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It seems that SnizzyRecords, a producer from West Texas, is one of the most experienced, and youngest producers in the game. He has already had connects with Managers of FloRida, and has talked with Mysto and Pizzi on shopping tracks to NextSelection. This kid seems to be on the right track and headed straight to the music industry. Storch, Timbo, Move Over! - WBP


We havent really produced any BIG songs or tracks, but what we have produced will be on this list.

Bucks Up- Big Perk of ODT Records

Gotta Get It- TNT

Big Body Swangin- TNT

Look Back- A. Weezy

Promise- Phanali

Candy- Phanali

The Numbers Game- Seduktion

All For You- SJL

Welcome To The South- B. Fresh

Sorry For Everything- B. Fresh

I Need You- B. Fresh



Well, I think our music is good, but I know its not the best, and I think by admitting that I have the ability to progress, and gain knowledge of producing music, and becoming a producer. I'd have to say my influences would be Uness, Ryan Leslie, Mysto and Pizzi, Soleternity, and a few more. I think the things that set us apart from other producers and groups, is that we do this for the love, and we work as a team. I know a few groups around here who stress EVERY SINGLE DAY because of them not having the ability to produce, or to make a hit song, or even make a song at all. I know that if you don't love what you do, you won't ever excel and be the best you can be. Secondly, like I said, we work as a team. We do all our music together. I will never finish, or release a track without the other members feedback and a fresh mix, and possibly a hook. Our story?? Haha...Pretty funny actually. Well we started with music when we were about 10, making cheesy remakes of songs, with out selection of instruments and patterns. Then one day, I found a group in my city that enjoyed our production, and was actually interested in letting us be their in-house producers. We agreed to their offer, and started making minimum profits, but at that age, the money was great. Haha...We got serious about 8 months later, and from then, the ball has been rolling ever since, just the music is now original, and we now, haha, have a much better selection of instruments.