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"Snail Quail- Moving On"

Snail Quail is this music of Mr. Jimmy, an Arizonan solo artist. His self-released, 5-track Moving On EP offers more than a taste of his talents, and warrants repeated listening to soak it in, with a DIY vibe throughout recalling elements of Violent Femmes, Pavement, and even hearkening back to the proto-punk of the Modern Lovers.

The irresistibly fun and catchy "Opposite Love Song" has a sort of unconventional, story-telling style, and is about a couple who get married at a young age and decide to stay together although they have their problems. "Change in My Pocket" represents the more somber side of Snail Quail with lines like, "Yes, I can't see the scoffers / Behind your shoulder there / They don't know what they're talking about / The ignorant never do", with light bits of acoustic guitar and piano. "Someplace Better" is a garage-y number on party life ("Whoever invented alcohol / Must either be laughing or crying...), while "Heavy Water" returns to the softness of "Change in My Pocket". "Moving On" closes the EP sweetly, rallying on to the end, complete with whistling and all. Overall, an absolutely enjoyable listening experience leaving one hankering for future Snail Quail releases still to come. - A Future in Noise

"Got Ideas, Take Me to New Things"

It wasn’t to long ago when I found myself starting to create music for myself to post on the Internet as a hobby. Shortly after hanging around on the Internet’s social networking sites, I stumbled upon Snail Quail. Snail Quail is the brainchild of Jonathan Marquez or Mr. Jimmy, as he likes to call himself. Immediately I was enthralled by the eclectic quirkiness of his songs and wanted to learn more about Snail Quail.

After chatting it up with Jimmy for a while, we played around with the idea of doing a couple house shows and ever since then we have maintained a friendship. The thing about Jimmy is he has a sort of opposite determination to go against the norm and this is also the case with his debut EP. Moving On, Jimmy’s debut release is a five-song testimony to exactly that.

Moving On starts out with what appears to be the most innately radio friendly song called, “Opposite Love Song” it tells a fun story about this couple who decide to get married and despite marital problems stay together. This track showcases what I believe to be Jimmy’s outlook on marriage in American society. I would have to say one of the coolest things on this track is the slide whistle, it’s all over the place and extremely entertaining despite the common conception of slide whistles to be annoying it is used well here.

The second track on Moving On is called, “Change in My Pocket” it is definitely the track I would have to say is the most depressing with lyrics like, “ I am spent and I am used up,” intertwined with what appear to be wind samples in the background. The song is probably the most singer songwritery one on the EP.

The next two tracks, “ Some Place Better and Heavy Water” go well to compliment the high lights, of the EP and show Snail Quail’s future potential with a whole band. Ruckus is included on these tracks as well with commotion with people yammering and handclaps. I would have to save Jimmy is extremely similar to a more poppy version of Stephen Malkmus of Pavement fame.
Moving On ends with the title track “Moving On,” and personally it’s my favorite song on the album. It is sort of a love song that seems to be about being in love with all the things that people stereotypically love, and the everyday trials of being a musician. I feel it goes well with the rest of the album and is pretty much and EPIC BALLAD. It has whistles for god sakes; it will get stuck in you head for sure!

Overall I would have to say this EP is definitely worth a listen, even worth a buy. If you like bands like Noah and the Whale, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks you will love this EP. If anything catch Jimmy live he is playing shows all around AZ and he is super exciting to see! - Just Pretend You Are A Pegasus


Moving On EP- streaming on, available on CdBaby and live performances
Rainy Day in TemPE (unreleased)- "Fina" and "Worms" (Snail Worm) streaming on



"Old people come here to die- I mean retire... Because our sunsets are the best, Because our sunsets are the BEST!" - Phoenix, AZ by Snail Quail

Snail Quail is the music of Arizona based musician and writer Jonathan "Jimmy" Cisneros. The acoustic guitar-heavy lo-fi sound of SQ has already attracted the beginnings of a diverse following locally and garnered attention for Cisneros' quirky songwriting style and sense of humor, especially in the art galleries and house shows that make up the D.I.Y. scene throughout Arizona.

It's this wry sense of humor and persistent optimism that makes songs like "Opposite Love Song," "Radioactive Sister" and "Phoenix, AZ" work. "Phoenix, AZ" was recently featured on and was written specifically for the Spotlight on Phoenix show with DJ Lottie in January 2010.

Blogs such as A Future In Noise and Hot In the City have favorably reviewed the Moving On EP taking note of the off-brand sense of humor and optimism that Snail Quail is gradually becoming known for.

Expect much more as Cisneros heads into the new year and also the studio to record the first Snail Quail full-length album in 2010.

Snail Quail is best described as direct folk-punk music with clear pop sensibilities.