Commercially marketable hard rock/metal band with catchy songs that will appeal to millions, via energetic and tight live performances, as well as studio recordings.


Sometime during the six hour drinking binge with Alice in Chains' drummer Sean Kinney in a Louisville, KY rock club, where Jerry Cantrell just finished playing in support of his first solo album, Sean asked us for our demo. He liked us, and wanted to help us get signed, but we didn’t have a demo. We were only focused on being a tribute band at the time. This was probably the turning point. After 18 months of touring the country in the national Alice in Chains tribute band , Dirt, vocalist Ryan Farrell and bassist George Paris decided to form a new group that would incorporate their own original songs. In 2000, a hastily written and recorded EP called “How the Otherside Lives” was completed and distributed regionally with very positive reviews from radio, press, and every live audience that S&M played for.

Unfortunately, the momentum was short lived, as what happened next was reminiscent of something out of Spinal Tap. For one reason or another, the band went through four drummers and two guitar players over the course of the next four years. With it’s inconsistent line up, the band didn’t stand a chance of gaining any serious attention, and actually blew several production deals as a consequence of not having a complete group.

By the summer of 2004, disheartened by the endless search for the right teammates, and desperate to be productive again, George and Ryan decided they would have to split up in order to find bands to work with. Amazingly, while looking for a band in need of a bassist, George found two very talented musicians that actually needed a singer as well. George informed them that he had one, and they agreed to meet . In the basement of an above average home in an above average neighborhood, George and Ryan were very surprised to discover the perfect pair of musicians to collaborate with. Guitarist Tony Cecala and drum abuser, Dan Huff had been working together for several months, and had known each other for years, but they too were missing the other half of a good band. That night, everyone found exactly what they were looking for. Tony and Dan’s 311 meets Godsmack influence was a great addition to George and Ryan’s darker, more melodic and dynamic Stone Temple Pilots meets A Perfect Circle style. Together, with Ryan’s straight forward, no gimmicks hard rock vocals, this would be the ingredients for the unique sound of S&M.

Between deaths, births, marriages, motorcycle accidents (vocalist Ryan Farrell and the original S&M guitarist), career changes, and various personal issues, it truly is amazing that this entity is still alive, and in fact actually stronger than ever. Everyone in the band is finally on the same page, and is really enjoying the creative process that is culminating every day, and with their emotionally real, yet aggressive and catchy new songs and their genuine excitement to perform them live, this band has a real chance to make a big mark. Doesn’t everyone enjoy a little S&M…



Written By: Ryan Farrell

What the hell is all this?
I cannot see through
All the things that conceal
The path to be continued
Slippin' farther down now
No one told me this
Cannot seem to grip it
Now I wonder why

You will never take from me
Everything that makes you bleed
You will never take from me
What you thought that you could control

What the hell have I done?
Doesn't feel good
All the voices I hear
Bringin' me down, down, now
Everyone I blame is
In my head again
No one will believe this
Now I'm falling in

I have lost a lot of patience
Understanding why we're here
I can't help but feeling lonely
Even though I'm never alone


Written By: Ryan Farrell

You can't hear me but you see my lips move
You don't understand a thing that I do
Consciousness is something I'm avoiding
What you say, you think is so anointing

I have lost all sense of hope and reason
I've been hung over and over treason
Substance is something that I can't feel now
Peace eludes me, held my breath for too long

Feeling like the world is going the wrong way
Knowing that the choices you made were too late

Regret won't take long to cosume you
Regret's the one that abused you
Regret's an excuse for the weakness
Regret's the past being repeated

Breaking Through

Written By: Ryan Farrell

Hate...It's all I hear you
Say...Can't you even
Think...Don't you believe in letting go?
Pain...It doesn't mean a
Thing...Unless you let it
Rain...I never thought it'd last this long

You only listen to you
Why can't we seem to get through?

I will not be with you when you bring this down
Everytime I try so hard, it's nothing new
I will not be with you when you bring this down
Everytime I try so hard, I'm breaking through

Lies...Now open up your
Eyes...We gotta share this
Life...It's not always about only you
Wait...There's no more time it's
Late...I'm losing all my
Faith...Consuming all this weight I'm through

You only listen to you
Why can't we seem to get through?

I will not be with you when you bring this down
Everytime I try so hard, it's nothing new
I will not be with you when you bring this down
Everytime I try so hard, I'm breaking through

Go away
Go away
Go away
Go away


Singles: "Breaking Through", "Bleed", "Regret", and "The Way"

Set List

Approximately 50 minute all original set currently includes the following songs:

Take Me Down
The Way
Not Afraid
Let Go
Walk Away
Breaking Through