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Our music is urban r&b and hip hop. Contact: John Stewart 720-222-0700


This dynamic duo blows in from the windy city streets of chicago, with their unique urban r&b hip hop sound that you rarely here in one group. What makes this duo so different from the rest is their ability to take you from uptempo hip hop songs to the strong and emotional r&b songs without missing a beat.

In a chance meeting in 1997, through a mutual friend SNJ was formed. They had shared the same musical vision and decided to combine their talents and work together. They quickly started recording many demo's and doing shows, after years of honing their craft they released a promo single titled "Get Yo Groove On". Following that they were introduced to local and national hitmaker eptone productions ceo Earl Powell whose credits include ( American idol 3 finalist Jennifer Hudson, Public Announcement, Strong, Entourage, Slique, Ibu ) by local producer Herman Little and the rest was history. While waiting patiently and developing, SNJ has kept busy by writing for and with such artist as Public Announcement , Swing ( on my momma ) , Lil wish , and others.

John is also an established model with national magazine credits under his belt. He continues to be compared to other top male models and actors because of facial similarities. While SnJ continue to work hard on their skills, this duo vows to stay focused on reaching their goals.

The time has come for SNJ to share their music with the world, with the self titled album SNJ, with club bangers like "gimme what u got " , and "grab yo cups" , a little something for the ladies with " be real " , and " whenever you want me " , and the smash relationship song " Jack and Jill' .


Jack and Jill

Set List

3 songs or more ( depending on stage time )