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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Jim B. is our Fan #2"

SNAK strikes a chord with me because I grew up being a fan of bands that created a connection with their audience that went beyond music. There are talented musicians who perform together and write great music but it has never guaranteed a great night out for a crowd.

Tynur's modesty shines through in every performance; a commanding voice veiled by humbleness as he ensures the rest of the band their equal share of the spotlight. Tynur's persona is like a ride in a time machine to the early '80's, complete with mascara and lyrics that talk over your head just enough to make you guess, "What does that mean?" And a room full of strangers won't hold back their cheers when he jumps off the stage and personally introduces himself mid-song.

Dave is the Gene Simmons of the band but a whole lot more likeable. Dave sweats the sex that inspired him to pick up a bass, and he plays it like he's got the biggest balls in music. The women swoon and the guys envy his machismo; switching into character like that and being able to get away with it is a talent unto itself. He reminds women of the men on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel, and he reminds guys of their mechanic.

Alex always stands apart from the rest of the band. He's a lead guitarist and he comes across like most talented lead guitarists do; the six strings he plays are the most important thing in the world and after that? Himself. His focus on what makes him happy is what makes the sound of the band as
great as it is.

I try to see these guys everytime they play; I'm fan #2. I've shown up to their shows in suits and have been front and center, lost in the music and completely wowed by the two diverse styles of music they present (rock and retro '80). I've followed them pretty much from the beginnig and the crowds
have gotten larger, the venues have gotten better, and the spirit of the band has strengthened. Everything in the world is better after 60 minutes of SNAK. They're a marketable item that needs to be picked up; my dream is to win the lottery and travel the country with them to give them the exposure they deserve.

Jim B.
CanWest MediaWorks, Sales and Marketing - Just a guy with an opinion


Current CD - 6 Months of Sundays (2004)
Past - Sayin' You're Done (2002)
Plus several EPs since 2001


Feeling a bit camera shy


For the past 5 years the members of SNAK have consistently delivered a solid rock barrage to the masses that grace Toronto, Canada.

Simple three/four chord rock and roll is back and with a confident swagger.

These five men take aim shoot from the hip and reach their target head on.