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Band Alternative Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Snatch Adams has only released one EP
- The Coaster Chronicles (2012)
Songs included on it are:
-Bottom of the World
-Weekend Warriors
-All I Need

The band has many other songs, just not a whole lot of money to record.



We believe every band has their own journey. It's the small details of the journey that can set bands apart, because on the whole... We all seem to attempt the same things. Whether it be contests, festivals, showcases, or gigs upon gigs... the journey can look alike. Where the band makes their "big break", is the part that can vary. It is the 30 minutes to an hour that can absolutely show a person who the band REALLY is. It's one thing to write something down about how the band is... and by this we mean, writing down what people would WANT to hear. What you see with Snatch Adams, is what we are, and is what you get! There is nothing for us to hide, because we would like people to love us for who we are. However, we can be critical of our music. Only because we want to produce a song that can reach out to anybody willing to give it a listen. With all this being said, where did Snatch Adams come from? We are 4 dudes from Hamilton, Ontario. Paul and Mike were the ones who started the band, after returning home from school in Guelph. They began writing, and re-writing songs the moment they got back, only to realize they had no damn drummer. Steve, a highschool friend had posted a drum cover on facebook of a Blink-182 song. Paul and Mike were filled with joy on two accounts: one; they had no idea Steve could play drums, and play them that well, and two; he was playing a cover of their favourite band. Seemed too good to be true. But it was true! We got together to practice, got comfortable with eachothers mannerisms and then started working on our originals. For the longest while Mike had picked up the bass, for the sake of the band (god bless), so that all instruments were encompassed within the band. A few months had gone by and we learned that one of our great friends from work, Kevin, played the bass. And surprise, surprise... he listened to the exact same music that paul, mike and steve did. He was the missing link, and the last piece to this great puzzle. Kevin learned the entire set just days before our first show and nailed it! We are always on the prowl to get more and more shows. But more importantly, we are always wanting to write new songs. We try to make the next one even better than the last. Our main influences, as a whole, include : Blink-182, Weezer, Billy Talent, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World... amongst other bands, that each individual band member listens to.
I'm sure there is more we can say about us, but we want you to get to really know us by seeing us perform on stage and listening to the lyrics, melodies and music we've written. Wait 'till the world gets a load of Snatch Adams!