Snakedriver is hard hitting heavy rock that will catch you by suprise and keep you guessing.


Snakedriver formed in April 2008 as a three piece. Each member of the band had grown tired of what the Charlotte rock scene had to offer. As a band they wanted to do something a little different. Provide a vehicle for the heaviness of the desert rock underground to be heard by the masses. With influences ranging from Kyuss, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, and Mastodon. To more underground bands like Baroness, Unida, Kylesa, ASG, and Fu Manchu. The band brings a high energy stage show with high energy songs that will get you going.


Woman 3 song EP

Set List

We usually do 8 songs for a short set and 12 for a headlining set. A headlining set includes:
Intro, Woman, Rosie, Caroline, I Wanna Rock Your Body and In Parenthesis To the Break of Dawn, Psychobaby, Lay Down the Law, Arrested, The Wold, Alabaster Poe, Juicy, Gasoline and Whiskey, WMD, and we've only played one cover and that was Soundgarden's Slaves and Bulldozers. We plan on covering another old Soundgarden song in the future.