Sneetch is a funky folk fusion project based mainly around the singing and song-writing talents of Max and Kim. We play positively charged soul music, focused on the age old themes of love, identity, purpose, and a lot of story-telling. We frequently invite friends to jump in and join the fun!


SNEETCH unofficially started back in 2005 at the Evolve Music Festival in Antigonish, Nova Scotia where Kimberleigh and Max met working at the children's tent. They performed an interactive play with the kids based on a Dr.Seuss book (can you guess which one?!) which started a creative friendship that continued to blossom over the years. Even though Max lived in Fredericton, New Brunswick and Kimberleigh lived in Toronto, Ontario at the time, they managed to see each other a few times a year. Whenever the two of them were in the same city they would jam and make great music together and always knew that one day, if they ever lived in the same area code they would form a band.

In the start of 2008 Max had moved to Vancouver, BC where Kimberleigh had also moved (back in 2006) though neither of them were aware of it! They ran into each other at an open mic and decided from that moment on to start jamming and make a band. For one year they performed as a duo around Vancouver, BC writing songs and creating great music. In the beginning of 2009 the two decided they really wanted to fill out their sound and create a full musical group. They brought in the amazing talents of their friends JF and Josh (whom Kim had jammed with in another musical project before) and SNEETCH was born! Since then there has been some band changes and SNEETCH is currently playing shows with new drummer Adam. The four of them are loving the groove and flow they got going and are excited about the future and what it may hold.

Set List

We have about 15 originals, and occasionally throw in a cover or two. Covers in recent history: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen), 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon), The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (The Band)