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Sneaky Pete

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA
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Let's talk turkey!

Sneaky Pete is betta than yo mama's biscuits


Sneaky Pete was born in Providence, Rhode Island and began singing at the early age of 5 years old. He continued to develop his voice and stage presence by participating in music competitions, youth choirs, and theatre productions throughout his boyhood. He would eventually discover Hip-Hop in high school, and instantly knew it was music, style and culture that would shape the rest of his life.

Icons such as A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Gang Starr and Redman (to name a few) became his favorite artists early on and greatly influence his own works today. On a Friday night, while fellow classmates were out partying or goofing around (Sneaky) Pete, his brother John (MackEnflow) and friend Chris (Overflo) were getting together in his parent's suburban basement sipping on Dr. Pepper, making beats on an ASR10 and learning the craft of being an emcee. Junior year the three teamed up with fellow classmate Matt (DJ Mekalek) to perform in a school talent show and never looked back.

In 2001, Sneaky Pete and freinds (now officially called The 00Agents) moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue a music career. There Pete experienced Hip-Hop culture on a daily basis and began to better hone his craft. By 2003, The 00Agents were performing regularly to 100 plus crowds in New York City venues such as The Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge, and Bowery Ballroom. The word was getting out about their unrivaled, high-energy, rugged yet humorous stage performance. In 2004, Pete released his first solo effort: Sneaky Pete's F.R.E.E. mixtape (freestyles.remixes.and experiments in expression) The year culminated with The 00Agents being selected by the Voodoo Experience (New Orleans) to open for The Beastie Boys and A Tribe Called Quest.

During this time in New York, Pete also headed up the creative department of The 00Agents' self-exploiting record label: ConfidentChill Records; which created 2 full-length albums,, 2 music videos, and released two 12" singles (Veteran b/w The Chair and Warning Shot b/w Only You) both of which charted on college radio.

But despite all the progress of their DIY label, The 00Agents were turned down by Fat Beats and Caroline distribution leaving them no options to grow independently. They began to look at options for signing with a larger/major label. Nelly's camp was first to bring them in for a meeting but ultimately all "The Majors" decided that The 00Agents "underground" sound was not ready to go mainstream. After another year of working together in the studio to create a "new commercial sound" that would potentially please a major label A&R, The 00Agents finally decided to break up and pursue solo careers.

2005. Times are tough. Records sales are down in general and "the industry" is changing drastically. Independent "labels" are everywhere and the market is being overrun with mediocrity thanks to websites like myspace. Having made a lot of contacts and needing more time to spend on his art instead of working 40 hours/week just to squeak by, Pete decides to return to Providence in 2006 to join the artist in residence program at Rhode Island's prestigious AS220.

2007. Sneaky Pete and his brass band are selected to open for Hip-Hop superstar Talib Kweli on the Virgin College Mega Tour.
One year later, Sneaky Pete is chosen to represent and perform his chart topping single "U Don't Know" at the official Wemix launch party during the 2008 Webby Awards. Ludacris himself (a partner in the Wemix project) introduces Sneaky Pete as his new protege to a room full of media writers, photographers and taste makers.

2010. Disappointment and frustration. Sneaky Pete remains a "free agent".
Is "Hip-Hop" dead? ...On life support? Perhaps the silver lining in the deterioration of "Hip-Hop" culture is a new found acceptance for experimentation and an ever widening fan base. Beaten but not broken, weary but wizened, Sneaky Pete presses on with a DIY attitude; but also, ever expanding his team of financial partners and artistic collaborators who want to help him bring his movement to a greater audience.



Written By: P.Wright

It was a cool summer night, I had nuthin to do
when brutha calls sayin I wanna double whichu
we can all kick back with a couple a brew
-I said cool, never knowin there was trouble abrew...
we met a the spot like supposed to do
I didn't even think of getting close to you
betray my own friend i wasn't tryin to do
but ya handed me a drink and all i wanted was you
I guess you wanted me too, I got the news
on my answering machine, slim chances it seemed
that my homeboy was ever gonna see date two...
but howm I gonna tell him that I wanna date you?

I need a girl in my life, I need somewhere to aim...
she could ease my pain, down in every way
when I'd see her frame... my whole world would change
and for her the same... love is fallin like rain

Your message was vague...I remember, you said...
that you had a nice time and could we do it again
-you had a night off work, and there's a party ya know
going down around ten if i wanted to go
sho nuff...we hit the club, but the scene was bug
-I tried to buy you a drink, but they knew you was young
so we got a six pack, chillin back in the car
somehow... shootin the shit led to spillin the heart
I didn't want it to end... but the moon was sinking
started racking my brain for a new proposition
-when you mentioned the time... thought for sure it meant goodbye
-but you asked me if i want to come in for a while...
said you liked the way that I conversate
cuz my dome ran paths you didn't contemplate...
so we talked all night, and we sat on the bed
I was startin to think... we might only be friends
-but then suhin you said and the way that you said it
put the tension to rest, i laughed, and let it slip
as your eyes met mine, that I could really like you...
who stared right back and said, I already do.

and you warmed my life, gave me somewhere to aim
girl, you eased my pain, down in every way
when i see your frame... my whole world is changed
and for you same... love is fallin like rain


Love is patient and kind, and some say love is blind
and love's a roller coaster so hang on for the ride
cause climbing and falling...well it's just part of life
I don't know, something don't seem right...
-when you don't look in my eyes when we talking no more
you aint touching my hand when we walking no more
and you say one thing, but really doing the next
-going back to the bottle, coming back for the sex...
seems like... weakness is all we got in common
-I'm tryin to hold on, but I feel like the leaves in autumn
-I just miss the ol' girl... that I knew in the past...
and Im wondering how... me and you gonna last
when you look so lovely, but feel so ugly
If you don't love you... how you gone love me?
Is there hope for a heart over-whelmed by depression?
I got no answers, just a whole lot of questions--

-and the air is cold now, I don't know where to aim
girl, im lost in pain, down on memory lane
thought i saw your frame and started calling your name
but you walked away... love is fallin like rain


Written By: P.Wright

This is it…. time for some action,
Let me spit …I rhyme with a passion
Never quit…gotta get my cash an
Get it quick, I feel time passin…


Picture Friday night, downtown clubbin
Vodka, Redbull-- a lil’ suhin suhin
What’s this comin’ in my direction?
Fly young honey with a nice complexion
sexy smile and ass be like-- danger!
she’s excited by thoughts of sweet strangers
playing the wall don’t impress this chic
gotta come up with a plan and address this quick
she gotta have the best ass in Brooklyn
-I’m way past looking, the girl is fast cooking
-walked up like I had it locked up
I said, let’s dance--- and see what pops up
(We) started grindin’ she was humping my leg
then she ran off, thought it suhin I said
3 hours later she was up in my bed
yellin-- “oh my god, I’m comin again”

This is it…. time for some action,
Let me spit …I rhyme with a passion
Never quit…gotta get my cash an
Get it quick, I feel time passin’…

I get sexy, what I need a grammy for?
I got a brand new jam and you can’t ignore me
the club’s packed tight like the family ford
get the cash out, ladies assed out on the dance floor

I got game and I plan to score
what you never seen a white boy dance before?
You crazy,… but I think I like it
We just met… but I think I might hit

….But you really gotta up ya game
and don’t trip cuz I maybe slip up ya name
I mean such a same you can’t stay the night
But I’ll call real soon, aight?

This is it…. time for some action,
Let me spit …I rhyme with a passion
Never quit…gotta get my cash an
Get it quick, I’m feelin’like time is passin…

Dome in the whip got my mind relaxing
got a few chips, got an eye for fashion
let me get the hat with the matching glasses
let me get the twins with the matching asses
let me get it straight, you want a hot demo?
let me demonstrate that’s no problemo.
women say I got a way with words
so when it comes to digits.. I got away with hers
get on gone… I don’t play with nerds
-I’m an icon--kids rap they favorite verse
-my flow is hot--nobody holds a candle
make sure the beat is dope with no sample
too hot to handle, too cold to hold
Sneaky Pete, never been known to fold
But I’ll smoke a bone and spit my poem
So when you see this kid… better act like you know him

Magik Journey

Written By: P.Wright

It seemed nothing less than a brush with death
I could feel my heart racing as I took the first step
Spread the peanut butter and munch down the caps
With O.J. ready in hand, I began to understand
Nothing is beyond my grasp
Having passed on to the next realm I began to plan my future
How stupid I had been,
Wasting time in the past life
I had to start changing now
Re-arranging how I treat others
From my enemies to my brothers
To myself
My discovery felt like pure gold
In the cold night, coals bright
Orange never seen before
I got visions never dreamed before
Unzip my skin bag then I leave the floor
Drifting over neon bass lines
Transcending space and time
The world is mine
Mental explosions
What is there except this moment?
How can one act alone
When we are all extensions of one great organism
Moving in different rhythms?
In infinite wisdom, is anyone’s view more valid than the next?
Can I accept all that is you…
Or would I rather be right?
Is there any meaning in life?
Or just what we make it up to be
If it was up to me
I would try to find God in everyone I meet
But it’s really up to you now.

Come with me
On a magik journey
which never ends
only comes and fades
Come and see
what your life could be
when you free your mind
darlin, don't be afraid

while america is caught up with drama on television
Sneaky Pete is on a mission to broaden ya vision
just a little competition for christians and politicians
and all of their contradictions --these bitches don't wanna listen
but they better soon...
it's getting hot in the kitchen
and all the problems with this president cannot be forgiven
so many wars, like you got an addiction
but you get to be re-elected, you gotta be kiddin!
I never seen in my life a more horrible leader
you know what we can look forward to?
ya better believe it--more mistakes in Iraq
more disgrace and attacks on manhattan
more tapes from Bin Laden, he's laughing
Bush, you dumb schmuck, playin right to his hand
spending 500 billion, he spent 500 grand--
good gracious! where's the support from other nations?
Is it any wonder that the whole world hates us?

U Dont KNow

Written By: P.Wright

Back when hip-hop was gross neglected
Before Young Hov got his dough collected
I was naïve, parents so protective
De La Soul changed my whole perspective
Back then…I was caught up in the Matrix
Told I had brains, be a shame to waste it.
I stayed away from drugs and drinking
None (of) my peers knew what I was thinking
And frankly, neither did I…
But that music made me feel high
I just memorized flows and thought I knew suhin
Letting my jeans hang low like it was nuthin
Lil’ dancing fool…. didn’t have a clue,
But hip-hop showed me what I had to do
She said, follow ME now, back to the core
Either that, or don’t try to rap no more!

U Dont see what I see
U dont know what I do
U Dont feel what I feel
cuz U dont know what I been through

So Why do I rap? ...I suppose I’m reckless
Shown the straight path but I chose (to) reject it
Just to chase ghost reflections?
Man, I coulda been suhin my folks woulda respected!
I am prone to stay home depressed…
No hopes of coming out ‘til I’m most requested.
But I stay focused, nobody knows I’m desperate
Waiting to unload my vengeance!
And I aint gonna blow my chances…
I’m a go out swinging hope my soul advances
Feel heads connect when I’m rappin a verse
And that’s suhin I just never had in the burbs
Gotta be god or the devil behind me
Cuz I don’t even write my rhymes, they just find me
like being fed through I.V. i.e.
-I’m ready to stick it to 'em,
-- think before you try me.



Recent Mixtape Appearances:
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* Summer Comp 2006 hosted by Mr. Lif & Lady Bug Mecca
* DJ Sickamore: Overnight Celebrity:Street Power 30
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12" Singles:
Veteran b/w the Chair, 2001 ConfidentChill Records
Warning Shot b/w Only U, 2003 ConfidentChill Records

00Agents: Wright of Asylum, 2000 ConfidentChill Records
Portlando Players (Compilation), 2001
00Agents: BoomBaptizm, never released
Sneaky Pete: F.R.E.E. Mixtape 2004
Sneaky Pete: Monkey Business (coming in 2008)

Music Videos:
Warning Shot 2003
Suburban Gangsta 2004
watch it here:

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I have over 2 hours of original material
I cater my sets appropriately to any audience
I also do the occasional cover/remix

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