Snooker Emporium

Snooker Emporium

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Snooker Emporium is on a quest! "For what?" you may ask, but, kind sir, the answer is simple: tis a quest for A SYNTHESIS OF THE ORCHESTRATED AND THE IMPROVISED, all influenced by psych-rock, indie-rock and jazz.


To whom it may concern,
A snooker emporium is something like a pool bar, which is a good place for humans to converge. Like a snooker emporium, Snooker Emporium's first musical experiences were through a gathering of people, who in this case were all living their first year in Montréal that came together to jam. And jammed they did!

(See video!)

From those early days came a new phase where memories of the jams collectively formulated into songs. After getting some songs (with and without lyrics) together they played a handful of shows with the likes of Man Legs, Kurvi Tasch and other Montréalers at venues such as Le Cagibi and The Plant.
They are excited for the years to come in Montréal hopefully full of shows, recording and, most importantly, jamming.
Recording has not been a priority for us but you'll see here what we could toss together just for you folks.
We hope you enjoy,
Brandon, Jono, Nick and Arthur


"Sure, Would Four Ist?" EP...