Snap Caravan

Snap Caravan


Snap Caravan blends melodies that allude to jazz standards with a powerful “wall of sound” approach, borrowed from alternative rock. They mash together percussion, bass, guitars, saxophones and some synthesizer alongside heartfelt lyrics that are laced with slyness.


Snap Caravan hails from Lennoxville, Quebec. The five members (except for Mike and Rob, who are brothers) all met while attending Bishop’s University. It was here, surrounded by the snowy woodland, that something happened.

In 2003 Michael headed north to Quebec from his hometown, Burlington, Ontario, to study music . It was here that he felt the urge to do something extravagant and needed to let loose on stage. In 2004 he met up with Guy (drums) and Matthew (guitar); they started playing something that sounded like jazz and rock, but neither knew what it was. Along with another member, they called themselves Four People in a Quartet. This group was short-lived, however.

Wanting to give the group a full sound, Robert (bass) and Gavin (guitar) were added after the keyboardist of the old band left. They all wanted to tear up every bit of the stage and together they went to work on discovering how to do this; Snap Caravan was born.

A sound began to form by combining their jazz, punk, reggae, classical and hip-hop influences. To the band's surprise, it worked. Main influences include The Ramones, The Flaming Lips, Bob Dylan, Broken Social Scene, Miles Davis, Radiohead, and Bob Marley.

The band’s first show in November of 2005 had to be big so the members decided that the best way to do this would be to find some way to get the audience to become a part of the show. The band filled a garbage bag with ripped paper and beat it with chains on stage, tearing the bag apart and in turn covering the bar in paper. It was quite a glorious mess.

The group has performed around Eastern Canada and recorded an EP entitled, Stumble Up. Songs on the EP, released in March 2007, highlight the dramatic shifts in music and lyrical content that have come to identify Snap Caravan.

Audiences at Snap Caravan shows can expect animated and energetic performances on stage. The stages themselves are dressed in clothes and littered with strange garbage bags that take a heavy beating when being thrown, kicked and punched on stage between members.

Improvised music and lyrics during performances create an intimate atmosphere, allowing for communication to happen between the audience and performers. By stretching the feel of a jazz gig over what is a rock show at heart, Snap Caravan is determined to tear up every inch of the stage and release music that blends genres while keeping it all together with great melodies that are hard to stop humming long after you've stepped away from their music.


Stealing Cars

Written By: Snap Caravan

And so we meet
And it's such a sweet greet
But you didn’t look down
At my curled feet

And it all locks you into my getaway scheme
I draw you in with a little smile
And my eyes fixed on my car
And when I know you're feeling comfortable
Is when I'll snatch it all away
I need to take you down with me
Steal my car
Abandon everything

I'll let you ride along in the passenger's seat
With the windshield fogged up
And your door unlocked
And when we pull up to the yellow sign
I'll kick you out onto the pavement
I need to take you down with me
Steal my car
Abandon everything


The EP, Stumble Up, released on March 22, 2007.

Stealing Cars: Single released with the Spotlight on the Townships program, played on CJMQ 88.9 FM

Demo Compilation: A demo recorded in Bandeen Hall, released autonomously. It features six songs.

Set List

Our set list can span from 45 minutes to two hours. Most of our material is original and once and a while we throw in some covers.

Our originals include those available for listening in this package and others, such as "Desert Walk", "Behind Your Couch", "Okay, I Guess," and "Rub Down".