Sneakers Thru Speakers

Sneakers Thru Speakers

BandRockHip Hop

Its known as the undeniable head-nod. You know the one. When your head just can't help movin' up and down....Yeah we do that! Sneakers Thru Speakers


'Sneakers Thru Speakers, we master crafts, we lift feet, kick beats and spit a faster rap'

We'd say enough said but you fans always want to read more,
What happened to making a statement and letting you open the door.

Find out for yourself if you give a rats ass,
sell our music to yourself, listen listen pass pass,
We're a class act that will keep you on track,
Punkfunk and Soul baby we brought that beat back!

Set List

First of all, all of your mothers must attend this show.

Long Form Senses
Ride The Soundwaves
Still Can't Hold A Job
Fill Up My Cup
Tear It Apart
Sneakers Thru Speakers