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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sneak Peek – Western Sky (Early Demo)"

You can always see the entirety of a West Texas sunset. It’s reds and oranges display themselves in heavenly glory across the flat dry desert landscape. Their painted tapestry expands and curls through minimal clouds and that bright sun sinks slowly behind the mesquite and brush. Just when you think the sky has given you all of the beauty it could contain the dark creeps in and cool’s the summer heat. Its theater fills with stars that shine brightly guiding the lost through the pastures and along the stretching highways. In the morning the sun will awake and our eyes will be blinded as we stare into the western sky.

Sneak Peak is a self-described female fronted lo-fi/garage/grunge/psych band from Echo Park, California who are in the middle of recording a new seven song EP set for release over the summer. For the moment you can hear their take on 90's almost Breeders reminiscent sounds of lo-fi haze through a collection of demos and live recordings on their Bandcamp and I will be featuring one of those singles here today. Western Sky is a haze filled nostalgic ride through a sea of flannel with its steady tapping drum beat and slowly strummed guitar setting the stage for an echoing female vocal. Have a listen to the demo version here and be on the look out for their EP soon. - GOOD POP BAD POP


Ace stuff from Californian trio Sneakpeek; the lazy, reverb-drenched bassy guitar riffs, perfectly juxtaposed with the sweet (but never sickly so) female vocal. Songs are clearly still in their early stages but these really show some 'promise'. More stuff on bandcamp as well as SoundCloud. - LOSTLOSTLOST


Featuring former members of The Willowz, SNEAKPEEK have created a “lo-fi/garage/grunge/psych” rainbow. The band is busy recording their debut EP. Hopefully, it will be released by the end of the summer. Lucky for us, they have posted some “very rough” demos and live recordings on their Bandcamp. Listen

Downloadable: WALK ALL OVER ME (LIVE) (mp3)

Hopefully, when their EP is complete SNEAKPEEK will travel to the East Coast and play some shows here.

SNEAKPEEK is on Bandcamp
SNEAKPEEK is on Twitter

"WARMER MIXTAPES #394 | by Dora Hiller of SNEAKPEEK"

1. The Innocence Mission | Bright As Yellow
This song makes me feel warm inside. It always brings back memories of Summer, hot springs, rolling around on green grass and going on adventures with my best friends. It just has such a dreamy, heartbreakingly beautiful quality to it. Karen Peris of the Innocence Mission is one of the most underrated, amazing singers of our time.

2. The Beatles | Dear Prudence
My obsession with The Beatles began as a child. I used to lie back on my bed purely entranced by the loveliness that is Dear Prudence. It was incredible to me that its repetitive riffs could speak so directly to my soul. The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you...

3. My Bloody Valentine | Slow
My Bloody Valentine is definitely one of my biggest musical influences and this song encompasses everything I love about them; heavy, fuzzy Bass and ethereal melodies. Only Shallow comes in a close second as my favorite song by them.

4. The Clean | Sad Eyed Lady
The simpleness of this song is what makes it so great. The only way to describe it is groovy with its steady drum beat and psychedelic guitar. I love imagining the sad eyed lady sitting on the edge of town with a smile on her face. It's also a super fun song to cover.

5. Mazzy Star | Blue Flower
When I first started driving, all I would listen to in my car is Mazzy Star's She Hangs Brightly and Blue Flower is definitely my favorite song on the album. When I hear it now, it brings me back to those days; getting stuck on the 405 in Los Angeles being blissfully taken away to another dimension by Hope Sandoval.

6. Neil Young | On The Way Home
When my boyfriend Aric (SNEAKPEEK's guitar player) was in The Willowz he used to go on tour for months and months at a time and leave me lonely and sad. I used to put on this song and imagine him driving across the desert on his way home to me.

7. The Smashing Pumpkins | Bodies
Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness is one of my favorite albums ever so it's hard to choose just one song. Bodies just pumps me up in the best way and has such a dark beauty to it. Cast the pearls aside, of a simple life of need, come into my life forever...

8. The Fun Boy Three | Faith, Hope & Charity
The Fun Boy Three is the best and not many people know about them. It features the singer of The Specials with two amazing backup singers who make caveman sounds. This album was always on repeat at The Winona House. The good old days...

9. The Cranberries | Dreams
I've always been a big Cranberries fan. I know how to play all their songs on bass and sometimes people tell me I sing like I have and Irish accent. Dreams will always have a special place in my heart because it is so full of magic and instantly makes me feel happier. Oh my life is changing every day, every possible way...

10. Ty Segall | Finger
Although most of my favorite music is from the past, I thought I would add one cool current artist to the list. My boyfriend recently introduced me to Ty Segall and his album Melted. It is one of the better things I've heard come out of this decade. Anyone who likes sick fuzzy Garage Rock tunes should buy this album. - WARMER CLIMES

"SneakPeek [Western Sky]"

Here's an early demo from Echo Park natives, SneakPeek. This girl-fronted band makes some excellent hazy garage rock sounds; it's almost a crime they only have a few demos online. If you get the chance to see them live, hop on it. I managed to catch one of their gigs last month and they were fantastic. SneakPeek are currently working on an EP to be released late this summer. Check out more of their material here. - SEE THE LEAVES

"SneakPeek – WAYTOOMUCH"

This demo from SneakPeek was too good not to post.

SneakPeek is female-fronted lo-fi four piece hailing from Echo Park, California. Dora Hiller sings over a grungy shoegaze on WAYTOOMUCH that is so enchanting to me. It’s like a siren as another put it and I can’t describe it any better.

They hope to release a 7 song EP later this year. For now, you can check out a couple of demos and a live recording on Bandcamp as well as buying this one. Hope you enjoy! - 1146 MILES

"Sneak Peek - Walk All Over Me (live)"

This lady laid it down as thick as vanilla pudding. Fuzzed out, opened up and angsty. Just how it should be. Looking forward to hearing the Echo Park [LA] natives’ EP in which they’re in the process of recording and should be out this Summer. Hopefully sooner than later as it should fit in with the summer rockerz. - HEAD UNDERWATER

"SneakPeek // “WAYTOOMUCH”"

I love being pleasantly surprised and such was the case with SneakPeek. This group of lifelong L.A. friends are working hard on a seven-song EP that they hope to have finished by the end of the summer. Featuring former members of The Willowz, this girl-fronted garage rock band is really too good to only have a few demos online. On track “WAYTOOMUCH” lead singer Dora Hiller’s vocal line is so beautiful that it almost seems incongruent with the track’s churning shoegaze underbelly. But the more you listen to it, the more you realize that it really couldn’t be any other way. She calls out like a siren and I willingly follow and am torn to bits on the jagged rocks below.
Check their bandcamp for a few more demos and live tracks. Then keep them on the radar because these tracks will show up again later on the band’s EP looking beautifully reworked and spit-shined. - CASTUS-MOUTH

"Lessons from Cloudcorner // SneakPeek"

Unless you can skillfully craft a song about how much you enjoy Fridays, it takes more than just good songs to progress in the music industry. This feature offers a short interview with the winner of 'Cloudcorner' - a feature that shortlists our favourite songs submitted via Soundcloud. â??Lessons from Cloudcornerâ?? offers to do just as it says: offering unique advice and insight from an unsigned band. I had a SneakPeek once; needless to say it was awkward for everyone involved. Luckily though, thereâ??s no awkwardness involved with the female fronted lo-fi band from Echo Park SneakPeek. Indeed, the bandâ??s winning formula of raw, angsty distortion and mountains of reverb is certainly an appealing one.
Tell us a little about yourselves and your influences?
About a year ago I quit the all girl folk band I was in and started experimenting with writing songs that were more like the music I enjoy. Most of my main influences are dreamy, fuzzy, shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth. My boyfriend Aric, who previously played guitar in The Willowz, was always very supportive and soon we just started playing and recording with our two best friends, Mike and Aaron.
What's the best and worst part of being in a band?
The best part of being in a band is getting to be creative and have fun with your favorite people. We can't really think of anything that is the worst part. What advice would you offer a band starting out? Make music you like and want to listen to.
How do you feel the current music climate can either hinder or help up and coming bands?
Everyone is in a band these days and the music scene is more over saturated than ever. However, it's also a lot easier to get your songs out there with sites like Bandcamp and SoundCloud.
Where would you like to see SneakPeek in a year?
We are currently recording a seven song EP, so hopefully a year from now we will have a full length LP out. We would also love to go on tour and play festivals.


SNEAKPEEK is yet another mysterious band that seems to have manifested it's music from the thin air. will find this post to be slightly different than others. Considering that this band only puts up single song releases, DPT has taken the liberty of buying half of them, getting the others for free, and compiling them together to create a sort of demo. We'll just S/T it. SNEAKPEEK, a two piece? girl grunge/psych/garage band, out of someplace where the English language is spoken, is new to the whole interweb game and not having a soundcloud, a MySpace, a Facebook, a Reverbnation, or contact info(besides the contact link on the bandcamp) is hindering the band. Though, they could just be sitting back and looking for blogs about them, then revealing their self like it's some sort of magic trick (kinda like paper - Endless Summer...but it wasn't magic). Going back to their first release, WAYTOOMUCH, in December of 2010, you will find that the song is a trashy fuck you song, or a love song--they are both the same. Drowned in an echoing slime, the slow trance beat of the song brings you in for the first solid two or three minutes, then the band moves into a bit of a drone realm and sends the song into extra innings and rails the same progression into your ears over and over again. A month later (at least that's what the bandcamp says) this two piece, like SO MANY other bands, released an additional track on New Years fucking trendy. This track, WESTERN SKY, shows some production progression in comparison to their first single release, and though we will leave it up to you to decide whether or not the fuzz is paralleled, the chorused gang vocals are a nice touch to the continued droned out tunes. Probably in a decision to bring more of a genuine feeling to the music, SNEAKPEEK put out a third song and recorded it LIVE. MELANCHOLY HEART (LIVE) shortens up a bit, but keeps the same off key dual vocal harmony as seen before and what is seen in the most current release WALK ALL OVER ME (LIVE). This last 2 minutes and 50 seconds gets a little heavier than the other songs and it's apparent that this lady fronted band is in the works of creating some Vivian Girls style rock and roll, and not just because they both happen to be girl bands, but because they are pretty alright music to listen to. Listen in mono if you can, and turn it waaay up! - DIEPOPTAPES


SNEAKPEEK EP- Set to release Fall 2011



SNEAKPEEK is a female fronted lo-fi/garage/grunge/psych band from Echo Park, California.
Featuring former members of The Willowz, their music has been described as a "nostalgic ride through a sea of flannel" with "lazy, reverb-drenched bassy guitar riffs, perfectly juxtaposed with the sweet (but never sickly so) female vocal".
Currently, they're recording a seven song EP that is set to release this Summer.