BandR&BHip Hop

We love music, and that we really would enjoy a break through, but if not, its ok. I am in it for the love of music, and the signings and cash are a plus.


Well, I think our music is good, but I know its not the best, and I think by admitting that I have the ability to progress, and gain knowledge of producing music, and becoming a producer. I'd have to say my influences would be Uness, Ryan Leslie, Mysto and Pizzi, Soleternity, and a few more. I think the things that set us apart from other producers and groups, is that we do this for the love, and we work as a team. I know a few groups around here who stress EVERY SINGLE DAY because of them not having the ability to produce, or to make a hit song, or even make a song at all. I know that if you don't love what you do, you won't ever excel and be the best you can be. Secondly, like I said, we work as a team. We do all our music together. I will never finish, or release a track without the other members feedback and a fresh mix, and possibly a hook. Our story?? Haha...Pretty funny actually. Well we started with music when we were about 10, making cheesy remakes of songs, with out selection of instruments and patterns. Then one day, I found a group in my city that enjoyed our production, and was actually interested in letting us be their in-house producers. We agreed to their offer, and started making minimum profits, but at that age, the money was great. Haha...We got serious about 8 months later, and from then, the ball has been rolling ever since, just the music is now original, and we now, haha, have a much better selection of instruments.


We havent really produced any BIG songs or tracks, but what we have produced will be on this list.

Bucks Up- Big Perk of ODT Records

Gotta Get It- TNT

Big Body Swangin- TNT

Look Back- A. Weezy

Promise- Phanali

Candy- Phanali

The Numbers Game- Seduktion

All For You- SJL

Welcome To The South- B. Fresh

Sorry For Everything- B. Fresh

I Need You- B. Fresh

Set List

Well, its kind of hard to list my sets, considering we produce instrumentals. I guess I could list the equipment we use though, just for reference.

Yamaha Motif XS6

M-Audio Oxygen49 MIDI Controller

FL Studio 7 XXL Edition

Reason--Rewire Purposes

ReFX Nexus

Steinberg Hypersonic

EastWest/Quantum Leap Platinum Symphonic Orchestra