Snakes & Daggers

Snakes & Daggers

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A leather-bound freight train of rock 'n' roll.


Too many fly-by-night, navel-gazing, straight-edge Hardcore bands in too many $10-a-beer, camera flash-filled, hipster clubs. That’s what led staunch Rock heavies Dick Dagger (Hell n Whiskey), Road Warrior (Concrete Street), James Snake and Styles Madness to take a stand and launch Australia’s newest Pub Rock onslaught – Snakes & Daggers.

In a time when real musicians, real riffs and real men are all but lost to the past, Snakes & Daggers is bringing a new energy to the old Hard Rock sound with ferocious, anthemic originals that will leave anyone’s knickers in a wet mess.

Self described as “a leather-bound freight train of Rock, running on pure sweat and power”, Snakes & Daggers delivers its old-school Rock hit straight to the vein via gravelly vocals, sexed-up solos, head-banging beats and party-hard, devil-may-care attitude. And in the style of their heroes - Motorhead, Guns ‘n’ Roses and AC/DC - this isn’t just a sound, it’s a way of life.

A sold-out debut show, a support slot for Grinspoon’s 2011 New Year’s gig, a ripping set at Dead of Winter Festival 2012 and a self-titled EP have punctuated this band’s short lifespan. And next? A killer new album recorded with Aria award-winning producer Govinda Doyle and a thumping regional tour to follow…. coming to a sweaty pub near you.



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Snakes & Daggers, 2011 (EP)
Cap Gun Love Machine, 2012 (Single)