Snatch The Band

Snatch The Band


The Masculinity of Black Sabbath Meets the Feminine Heart of PJ Harvey


Established in 1997, Snatch The Band has played numerous shows around South Australia including Adelaide Festival of The Arts and Off The Couch events. Shortlisted for APRA Professional Development Awards 2006 and nominated for a South Australian Music Industry Award for Best Emerging Artist 2006. We are different from other bands as we have feminine and masculine influences, whilst maintaining a heavy, melodic sound. All members came from the disadvantaged suburbs North of Adelaide, where venues are few and far between. We are community orientated and have played gigs for little to nothing for good causes such as Animal Cruelty, Child Protection, World AIDS Day. Though the lineup has changed over the years, the philosophy remains the same.


Foetal Pose

Written By: Emma Kuhlmann

Foetal Pose takes a little time but
I like the look of these plastic eyes
The infant skin that holds me in has stretched and warped so I cannot hide
When I was little with hair of blonde and eyes of blue and mouth of mud
I was centred in the rays of the sun screaming
Me oh me oh me oh me I'm scared.

The Price of Pigs

Written By: Emma Kuhlmann

Is waiting
And wondering
How I will survive the night
If only they knew the truth
It's bitter and cold
The rain has started to fall
Outside the price of pigs
Is set to fall.
Sometimes they come in the dark.


Four Seconds - Fish Music Too LP (recieved National ariplay)
Thinner - Demo CD

Set List

40-45 minute set
Majority originals. If we do covers, we put a different slant on them. Typical set:
1. Oh So Still
2. Ophelia
3. Revolutions Per Minute
4. Bind Me
5. Reveal
6. Soft Porn
7. Price of Pigs
8. 13