Christian music with an acoustic sound and latin vocals. It's music that makes you realize you're not alone in this world.


With their acoustic feel, and Latin vocals, their prayer is to reach out to their hurting generation and anyone who is willing to listen.

Elisa (19) and Saul (15) are 2 of 3 siblings in their family. They were born in El Salvador and immigrated into Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) in 2000. Elisa has been singing since she was 3 years old, but their brother/sister duo only began since Saul learned to play guitar at the age of 12. Since then, they have been involved in various bands in their Church, at camp in the Ottawa Valley, school and around the city of Ottawa. S&E have grown through musicians around them and both of them have been under their dad’s tutelage for their musical areas through the years.

Together, they have recorded several songs at home, and in most of their compositions, Elisa writes the songs and Saul arranges them.

Through their love for music, they hope to inspire their generation, and share God’s truth - the message of hope, love and salvation that God gives though Jesus Christ his son.


On my Own

Written By: Elisa

All the things we go through
They make us who we are
Another bad day
From how things were I'm still not far

Got hurt again
it happens so often
I never wanna come back
I never meant to come back again

Yet here I am
Save me from where I've been

I need you to hold me
Oh God
Hold me in your arms of love
Cuz I can't take this anymore
Tears like crystals
Rolling off my eyes
I need you by me
Cuz I can't take this on my own.

It's been a long day
And I'm still who I was
but deep down inside
My heart's been cut open

Those words hurt again
It's like a deja-vu
Please don't make me come back
I never meant to come back again

I know there's hope
A bright end on the other side
But I can't take this on my own

Malusi's song

Written By: Elisa

Many waters cannot quench love
Rivers can't wash it away
And the song that's inside of you
makes the love you have stay

Never give up on tomorrow
Let the light shine on
But from now until forever
The greatest will be love

Look up head high
The one in heaven is by your side
Stay put don't sigh
It'll come
It'll come right when it's time
And I know that it's too hard
For your heart that is waiting now
But you can hang on once more
Hang on once more
To see your star

Keep your eyes fixed on the skies
let the fire keep burning
let your heart run free like the wind
And be patient, you are waiting

One more time

Written By: Elisa

One more time
Here we are
By your side
Wishing that time would just stop

One more time
Here I am
By your side
Thankful that you're in my life

If I could say anything to you

I'd say watch out for the snakes in your path
Watch out for the things that Don't last
Watch out Fort he pain that will come
And remember each day of the blessings in life
Will you reach out for the bright road ahead
Reach out for what is good and then
I'd say live life under God's holy law
That will free you from times of despair
Watch out
Be Strong

One more time
Here we are
By your side
We've said it before but we'll say it again

My brother I love you with all of my heart
I'm praying God's will be done in your life.