Snake Oil Medicine Show

Snake Oil Medicine Show


A bluegrass, hillbilly, stomp-your-feet undercurrent bobs throughout an ecclectic and fun mix of bluegrass, jazz, reggae, and dance grooves from all over the world. They sing songs of awareness presented in beautiful three part harmony.National touring has shaped this band into a musical force.


What do you get when....? The art and music created by Snake Oil Medicine Show are vivid expressions of love. The positive vibrations the band members share with their audiences communicate a sincere belief that through unity, awareness, and spirituality, the world can change for the better. Cultivating a dynamic Art Party wherever they go, the variously textured music of Snake Oil Medicine Show finds Appalachian bluegrass and old-time coexisting in delicious harmony with early jazz styles, reggae, post-newgrass instrumental expression, and warped psychedelia. Snake Oil Medicine Show presents colorful, uplifting music that is humorous, yet serious. Bright paint colors on the canvas swirl together with fantastic costumes, positive energy, and a sense of loving family as the band members strive for new levels of artistic expression while consistently letting their roots show. Though the original purveyors of snake oil medicine may have been hucksters, the fine people of Snake Oil Medicine Show convey a heart-felt message of Peace Through Music that is absolutely genuine. So come on, y?all, follow your dancing feet and see what everyone is smiling about! - Patty O'Furniture Atlanta, GA 2004


Snake Oil Medicine Show – Snake Oil Medicine Show

Snake Oil Medicine Show - Is, Was, Be

Snake Oil Medicine Show – High Speed Highway Parade
Acoustic Syndicate – Tributaries
HeadFace – HeadFace
George Pond - Bass

Acoustic Syndicate – Crazy Little Life
AVAS – The Acoustic Vibration Appreciation Society
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond – Banjo
Let Some Sun Shine Through – The songs of Matt Rue played by an all-star cast of Western North Carolina Musicians. Issued on Grewv Music

Jeremy Saunders – Schoolboy
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond - Banjo
Abbott Vaughn Meader and the Blue Bunny Express – Rise In Love
Jay Sanders - Bass
Cort Armstrong and Blue Rooster – My Heart Is Fixed
Jay Sanders - Bass
AVAS – Live Vol. 1
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond - Banjo

Acoustic Syndicate – Live From The Neighborhood
Snake Oil Medicine Show – The Love Album

Acoustic Syndicate – Terra Firma

Snake Oil Medicine Show - BluegrassTafarI
Snake Oil Medicine Show – We Make It Nice
Acoustic Syndicate – Long Way Round
Wiseapple – Wisepple
Jay Sanders – Producer
Snake Oil Medicine Show – Rick & Rocky Film Soundtrack
The Overtakers – 'Pon Scenic Isle
Feturing Andy Pond, George Pond and Billy Seawell

Andy Pond – Andy Pond and the Cygnus X-1 Blackhole Bluegrass Boyz
Aaron Burdett – The Weight of Words
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond – Banjo

The Overtakers -Jamaican Roots Music

Andy Pond- CX-1
George Pond – mcWarpCosm -vs- mcE=MC squared

*most of these full-length EP's are played in heavy rotation on XM radio, Sirius Radio, and countless radio stations around the world.

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Occasional Reggae or other inspiration

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Is It True

What songs get the best LIVE response?

Reggae & Fast Pickin/Singin

What is your favorite cover song (Song/Artist) and why?

Our favorite cover is "Set 'Pon De Corner" (a.k.a. "Preep") by Reuben Brooks of Jamaica's Overtakers, our new friends whose amazing songs have been an inspiration to us over the past couple of years. Andy, George and Billy travelled to Negril and recorded "'Pon Scenic Isle" with the Overtakers for Tree Leaf Records.