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Sneaky Pete

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Veteran 12"

"Live, in-your-face originality."? - insomniac magazine

"Sneaky Pete Mixtape review"

"I can't even tell you how many times I played this thing over. It's off the chain" - music notes

"00Agents review"

"seriously dope jams." -

"Warning Shot 12" review"

"Dope sophomore 12" from the
00Agents. Fans of Atmosphere, 7L & Esoteric, and Foreign Legion will dig this! "Warning Shot" is an uptempo joint with sparse piano keys and a dark bassline."


"00Agents review"

"...their rapid fire lyrics and universal music, bring about a mental movement..." -

"00Agents Music Video"

The NYC Horror Film Festival Kick Off Party will be hosting "Video Evolution -- The next evolution in video making" a competition between 2 bands and 2 directors to determine which video will be put into rotation on one of the major music networks. After a whirlwind 5 day productions schedule, videos from the New York bands "Dog Fashion Disco" and "00 Agents" will be presented to the party audience who will determine the winner --- with the winner playing a live concert for the audience."

*****We Won!!!*****

"00Agents Music Video"

shout out to 00AGENTS out in Brooklyn!!!! These cats have been doing shows all over New York for a long time now. They definitely know that amount of hard work and dedication it takes to make it the Rap Game. They've put out two dope 12" singles on their own label ConfidentChill Records and now they ready to hit y’all with their brand new DOPE Video for their single “Suburban Gangsta”. The video is pure entertainment, the way videos are supposed to be.

- Wonder Twinz

"Editor's Pick"

There's nothing incredibly special about Brooklynite Sneaky Pete's rap voice, but perhaps that makes him more accessible. His stories of suburban stifling flow in front of colorful, catchy beats that are paired perfectly. "I don't even write rhymes, they just find me," he says on "U Don't Know." We do know, because we believe him.

"Sneaky Pete and Luda take it to the Webby Awards"

...I slipped out early and took the 2 train to Hiro Ballroom for the after-party, where Ludacris was slated to hit the stage after his protégé Sneaky Pete to promote (with co founder Matt Apfel), a songwriting and music creation community. Literally, you create, upload, mashup, fiddle, and bring out the funk. Bing bong boom, you’re the next Tommy Lee.

I saw the wine flowing faster than Alex Albrecht running pantsless to retrieve his award, so I knew this crew would show up slightly pickled. Those crazy cats at stumbled by, followed by some Onion dudes, Obama Girl again, oh, and Travis from Gym Glass Heroes with his gigantic teal body guard (who I nicknamed Big Tealy). I stood on the tiny red carpet line squashed between the great company of the official Webby after-party photog, the very thirsty and polite as your granny BET Black Carpet guys, and, sporadically, the official camera crew — and had an incredible night.
- Just an Online Minute

"Who’s Having The Best (Internet) Week Ever? "

So, yes, Ludacris did put on an extreeeeemely short impromptu show for the few hundreds of white nerds in the crowd, who knew said tunes from the various Burger King commercials they’ve been used in. Luda was pretty good, no question. But the real star performer of the night was his opener… a small white man in an orange t-shirt and fedora, who referred to himself as… wait for it.
SNEAKY PETE. Or, as we yelled it, “Sneaaaaakay Peeeeeeeete!” One by one, we all fell in love with sneak, whose catch phrase became “Sneaky Pete: Always Sneakin’ Around.” Josh Lay, one hell of a dancer, even came up with his own Sneaky Pete dance, which consisted of comically tip-toeing around and peeking out from behind walls. Needless to say, Sneaky P became a superstar in our eyes that night. His Myspace page only furthered those sentiments.

So you can imagine HOW ENTHUSED we were when NONEOTHERTHAN SNEAKY PEEEEEETE hit us up on the dance floor after the show!!! - VH1 BestWeekEver TV


Recent Mixtape Appearances:
* KEEPITCLASSIC.COM/Rawkus Records present:
* Nothin but Skillz mixtape Vol2 (
* Summer Comp 2006 hosted by Mr. Lif & Lady Bug Mecca
* DJ Sickamore: Overnight Celebrity:Street Power 30
* "Nickel Bags:Get High to This Vol 1" hosted by
J Hatch

12" Singles:
Veteran b/w the Chair, 2001 ConfidentChill Records
Warning Shot b/w Only U, 2003 ConfidentChill Records

00Agents: Wright of Asylum, 2000 ConfidentChill Records
Portlando Players (Compilation), 2001
00Agents: BoomBaptizm, never released
Sneaky Pete: F.R.E.E. Mixtape 2004
Sneaky Pete: Monkey Business (coming in 2008)

Music Videos:
Warning Shot 2003
Suburban Gangsta 2004
watch it here:



Sneaky Pete was born in Providence, Rhode Island and began singing at the early age of 5 years old. He continued to develop his voice and stage presence by participating in music competitions, youth choirs, and theatre productions throughout his boyhood. He would eventually discover Hip-Hop in high school, and instantly knew it was music, style and culture that would shape the rest of his life.

Icons such as A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Gang Starr and Redman (to name a few) became his favorite artists early on and greatly influence his own works today. On a Friday night, while fellow classmates were out partying or goofing around (Sneaky) Pete, his brother John (MackEnflow) and friend Chris (Overflo) were getting together in his parent's suburban basement sipping on Dr. Pepper, making beats on an ASR10 and learning the craft of being an emcee. Junior year the three teamed up with fellow classmate Matt (DJ Mekalek) to perform in a school talent show and never looked back.

In 2001, Sneaky Pete and freinds (now officially called The 00Agents) moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue a music career. There Pete experienced Hip-Hop culture on a daily basis and began to better hone his craft. By 2003, The 00Agents were performing regularly to 100 plus crowds in New York City venues such as The Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge, and Bowery Ballroom. The word was getting out about their unrivaled, high-energy, rugged yet humorous stage performance. In 2004, Pete released his first solo effort: Sneaky Pete's F.R.E.E. mixtape (freestyles.remixes.and experiments in expression) The year culminated with The 00Agents being selected by the Voodoo Experience (New Orleans) to open for The Beastie Boys and A Tribe Called Quest.

During this time in New York, Pete also headed up the creative department of The 00Agents' self-exploiting record label: ConfidentChill Records; which created 2 full-length albums,, 2 music videos, and released two 12" singles (Veteran b/w The Chair and Warning Shot b/w Only You) both of which charted on college radio.

But despite all the progress of their DIY label, The 00Agents were turned down by Fat Beats and Caroline distribution leaving them no options to grow independently. They began to look at options for signing with a larger/major label. Nelly's camp was first to bring them in for a meeting but ultimately all "The Majors" decided that The 00Agents "underground" sound was not ready to go mainstream. After another year of working together in the studio to create a "new commercial sound" that would potentially please a major label A&R, The 00Agents finally decided to break up and pursue solo careers.

2005. Times are tough. Records sales are down in general and "the industry" is changing drastically. Independent "labels" are everywhere and the market is being overrun with mediocrity thanks to websites like myspace. Having made a lot of contacts and needing more time to spend on his art instead of working 40 hours/week just to squeak by, Pete decides to return to Providence in 2006 to join the artist in residence program at Rhode Island's prestigious AS220.

2007. Sneaky Pete and his brass band are selected to open for Hip-Hop superstar Talib Kweli on the Virgin College Mega Tour.
One year later, Sneaky Pete is chosen to represent and perform his chart topping single "U Don't Know" at the official Wemix launch party during the 2008 Webby Awards. Ludacris himself (a partner in the Wemix project) introduces Sneaky Pete as his new protege to a room full of media writers, photographers and taste makers.

2010. Disappointment and frustration. Sneaky Pete remains a "free agent".
Is "Hip-Hop" dead? ...On life support? Perhaps the silver lining in the deterioration of "Hip-Hop" culture is a new found acceptance for experimentation and an ever widening fan base. Beaten but not broken, weary but wizened, Sneaky Pete presses on with a DIY attitude; but also, ever expanding his team of financial partners and artistic collaborators who want to help him bring his movement to a greater audience.