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"That if given the right opportunity's Bobby could be one of Britain's next guitar hero's..." - Pat Travers





"Snakewater play the kind of rock 'n roll blues that British bands used to excel at: hard, driving, raw and from the heart. Echoes of the 60's giants reverberate, with the added emotive tones of more modern bluesmen - the energy and vitality of youth rekindling the fires of British blues. A unique band who embrace their roots, and deliver the goods."

2009 see’s the Arrival of “SNAKEWATER”, A Hard Rockin’ Blues trio from Manchester.
They have a Fresh, Raw sound; Rock&Roll mixed with Dirty Raw British Blues, something the Un-signed Music scene hasn’t seen for a number of years. Done to a standard which will leave you wondering…”Where the Hell Did That Come From?!”
Fronted by a very talented 22 year old blues guitarist, who has supported & played with the likes of Toni Iommi (Black Sabbath), Marshall Gill (New Model Army), Pat Travers. The Blues just pours out of these lads, along with good old classic rock & roll licks. All is looking good for Snakewater, and Bobby being called locally, the young "Gary Moore", which can't be a bad thing! The Canadian Blues legend Pat Travers himself after his gig at The Robin 18 months ago said that if given the right opportunity's Bobby could be one of Britain's next guitar hero's...taking Gary Moore’s & Eric Clapton’s influences into the 21st century as a guitar player! Which obviously is a great accolade.

Snakewater aims high & want to create the 21st Century’s equivalent of ‘Led Zeppelin’. With Bobby’s influences of Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton & Peter Green shining through in his guitar playing, their material have elements of ACDC, Led Zep & Thin Lizzy making the backdrop for the bands hard rockin’ sound.
It is also the gifted style of Snakewater’s drummer, 21year old Ben Streets, which adds to their unique & fresh sound. Versatile as he is, Ben experiments with different styles which add’s different musical dimensions to the bands sound. Often credited & compared to the likes of Stewart Copeland, Chris Tsagakis & Keith Moon, Ben is the back bone of the band.
Not forgetting the rock steady bass playing from 26year old Ian McCormack, which sets the stage & glues this new musical experience & Hard Rockin’ Blues Band together. With a briefcase full of memorable songs, head banging riffs, mind blowing solo’s & plenty of blues; Snakewater hope to set the stage alight and explode on the Unsigned Scene. Hopefully educating the new generation along the way, the History & Future of British Blues!

"That if given the right opportunity's Bobby could be one of Britain's next guitar hero's..." (Pat Travers)
“An Incredible three-piece. Proper Old-School Bluesy Rock…Love it!” (High Peak Radio, Aug 09)
"A Phenomenal performance by Snakewater at Jabez Clegg, and their guitarist Bobby Grant is an incredible talent! For a 22 year Manchester lad, he has so much passion, soul and ability to pull off their unique blues sound..." (SJ Concerts, June 09)
"I've seen Rob play live several times over the years, and he seems to grow and grow into a great blues guitar player. Getting better every time, and when I've played along side him he really does push me to my limits! If he doesn't make it in the business it would a MASSIVE loss on the blues scene!" (Marshall Gill, New Model Army)
"It's rare to meet a band who have modesty beyond their talent, especially when you meet one as talented as these. They say always watch the quiet ones...
From the very first riff rifled off with ridiculous ease by Bobby Grant, quality held out. A foundation of solid bass work from Ian McCormack, backed up by powerful but sophisticated drumming from Ben Streets, all fronted by harsh yet not overpowering vocals from the lead guitarist, makes for a captivating combination.
It's still early days for this band gig-wise and the potential is pretty frightening. They seem to have found a sound nestled between John Lee Hooker and Fleetwood Mac but with room to move. We're talking original old-school blues, with passionate and quite brilliant guitar skills. One to watch- very probably at another Leaf Promotions gig very soon...!" (John Scanlan- Leaf Promotions Aug 09)
"Snakewater wowed the crowd last night at The Dry Bar at their first Manchester gig. The place was packed all gripped & pumped to hear this fresh new sound coming out of a small venue in Manchester. Breath taking licks, Amazing blues guitar solo's and hard rocking enticing rock & roll. A Band to watch out for in the near future!" (Glasswerk Events)