Snake Island!

Snake Island!

 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Snake Island! is Loud Psychedelic Rock n Roll without the faux flower-child gimmickry; Blues for pissed off teenagers; Fuzzed out sonic destruction.


Snake Island! is fuzzed-out teenage blues; reverb-drenched psychedelia; a maniacal force of volume; shamans of love; runaway sons of a post-nuclear age and most exulted revelators of the secret cosmic Id
The band formed in the spring of 2010 as a collaboration between guitarists and friends Allan Schleich (Omaha) and Garrett Schmelzel (Portland) who had been jamming and exchanging song ideas through email and video chat.

Allan created the concept when he was invited to join in a tour of China with other Omaha bands if he could start his own in time. He invited Garrett to move from Portland to Omaha and help put the project together. With the promise of a once in a life-time chance to see and perform in China, Garrett drove across the country to Omaha and came up with the name for the project.

After finalizing a line-up to tour with, the band practiced overnights at the local DIY venue The Hole for an entire summer, honing their songs from sunset to sunrise three to four days a week, occasionally letting a crowd spill in from other shows to view the progress. By the end of that summer the band was ready to start performing shows and hop on a plane to Beijing. Unfortunately the promoter in China and the other bands faced scheduling and financial conflicts so the plug had to be pulled on the entire tour.

Undeterred, Snake Island! began to gig relentlessly within the local and regional Indie and Garage Rock circuits and gained notoriety for themselves after many now-infamous house show performances. After months of playing almost weekly through-out 2011, their efforts culminated in them earning an Omaha Entertainment Arts Award for "Best New Artist 2011".

On New Year’s Eve 2012 the band released their first self-titled 10" off Fear of Music records. The limited run soon sold out and the band self-released a 12" version of the same album which they took across the country with them on their ambitious 2012 summer tour.

Fiercely DIY in terms of printing their own T-shirts and album covers as well booking entire tours by themselves, Snake Island! has garnered a large enough reputation in order to share the stage with such notable acts as A Place to Bury Strangers, White Mystery, The Night Beats, The Growlers, Hunters, The Biters, The Booze, Digital Leather , and Black Joe & The Honeybears .
In October of 2012 Snake Island! was invited to perform on the Halloween special of the punk rock public access kids show Chic-A-Go-Go where they debuted the new single “All My Friends Are Wolfmen, Yeah” they recorded specifically for that event. Additionally the band was once again nominated for two awards by the O.E.A.A. committee this time for “Best Artist” and “Best Rock”.
In 2013 Snake Island! received the O.E.A.A. award for Best Rock and placed the final touches on their new album. The album’s first single “Apple Tel Aviv” was released in Mid-May and a corresponding music video will soon follow.

The band is currently in the studio with Make Believe Records finishing their first full length LP gearing up to promote it with a nation-wide tour in the summer of 2013.

Snake Island! Summer Tour 2013
08.24.13 Sat Omaha, NE
08.23.13 Fri Lincoln , NE
08.22.13 Thu Kearney, NE
08.21.13 Wed Pueblo, CO
08.20.13 Tue Los Alamos, NM
08.19.13 Mon Flagstaff, AZ
08.18.13 Sun *OffDay*
08.17.13 Sat Las Vegas, NV
08.16.13 Fri South Valley, CA
08.15.13 Thu Oakland, CA
08.14.13 Wed Sacramento, CA
08.13.13 Tue Reno, NV
08.12.13 Mon Provo, UT
08.11.13 Sun Grand Junction, Co
08.10.13 Sat Denver, CO
08.09.13 Fri Colorado Springs, CO
08.08.13 Thu Santa Fe, NM
08.07.13 Wed Albuquerque, NM
08.06.13 Tue Phoenix, AZ
08.05.13 Mon San Diego, CA
08.04.13 Sun Long Beach, CA
08.03.13 Sat Los Angeles, CA
08.02.13 Fri Bakersfield, CA
08.01.13 Thu Fresno, CA
07.31.13 Wed San Jose, CA
07.30.13 Tue San Francisco, CA
07.29.13 Mon Sacramento, CA
07.28.13 Sun Eugene, OR
07.27.13 Sat Portland, OR
07.26.13 Fri Seattle, WA
07.25.13 Thu Spokane, Wa
07.24.13 Wed Boise, ID
07.23.13 Tue Salt Lake City, UT
07.22.13 Mon Fort Collins, CO
07.21.13 Sun Boulder, CO
07.20.13 Sat Denver, CO
07.19.13 Fri Omaha, NE


Snake Island! 12" (Fear of Music 2011) (Snake Island! 2012)