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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"Crank It Up"

Some music begs you to listen, some music tells you to crank it up and some music just rams itself down your throat. California's Snew plays the later, and what they play is a version of Jackyl's southern sleaze with an attitude that would make Jesse James Dupree cower in fear.
Good luck finding a bad song on this debut, in fact you won't even get a second to catch your breath. Snew screams, rocks and pummels from beginning to end with a determination that only a band this young and fresh could muster up. Even when the band adds in some distorted vocals, like on the song "Snew You", it still works to perfection. The group manage to keep things pretty simple, in the way AC/DC does, but their energy makes Black Ice sound like a CD by a lounge act.
It's a good thing the band members have long hair, because these songs are tailor made for giving your neck a workover due to headbanging furry. Snew You kicks off with "Stand Up High", a song that starts with an 80's guitar riff as it evolves into a hard rock anthem. "Got Love" sounds like Jackyl meets Rhino Bucket as you can feel the cowboy boots stomping right through your stereo speakers. My personal favorite is the aforementioned "Snew You" as it just sounds so evil and mean with the distorted vocals, it is a song that has to be turned up to 11.
"Kick Me Over" sounds like it fell off a Dirty Looks album while "Head Trauma" reminds me of a revved up version of AC/DC's "Ride On". "Vibrator" slow things down a little bit, and therefore don't equal the greatness of the other tunes, but that is a very small complaint about an otherwise great album.
I love it when a young band like Snew releases a record that reinforces my love for hard rock music. By hearing so many albums I often feel as if I'm getting jaded by so much mediocre music coming out, but then someone like Snew comes along and beats that thought out of your head. Unless you hate Jackyl, or are a complete pussy, I see no reason why you wouldn't pick up Snew You.

Reviewed by Skid November 2008
- Sleaze Roxx

"What’s not to love"

Rock solid fun to the max SNEW the latest in a long line of Hollywood metal hair bands sends us Snew You.
With AC/DC vocals & hard hitting rock’n roll backing SNEW gets it across with extreme virtuosity. This stuff is such fun! What’s not to love about SNEW.

July 2009 by Starr Trucker
- New York Waste Magazine

"Totally Rawk’N"

I just woke from a nice early to late evening nap and I’m as fresh and energized as a new copper-top battery… Guess what I got in the mail today? That’s right… A brand Spankin’ NEW CD by the totally Rawk’N Ruckus of a bunch called SNEW. From the first song out of the chute to the last, “this album rocks balls to the wall.”

If you are into bands like Airborne, Broken Teeth, Jet, AC/DC, Mutt Lange productions and guitar oriented riff - rock, then this band is right up your darkest alley. This crew really knows how to pull out all the stops… Hard Rock School 101… There is nothing new here that hasn’t been done before… However what’s snew is the cocky / swagger attitude that’s been missing from the rock world for some time now… The riffs, the arrangements, flippant and comical lyrics and Bon Scott / Brian Johnson branded vocals, takes you back to the early to mid-80’s ‘Head-Bangers Ball’ on MTV era. SNEW stays very close to what they know and do best… And that’s to plug you in at 240 volts and to let you suck on the amperage coming off their CD awhile… I guess you could call these guys step-up transformers. You’ll be air guitar’n w/ a stiff upper lip around your living room like an Energizer Bunny on steroids -- High Voltage Baby !!!

Simply put, this band has got some of the nicest and most colorful and smartly looking packaging I’ve seen in awhile too… I liken the artwork to a glossy Creem and / or Circus Magazine of yesteryear. I know you ol’ skool rockers know what I’m talking about too. Remember when? While I was opening up the SNEW CD with its kool red, white and glossy black cover, I kept reminiscing back to my early teens when I got my first KISS album -- ALIVE II. SNEW gives you a nice 6 page insert with the lyrics, photos and digital artwork. And lastly, some neat looking membership cards (a liken to KISS ARMY, etc.), and some small colorful baseball type SNEW cards. I kept looking in the CD for a possible guitar pick…? None to be had…Darn ! Oh Well! You can tell these Kats are totally pro. They take pride in their (product) and it shows in both the music and their presentation.

You know when ya go to the store for a bottle aspirin for a headache, and you know exactly what brand and type of pill works best for you...? Well, that’s how SNEW’s music is… Once you’ve listened to ‘em, you’ll know exactly what brand and dosage you’ll be reaching for next time your head hurts… A bottle of ‘SNEW’ should make your brain comfortably numb just in time, every time….

Best song: The perennial rock anthem 'SNEW YOU'

I give this CD 4.5 out of 5 Starz
September 2009 by Scott Thomas

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- Cashbox Magazine

"An irresistible listen"

Kick in the ass hard rock is what Snew delivers on their debut disc SNEW YOU. I am sure you are thinking the same thing as I was… what kind of a name for a band is Snew. I quickly got past the name when I found out that Curtis Don Vito was the mastermind behind this act, as Vito was the voice of Steamroller, which was one of the first bands I ever reviewed for the pages of the That act was pedal to the medal hard rock/trad metal and while Snew is more straight up hard rock from the Jackyl/AC/DC/American Dog school. Nothing too original to be found here but if you are looking for some serious ass kicking party music you have certainly come to the right place!

The Snew crew waste no time kicking it into high gear as the opening track “Stand Up High” is a rip roarer of the highest order and lets the listener know that Snew is here and in your face. “She’s a Real Gunslinger” is one of the highlights of the disc with Curtis Don Vito snarling his way through a track that would make Bon and Angus proud! Now saying that I want to make it clear that Snew is not an AC/DC clone band. They, like many other bands, take parts of that sound and mix it into a huge boiling pot of influences to create some of the best rock music put out there today. Snew also doesn't forget the dirty edge that the big labels seem to easily shine from their bands. “Electric is the Law” and “Got Love” are amongst the standout tracks that make SNEW YOU such an irresistible listen.

Snew doesn’t deliver anything new on SNEW YOU. What they do deliver is some seriously energetic kick ass hard rockin metal. The vocals of Curtis Don Vito fit the music perfectly and the band of guitarist Andy Lux, bassist Cat Tate and drummer Mark Ohrenberger sound as if they have played together for 20 years. If bands like AC/DC, Jackyl, American Dog and Junkyard are what turns your crank then Snew should be mandatory listening.
Reviewed by Rick April 2009

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- Metal Rules

"Snew is your Salvation"

In an era coined with the phrase "hope", there has emerged a band that defies the status quo and has vowed to revive the Classic Rock that made music what it should be. If you like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, SNEW IS YOUR SALVATION! This gritty, hard rockin' band will rescue you from the computer generated trash that the big record companies have imposed on our society. No more Snoopy Dog, Madonna, or Brittany. Go back to the times when the only performers on stage were the artists themselves and their grand displays of their talent. You don't need "bump 'n' grind" to sell real music. This has it's own sex appeal. Tunes like "Heavy Water", "Vibrator", and "Stand Up High" are just a few on this album that will take you back to the days when rock really was rock! Great vocals, hard rockin' guitar, chest pounding drums and reverberating base take you to the past and show you the future of what rock is. They say everything is cyclical. Well, its time to rid the world of the refuse that the record companies are putting out and get back to TRUE rock and roll. So... SNEW YOU!!! - Rif Radio

"Snew's Out For Summer"

SNEW'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! And, they they put together an album so hot that Alice Cooper won't mind my adlib. Dude, this is the album every Rock 2.0 fan has been waiting on for a long time now...and its finally here. I'm stoked!

The album entitled “SNEW YOU” offers us ten tracks from the Hollywood Hard Rockers, SNEW. Lead by front man Curtis Don Vito (No horsehead jokes please, its his birth name) the band kicks off the face blistering good time with Stand Up High, a take-no-**** anthem that will grab your attention immediately. Following that you will find the bands anthem Snew You, which introduces each member of the band. Don Vito bellows out lyrics like “Some people play the drums, some play the bass” which gives groovy bass man Cat Tate a quick introduction, and then Curtis takes a bow for himself with “Some people jump and shout, they scream all daaaaaaay!” which is exactly what he can do, scream, in perfect pitch. All the while riff master Andy Lux carries the tune blasting out rocking chords, and drummer Mark Ohrenberger bangs like a madman.

Also in the lineup you will hear She's a Real Gunslinger a song you'll no doubt want to get a lap dance to at some point in your life. Jopt that down on your “life's goals list” now. While you are listening its almost as if you can envision the pole, garter belts, and dollar bills flying. Next up, Electric is the Law which is the biker anthem of the Summer. If you are a Harley dude, get this tune. All this followed by one of my personal favorites Got Love, the rant from a man who is pissed off about falling in love.

Next we get a slow tempo bluesy burst of fun, Head Trauma and then back to the kicking **** with Kick Me Over, a screamers delight where the entire band just rocks, I don't want to get too fancy here, the song is like a battle cry for rockers. Lux, Tate, and Ohrenberger totally jam while Don Vito screams his heart out.

They finish us off (Happy ending, yes!) with Heavy Water a wild ride through through riffs, percussion, bass grooves and gravely screams that will blow your hair back if you get too close.

Dude, this album runs about an hour and will be your “Summer album” I promise. You know, the one you never take out of your car. Its really only meant to make you do one thing; ROCK. The lyrics are as deep as you want to take them, and the overall sound is hard rocking, raw, upbeat, and captures the same feeling Zeppelin had in their prime. Its fun, its hip, its ALIVE.

Oh yeah, one more thing, SNEW YOU! - Buzzbin Magazine

"Snew does what they want"

Snew does whatever they want to, and they dont care what anyone thinks. now if that isnt a rock & roll attitude, I don't know what is. Snew is a sleazy raunchy hard rock band. the songs on this release are fast paced, and just don't quit. when listening to this I am reminded of AC/DC, GNR, Jackyl, and some Dangerous Toys, vocalist Curtis Don Vito has one of the best voices in rock today. the band members are Andy Lux on guitar, Cat Tate on bass, Mark Ohrenberger on drums. All the songs rip! The oepning track called "Stand Up High" lets you know what this band is all about. my favorite song is "She's A Real Gunslinger" their bio states that this would be a good stripping song, and I couldn't agree more. "Head Trauma" has a blues type feel to it. "Kick Me Over" is a great rocker. this is a release that you have to get. it's one of those few CD's where you can listen to the whole thing without fast fowarding. join the Snew World Order. - Loud Reviews

"We Do What We Want Track by track"

Snew : We Do What We Want (Track by Track Review)

Well the guys in the band Snew put out a new release called "We Do What We Want" and I have to say that this CD has really over-met all my expectations. There is no slowing down on the release from beginning to end.

Track by track review:

#1 "We Do What We Want" is a straight up rockin tune. At first listen you would think you were listening to a recharged Krokus vocalist in AC/DC but it is only Curtis Don Vito ripping the vocals. A very strong song to open up with. Very catchy hook and the song is constant flowing. When I listen to this song, I keep thinking, damn this guitarist is really talented. I am sure you will feel the same way.

#2 "Feedback and Distortion" now this song I have great appreciation for because it hasgrown on me. Not only does it have a cool running guitar/bass line in it but their video is really cool. Yes I have a lil cameo in it a few times, thanks guys!! This song has a great chance of getting mainstream and I hope it does. It has all those happy go lucky parts in it, the screaming, the killer breakdown, the solo and of course the stripper groove throughout the song. If you couldn't picture a stripper and a pole getting acquainted to this song than you have no imagination!

#3 "Private Stash", this has such a cool giddyup and go rhythm to start the song that you can't help but to follow along. The guitar riff kinda threw me off but I am glad it did, it was really unexpected, music is missing that these days. The vocals hold this song up. Hey they break out a harmonica and the guitar solo has a feel of an older Aerosmith (Train Kept a Rollin). Give this song a few listens.

#4 "Risking My Life", Pretty cool riff to open this song, has that "We're an American Band" kinda feel to it. Nice hook to the chorus, you'll be singing along with it in no time.

#5 "Get Loud", this is another great straight up hard rock song. Outstanding powerful vocals and flowing ripping solo. This song has everything to it, I love the bass and the steady and accurate drumming in this one. I needed to drink water after listening to this one and the vocal expertise top notch!

#6 "Knock It Out Of The Park", If you like hard rock you will love this song. I was hearing parts of the song that reminded me of a cross between AC/DC and Accept. This song is a definite keeper in my collection.

#7 "Power Pack", this one is a constant moving song and is pretty cool. Alot of changes in it and very creative. Nice riffs throughout. Nice solo. I hate to compare songs to other artists but this one had a nice old KISS vibe to it.

#8 "Pick Up the Ball", If this release had a ballad on it than I pick this one. Anyone see my lighter? This one still isn't a mellow song by any mean it just has alot of guts to it and the delivery is phenomenal. I will definitely listen to this one much more!

#9 "Who The Hell Are You", some mean ass bluesy opening and the vocals scratchy and gritty makes this song turn out. The chorus is very hooky and you'll be humming this one for days to come!

#10 "Shinebox", this is what I think of Shinebox, I think this is the best song on the CD. I love the lyrics to this one and the drums, bass and guitar keep this song in track. I love the hook, it may be short but it will be stuck in your head. A great song to conclude the CD to. I can picture this being a show closer. Very powerful and hard hitting from beginning to end. The solo is a nice masterpiece of shredding.

Overview: well now that I took you through track by track and pieces of the songs that stuck out to me I know that if you purchase this CD you will be absolutely satisfied with what you get. It is a constant flow from beginning to end and doesn't have any real soft spots in it to bring it down. These guys are great musicians and great friends of the MT show and I highly recommend you getting your hands on this one today and make it part of your collection for years to come! So pick up your copy of Snew : "We Do What We Want" today!

Thursday, April 1, 2010
by Domonic R
Maximum Threshold
- Maximum Threshold

"Jam packed from beginning to end"

The hard rocking band Snew got their start back in 2005 in Hollywood, CA, and haven’t looked back since with their hard driving brand of rock music. I first got my chance to hear the band’s music when they sent me their 2008 release, Snew You, to review.

We Do What We Want was produced by Bobby Owsinski (The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and The Ramones), who also produced the band’s release, Snew You. The new project was engineered and mixed by the Grammy Award winning Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, Spinal Tap) and recorded at the famed Village Recorder studio.

Being a big fan of the band AC/DC’s driving guitar attack lead hard rock sound I instantly became a fan of Snew’s music that posses many of those same qualities. Snew’s songs are jam packed from beginning to end with lively rock guitar (Andy Lux, Cat Tate-bass) parts, often let to run free with solo parts, along with heavy, make the ground rumble, powerful drum (Mark Ohrenberger) beats. Add on top of that the lead vocals of singer Curtis Don Vito who isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to push the song to the next level be it with straight up rock vocals or howling and scream parts.

When I like a release as much as this one it’s hard to pick highlight/favorite tracks out but here are a few of my thoughts on several of the songs that are found on, We Do What We Want.

The first track, also the title cut, “We Do What We Want,” is a rocking track that really sets the tone for what’s ahead with its lively guitars, big drum beats, and rock n’ roll banshee scream style vocals found at the beginning of it that brings the song to life.

The track, “Get Loud,” is another ripping rock track that features very strong lead vocals and a nice guitar solo that’s also found in it.

“Pick up the Ball,” starts out slow with a soft guitar part along with gentle cymbal work, until the 24 second mark when the vocals start up with a rock n’ roll scream and the pace of the song picks up.

The last track, “Shinebox” gets the honor of bringing down the curtain on this hard rock masterpiece. The song features rapid drum beats, wailing vocals, and lively guitars, including a ripping speedy guitar solo.

Snew’s music is meant to be played only one way, ‘loud and proud.’ You need to crank down your car windows or open up your house windows, set the volume to maximum and let the musical rock n’ roll fun start.

If you like to rock it out large then the music from Snew on their latest release, We Do What We Want, will put you in a very happy place!

April 2 2010
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
By C.W. Ross
- C.W. Ross


We Do What We Want - Album 2010

Highway Star - Snew with Allan Holdsworth - Single 2009

Snew You - Album 2008



Snew often draws comparisons between AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, with a little Ramones thrown in. An odd mix which only goes to prove the originality of a band
whose sound is so easily accessible to the masses.

March 30 2010 Snew released their second album “We Do What We Want” with best selling audio guide guru Bobby Owsinski in the producers chair and Grammy winner Ed Cherney best known for his work with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and
Eric Clapton on engineering and mixing duties. Recording took place at the
renowned Los Angeles studio Village Recorder. This album takes sonic leaps for
the band and contains what many industry insiders are calling hit after hit.

In 2009 Snew teamed up with legendary improvisational guitarist Allan Holdsworth for a new rendition of the Deep Purple classic Highway Star that has been coveted by Holdsworth and Purple fans as a surprising gem that gets uncounted and continuous downloads across global legal portals like iTunes and
bootleg spots like Bit Torrent.

The bands debut album “Snew You” released July 2008 has received critical praise and was named one of the Top Ten Albums of 2008 by

Snew continues to expand its reach across international borders with an increasing number of broadcast and internet radio stations too many to count.

These days Snew is one of the most talked about bands on the Internet and has an international fan base.