Well then there will be two of me for you
'Cause I'm a worm

Doo doo doo...
It's okay


Moving On EP- streaming on, available on CdBaby and live performances
Rainy Day in TemPE (unreleased)- "Fina" and "Worms" (Snail Worm) streaming on

Set List

Opposite Love Song
Hot Air Balloon
Change In My Pocket
Radioactive Sister
Brush Your Teeth
Friend In A Box
Meant To Do

Common covers in Snail Quail set lists include:
King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1
- Neutral Milk Hotel
I Live My Broken Dreams
- Daniel Johnston